Ancient Friends by Alfie

There once was a mosquito called Dippy. Dippy didn’t even know what day it was because they didn’t have calendars back then. His home was in a tree with his mam. His best friend was Mr White, a triceratops. “What’s that minuscule red spot in the sky?” said Dippy .“Go see,”said Dippy’s mam. So Dippy and Mr White climbed the tallest mountain to see what it was. They reached the top. They all gasped – it wasn’t a spot it was an asteroid, they ran home. It was stormy and the rain was washing all the tree sap down into their home.  ”It’s so sticky!”said his mam.

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  1. Hi, my name is Samuel. I’m doing the 100 word challenge too! In the story, it said there was an asteroid, and Dippy’s friend was a dinosaur. Was the asteroid the one that wiped out the dinosaurs?

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