The Adventure of Jim and Bob – by Sean

Me and Jim were planning to rob the crown jewels of London. It was today we went to London at night, there were two Guard’s watching so me and Jim sneaked up behind them, and got two black bags and put it over their heads. And threw them in a rubbish bin. We went in, there was a big walk to the jewels we started to walk and alarms went off it was invisible lasers. Then police came in and arrested us, then a whistle blew and everyone disappeared it was a miracle. And we got the jewels.

One thought on “The Adventure of Jim and Bob – by Sean”

  1. Hi Sean, Great story! You make robbing the Crown Jewels sound easy peasy! I doubt if it really is, but you did a good job of it in your story. I laughed when you said you threw the two guards into the rubbish bin. It conjures up a funny picture.

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