A Creepy Day by Aaron

One day I woke up and went to my friends house. At last, I got there and we played ps4 for a while until we got bored. Finally, we finished we went to this hidden room in Tesco we found the day before. Finally, we got there but there was a random tall man there we said hello but there was no reply. He turned around and said why are you here we said we found it yesterday. He told us why he was there he said he was seeing what time the world was going to stop. He said in about 10 seconds then everything stopped and we panicked but he said time will never unfreeze.

2 thoughts on “A Creepy Day by Aaron”

  1. Hi Aaron
    I liked your story because of the strong words you used.
    I wonder why the man knew the world would stop but not telling anyone.
    It reminds me of a movie I watched before called Creeped out.
    Good story keep it up.
    Bye for now Liam A Mrs Boyces class
    [email protected]

  2. What a wonderful idea Aaron; time standing still. What would that be like do you think? I would love to have read more details about what you might see, hear or feel if time stopped. More details about the tall man might have helped my imagination too – what was he wearing? Did he seem kind, evil or just unusual in some way?
    Don’t forget the details, but well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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