A Very Bad Holiday by Emma

Today I’m going on holidays to America. So I got on the plane, it was a regular plane ride until the plan started.

Going down there was a lot of screaming and loud shouting and then every thing went dark  and I woke up on an island, I wished it would be a bit smaller. My mom was scared and I was too.

The island was humongous. We first looked for somewhere to stay for the night. We saw a big cave. I went fishing and we caught a big fish and cooked it and went to bed. The next morning people came to rescue us and we went home.

3 thoughts on “A Very Bad Holiday by Emma”

  1. Hello! Well, that was an unusual holiday. It is a good thing there was a cave to take shelter in and that you were rescued very quickly. I read a book a few years ago (I can’t remember the name) and it was about a boy who had to survive alone for a long time, after the plane he was on crashed. I wish I could remember the name as you might like to read it. He used to catch fish too. Well done.

  2. Hi Emma I like your story because I like the theme of an island and the crash land.
    Thankfully you found some food or oh god would you and your mom be hungry.
    I could imagine if the help didn’t come would go mad!
    By for now by Dylan in Mrs Boyce’s class.

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