A Weird Day – by Cian

I woke up looked in the mirror and screamed. My skin had turned as yellow as a banana. I jump back into my bed hoping it was a dream but it was no use. “Perhaps it was the banana I ate yesterday,” I thought to myself. If it was, I regret eating it. As I run downstairs, I hear another scream. My parents have turned blue! My sister has turned pink! We start to become desperate so I went on my bicycle to doctor Phil. I gave every penny in my pocket to him. He greedily took it all but he cured us and I am relieved.

3 thoughts on “A Weird Day – by Cian”

  1. Good job, Cian! I cannot imagine what would people be like when turning yellow, blue and pink, but you did, which shows that you are good at imagining. Keep up writing!

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