2022 by Amy

“3,2,1 Happy new year!” Everyone shouted as we watched the fireworks. I can’t wait to do our family tradition and spend another year with my family. Our traditions every year on January 1st is we all bake cake and eat it while watching a movie. My brother looked sad though. He usually loves doing this. And then I realised. Dad wasn’t here! I forgot dad was at hospital! I was looking at my brother…

“It’s not like last year.” He thought to himself. He stood up and said he wants to bring it to dad. So we baked dad a cake and went to the hospital. We let dad pick the movie and stayed over night with him.

One thought on “2022 by Amy”

  1. Dear Amy,

    I came across your 100 word challenge and I think it’s super creative and very good! Yours is very different from the others I have seen and I really like the take you took on it! I have a blog too and I have submitted my writing also and I was wondering if you could take a look at my blog! https://mollyle2027.edublogs.org/ If you visited thank you so much and I hope yours gets chose this week because this is a very good way to incorporate the challenge!

    Sincerely, Molly

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