A Fierce Fire by Kyle

I hopped out of the brigade and set off as fast as I could towards the humongous blaze. This was one of our worst cases yet. We were all sick of these fires caused by climate change. The fire looked petrifying; there was another fierce spiral of fire right beside me. We had our most powerful hoses with us; we had been warned we would need them beforehand. We started to try and put out the fire but it was almost impossible. It would take a titanic effort. We called for lots of backup because we needed as many people as we could get. This would be a long, hard day…..

2 thoughts on “A Fierce Fire by Kyle”

  1. Hello! I really like how you have made your narrator a fire fighter. They, after all, are the ones who see the fires up close and have to face them to keep us safe. You have included some great descriptions and chosen some very descriptive words. Well done.

  2. The most resent 100w/c i did i also decided to write about global warming i liked the firefighter element how hard of a day was it

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