A Day in the Park by Daniels

One day Tom and I went to the park. When we went in the park there was a big fence with a number 29 on it. We went to the tea house in the park and we drank some tea. Later we went to the car and we went to the shopping market. Tom got a plane from the sports shop. I got an Adidas shirt and an Adidas pants. We went home the next day we went and cut the grass Tom planted some tulips in the garden. One hour later it was getting dark and we went inside and watched a movie.

One thought on “A Day in the Park by Daniels”

  1. I love going out with my friends. Did Tom sleep over. I Liked your story. Maybe next time instead of using we so much you could try say something like Tom and I so you are not using we so much and next time cheak to see you put a period at the end of a sentence. Your story was interesting and very creative.

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