A&E by Tadhg

It was a bright sunny day, not a cloud to be seen. The sun was bright yellow. The taxi driver called James had a day off from work. He couldn’t believe how warm it was. It was 22 degrees celsius outside. James and his family were heading to the Yellow Waterfall. The family were extremely excited. James’s daughter Jane was skipping very quickly towards their browny-yellow Mercedes-Benz, as she skipped down the driveway she hit a enmormas rock . ‘BOOM’ she hit the rock, as she fell she hit the ground heavily. They couldn’t go to the waterfall, they went to A&E instead.

One thought on “A&E by Tadhg”

  1. Wow, that story took a serious twist at the end, although am somewhat confused how Jane didn’t see the enormous rock in the driveway. Was it not there before? If not how the rock got there would be a very interesting part of the story.

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