A Very Bad Holiday by Emma

Today I’m going on holidays to America. So I got on the plane, it was a regular plane ride until the plan started.

Going down there was a lot of screaming and loud shouting and then every thing went dark  and I woke up on an island, I wished it would be a bit smaller. My mom was scared and I was too.

The island was humongous. We first looked for somewhere to stay for the night. We saw a big cave. I went fishing and we caught a big fish and cooked it and went to bed. The next morning people came to rescue us and we went home.

One thought on “A Very Bad Holiday by Emma”

  1. Hello! Well, that was an unusual holiday. It is a good thing there was a cave to take shelter in and that you were rescued very quickly. I read a book a few years ago (I can’t remember the name) and it was about a boy who had to survive alone for a long time, after the plane he was on crashed. I wish I could remember the name as you might like to read it. He used to catch fish too. Well done.

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