Are You Scared? by Ashley

It was Halloween and my cousin and I were going to see a movie.

We got to our seats and it began….. “There once was a lady who lived right beside a dark haunted house.”

“One day a creepy doll appeared outside her house, the doll had eyes…..that moved! The lady was so scared she went to the police.”

“She told the police and they said that they would come and see it. But as she pointed to where the doll was, she saw that it was gone “It was here, I promise!” she looked furiously around the garden….”But where did it go!” she shouted. (She had a habit of shouting)”

“Sorry, but I put that doll there,” said a boy who had ran over, “this is one of my Halloween decorations!”

I looked around to see where my cousin was but she was gone! (Too scared)

2 thoughts on “Are You Scared? by Ashley”

  1. hi Ashley my dad name is Ashley I really enjoyed your story.
    Just give a bit more info next time .you should keep writing storyies they are pretty good.

    From Laine.

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