A Day Out To The Shops by Brian

One morning I got up and decided to go to the shops. I was walking to Dunnes but I saw that on the way, although it was Saturday nothing was opened. I was really confused. I still walked to Dunnes, but now my surprise it was closed too. I walked home and told my parents. But they said it was a Bank Holiday. Now I know why everything was closed. I decided to go outside and play football. I played for about three hours. But then it started to rain so I went inside. It was a weird day.

6 thoughts on “A Day Out To The Shops by Brian”

  1. Hi Brian! I thought your story was very good. I liked how you even added how you felt and how you were so confused. One thing I recommend is to explain what Dunnes is because id love to know. Keep up the good work brian!

    Sincerely, Leo

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