Amazing Art by Luke

On the school tour at the crazy art exhibition everyone had fun. Harry liked the egg made of toys. Larry liked the cup made of tuna. Sarah liked the frozen apple. The coolest thing that everyone liked was the plastic object that looked like an iron. It was silver and standing straight up. When we left we saw someone running away from it and it started to fall over. The next day the museum tried to find them and arrest them. Eventually they got caught and had 3 months in jail. It was the best school tour I have ever been on.

2 thoughts on “Amazing Art by Luke”

  1. Dear Luke,
    I really enjoyed your 100 Word Challenge paper! Your creative idea of making a weird art exhibition really fit into the image (the silver iron) This reminds me of the time I went to an art museum, except it wasn’t ¨crazy¨ like in your story. One thing I would recommend for next time is to try to focus more on your punctuation, some of the sentences were run-on or didn’t have any commas. And one question I have for you is, who was the criminal? Was he/she supposed to be anyone specific? And yeah, overall I really liked your writing piece!
    Happy Writing!
    From, Aubrey in St. Charles IL.

  2. Hi I’m Sam. I like how there were criminals knocking things over; that makes the field trip a lot more interesting. Do you like going to museums?

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