A Sticky Situation by Oliwia

Sara and Greg were going mountaineering later that morning. They packed all their necessities in a bag and drove off. Soon enough they arrived at their destination. They went on the long trail as they were experienced climbers. They were nearly at the top of a mountain when suddenly the gravel Greg was standing on collapsed. Time seemed to have slowed down for the both of them when this horrible turn of events took place. Luckily though Greg had caught on to a rock that protruded from the steep hill. “HELP”, he shouted knowing he couldn’t hold on for long. Sara knew she’d have to act fast. If she didn’t Greg would lose his grip and fall to his death. “I’m trying to hold on”, he shouted more loudly this time. She frantically searched her bag for the piece of rope she brought with her. When she finally found it, she rushed over to help Greg.

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