Ice by Tadhg

I personally think that if we don’t stop Global Warming we will soon be under water. By 2030 places like Amsterdam could be under. The ice caps have already melted 2 inches, that doesn’t seem like much but that is actually is. Loads of wildlife live in places that have icebergs and ice caps. Animals like penguins, polar bears, walruses and seals. That means that they would come closer to cities and towns and interrupt our daily lives. It would cause all sorts of mayhem. The water level will rise by around 12 meters. It would be terrible.

All Day by Rose

“What do you think will happen if the ice caps completely melted?” My Mom asked me, wanting to know what I would say.

And I thought about it for a while.

Earth would end up in a lot of chaos if you think about it.

Sea levels would rise, and the animals as well as us humans would have no land, as the land we stand on now would be flooded.

Animals that depend on the ice must find another place to live or perish, like the polar bears, walruses and reindeer.

Severe weather changes would happen like flooding, rainfalls and windstorms will become more harsh. Maybe hurricanes and tornadoes?

This would’ve taken a long time to say to my Mom.

But I thought this was important.

So I told her what I thought.

Ice Cap by Nathan

‘What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?’

‘I think that the world would be doomed.’


‘First the polar bear will go extinct and the water will right.’

‘Yea and that’s all.’

‘Food you like food don’t you?’

‘I do’.

Well pigs, cows, chicken all of your favorite food will be gone because

farm land will be gone.’ ‘Islands will gone like us.’

‘ Damn I get it but has to be all.’

‘Nope.’ ‘What you favorite why to travel?’


‘You won’t be able to book one fairy because everyone will try to get one.’

If the Ice Caps Melt by Mya

If the ice caps melt the sea level will rise 12 meters and some countries or cities will get flooded and then the population of people will go down.

Also the animals on the ice will have no home.

Some animals will go to cities and they might attack people or people might hunt them down.

We are slowly stopping climate change so please if you have plastic don’t throw it on the ground recycle it and don’t litter.

If you keep littering then the ice will melt and the sea level will go higher and higher.

Melting Ice Caps by Matthew

If the ice caps melted the polar bears would have nowhere to go, their houses would be destroyed and the Eskimos houses would be destroyed too.

Polar bears would have to find homes in country’s and would be hunted down by humans.

The ocean would cover all the coastal cities. Scientists are trying their best to figure out how to help out. The water will rise very high and when the polar bears trying to swim away but they will get exhausted and drown. Then the Arctic will always be abandoned and would be forgotten forever and would be washed away.

Bad Planet by Luke

It was a hot summer. The ice caps were barely still around and couldn’t be saved anymore. The ocean is up to the end of the beach. We can’t go to the beach anymore. The ice caps melting has had a bad effect on the planet. Polar bears are on the brink of extinction so they were moved to cold parts in Russia and Canada. But they have not adapted to their new environment and are angry so they have gotten really dangerous. It is too bad we can’t change anything about climate but if we could I would do everything to stop it.

The Ice Caps by Kyle

‘What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?’

I think that this would be a terrible thing to happen. The sea level would rise, which of course wouldn’t be good. Then some land would possibly be flooded and that would make it inhabitable. Also, it wouldn’t be ideal at all for creatures like polar bears and penguins. They would lose their habitat, and then they would come closer to land. Can you imagine seeing a polar bear walking up the road!? That would be crazy.

It is really something that I wouldn’t like to see happen, so hopefully it doesn’t.

What Would Happen If The Ice Caps Completely Melted by Kayleigh

I think if the ice caps melted it would be one of the worst things to ever happen. Lots of animals such as fish, polar bears and penguins would be endangered. It wouldn’t be bad for just animals. It can be bad for us to. Our cities could be flooded and houses could be damaged. Very damaged. Not only sea animals but land animals too such as monkeys could be endangered. Don’t forget insects. Almost all insects. 9% of the ice caps melt every 10 years. If the temperature on earth continues to rise at its current rate the Arctic will have no ice by 2040. So do your part and help the Earth.

Ice Caps by Katie

What I think about the ice caps melting is that the animals that live near the ice caps are in danger and they’re not safe.

We don’t need more animals being extinct because koalas are in danger as well. When all the ice caps melt they will go to water and they’ll probably rise the sea and flood places.

So the ice caps melting is not ok and not funny. So let’s try and make difference. The ice caps are melting 9% every ten years. The Arctic ice cap has decreased since the 1960s by as much as 40%.

