Aliens From Bong Bong by Aaron

Once I was playing with my friends and we saw 3 poles with animal heads on them. We were like where did they come from and then we saw a ufo with lots of aliens they were like they are from our planet called Bong Bong and they said we like cheese and so do you if you don’t we will force you to. It’s so easy to make so we went with them and ate lots of cheese and they said the heads were made of cheese so we went back home and played fortnite ate the cheese heads.

One thought on “Aliens From Bong Bong by Aaron”

  1. Hi Aaron, I wouldn’t like to be an alien near your school, I might get my head eaten ! Great idea though I think it makes for an interesting story and helps me to feel lucky that my head is not made of cheese. Also very neat the way you got ‘Fortnite’ in there to show your interests, very creative, well done.

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