A Long Time Ago In Bethlehem by Ashley

A Long Time Ago In Bethlehem…….

A couple called Mary and Joseph just had a new baby and he was said to be the new king, his name was Jesus.

“Oh come on, Gabriel! We’re going to be late and you keep on stopping to count sheep! SHEEP!” cried an angel who was going to see the baby king.

“Well, as an angel I must count sheep because those poor shepherds always loose their sheep!”

Three kings walked by with a donkey…..”Which way to the shops?” it panted, “These three won’t keep quiet, moaning that they can’t find the shops to buy whatever Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh is!?!”

Everyone safely got to the stable and of course Gabriel tripped over a cow.

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  1. Hi Ashley, thanks for this, I’m sure I’m going to be laughing at it all day. An excellent bit of comedic writing, fun, humour and action all the way. This is a non stop piece of funny work and you have structured it well with good use of punctuation and speech. Well done and mind that cow behind…..!

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