The adventures of Bonnie and Caroline episode 3 by Najat

Before we launched into space the black puppy quickly came into the rocket cut the ropes and we were free. The alien bins were angry ,but one of the bins pressed a button and they all were launched into space . Suddenly Bonnie saw something dropping from the sky.It was white beans , the beans landed on the grass .Caroline took a very close look at the beans “Boom !” . A whole white staircase shot out of the beans and lead into the sky.The side of the staircase had lovely flowers.The puppy ran up the stairs and saw a beautiful …….

One thought on “The adventures of Bonnie and Caroline episode 3 by Najat”

  1. A story full of action here Najat! Those Beans sound like very powerful ones indeed. I hope nobody in your class eats them… We all KNOW what beans can do (to boys only!!!!) Well done Najat. I enjoyed your story.

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