The Adventure of the Jungle by Mikolaj

There was a boy called Steven. He had two sisters, Lucy and Mia, they went on an adventure to the Jungle.
They saw a big jail. Then there was a sound *Trek alert alert!* It was scary, but they silently went in.
“What are you doing here”? asked the cop, but then the locked clicked and they were stuck.
“What will we do”? shouted Steven.
Suddenly they escaped out of the jail. They were at the Jungle of Tara. They found a Monkey that they took home and called Tara. After they told all of the story to their mam and dad.

One thought on “The Adventure of the Jungle by Mikolaj”

  1. I’ll bet that their mam and dad were amazed at the adventure that Steven, Lucy and Mia had! I wouldn’t like to be stuck in a jail cell. Keep up the great work Mikolaj, well done!

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