A Windy Day by Emily

It was a windy day. My dad, my sister and I wanted to fly a kite.While my dad was getting the stuff ready we brought our dog on a walk. Later we were back home and my dad got the stuff. We built the small blue kite. We had our kite out with us. When it wouldn’t take off we tried to figure it out. It irritated us. My dad said ”I figured it out,” he shouted. It was because it was wasn’t built right. So we built it again. My sister and I were elated. We were amazed how high it was.

3 thoughts on “A Windy Day by Emily”

  1. Well done your story Emily. I like how you have included the prompt this week. You have used some great descriptions which makes it easier for your reader to visualise what’s happening.
    Keep up the great work.
    Ms Brennock

  2. Emily your story was good how it wouldn’t work then your dad fix it and how high it went I tried to fly a kite but it broke which was sad.

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