School Project by Emma

Today at school we got asked what do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted. I said, “I don’t know”my teacher said , “Emma go home and do some research for your homework”. I said, “ok in my mind” I was like uhh more homework.

I went home and looked it up and it said that the water level will rise and flood the whole earth and kill all of the animals who live on the ice caps I realised that it is very bad even worse then bad I started protecting and doing little things like using less plastic and turning off the lights after leaving the room any little things helps.

The Ice Caps by Eden

Me and my friend, Dylan, were on a walk. We were talking about climate change. “What do you think will happen if the ice caps have melted completely?” He asked me.

I thought for a minute before answering. I told him that I thought the sea level will rise and cities close to the sea will flood. The polar bears won’t have homes so they will swim to towns and people will hunt them.

Dylan agreed with me and said that he’d seen in the news that if it happens then the sea level will rise at least 12 Meters.

The Antarctic by Daniels

It is 2030 and lots of the ice has melted in the Antarctic. It has been said that polar bears aren’t alive anymore and the world is under bad weather.Germany, India, Latvia, France are in danger and bits of America. Me and millions of other people are in bad weather bunker trapped with not lots of food left. We’re trying to build a big hole to help stop it flooding again and helping the environment. Hoping that some of the weather will be good again and we will be able to live our normal lives again and we will try to save some polar bears too!

Ice Caps by Daniel

The ice caps are amazing places and have cool animals. Like the polar bears, penguins, leopard seals, and narwhals. And what do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted? Well what would happen is those animals would go extinct, the water level would increase by 12 meters. That’s not great. But if you follow the global goals we could stop this before 2030. So if we stop using fossil fuels and use more solar panels and environmentally friendly stuff the ice caps wouldn’t completely melt. Now isn’t that a good idea, how about we actually do it?

If The Ice Caps Melt by Callum

If the ice caps melt the water will rise. That means that tons of beaches across the globe will disappear and be forgotten. The polar bear’s houses are melting, after a while they will get tired of swimming and drown. Polar bears will invade towns like Russia. The world is getting hotter which causes the ice caps melt quicker. When the water rises small towns will go under water and be forgotten. A lot more disasters will happen such as tsunamis and flash floods. Ireland might be under water because it’s an island but in a couple of hundred years.

The Living Hell by Ben

Today was probably the worst day in history the ice caps have just melted and chaos has just started. Right now the polar bears have just gone extinct and the sea levels have risen drastically. Also, over 2 billion people have been injured or killed in this disaster. As well as, over 3 billion have found places to hide from this disaster. No one is sure if earth is able to recover from this living hell. Many, many celebrities have sadly past away due to this disaster. Elon Musk and other billionaires are partnering together to go to Mars and other planets.

2029 Climate

It’s the year 2029 we haven’t fully revived the climate. The ice caps are still melting and there is still a bit of plastic in the sea. Polar bears are barely surviving 40% have left home. But they are returning thanks to us improving the climate. We just need a little more time and we will be back to normal. Fish are also going back to the sea again as the plastic is going fast. Lots of creatures that lived on ice or near ice can nearly go home thanks to us. Together we can stop this mess and be back to normal.

My Thoughts by Amy

If they melt the water level will rise and animals like polar bears and penguins will loose land and it would be very hard for them to survive and they will have to find somewhere new to live. And cities and towns beside there will probably get flooded and the people there will also have to move. We need to help this planet soon. If we don’t it will just keep getting worse. And the climate change is pretty bad at the moment. We don’t know what will happen by 2030 but if we don’t help now it will be very bad.

The Icecaps by Alfie

If the icecaps melt it will cause the water to increase dramatic by 12 meters and then our countries would be flooded and there would be more rain. And all the animals would have no place to live such animals are penguins, leopard seals, narwhals, polar bears, walrus and elephant seals. And I like those animals a lot so we have to do something about it. We have to take immediate action. Try to recycle more and stop using fossil fuels and use solar power, hydro power and solar power. If we do this we will have a safe future.

What do you think will happen if all the ice caps melt completely? by Aaron

In my opinion I think that when the ice caps melt the earth will become 89% water and polar bears will be hunted as they will have to live in cities. I would get to higher land because I can’t swim and will probably die. We would lose food and school because there will not be enough land for people to get foods and fresh water. The population will decrease and life will disappear. All the ice caps will melt because the pollution bad and scientists can not do anything to stop this only we can. Stop littering and start recycling. Thank you.