TV Ad by Tadhg

“You need to make an ad about Climate Change,” exclaimed the director. “Ok,” I responded. “ACTION!!”

“You need to do something, our earth is crumbling. Every time you turn on the fire or have a packet of crisps, the earth is polluted. The more food you waste the less there is for the poorer people. Ever time you throw a small piece of plastic on the ground one more fish dies. At this rate the sea will be 12 metres higher. Every piece of plastic ever created is still there. Do something while we still can.”

“CUT!” screamed the director.

Climate Change by Rose

“Humans have evolved so much.”

Started the little girl. She was being filmed by a few climate change activists.

“But we are sometimes really careless and cause things that makes serious damage to us all.”

“I can’t change people’s mind, even though I wish they could think what I’m thinking, I can’t. But all I ask is just for you to at least listen. We all see the damage we caused. And if you can’t feel it, you felt it through the changing weather.”

“I’m only a kid and I feel the climate change. I’m doing what I can like picking up litter when I see it, I know it’s not enough, but still. I know some of you can do so much more.”


“Thank you, I hope filming me helped you guys!”

What Would You Do? by Nathan

‘What would you if you can do anything?’

‘If I could I would take all the rubbish out of the seas.’

‘That’s nothing dude I would stop climate change.’

’Be quiet Chanel you know that we can’t do that.’

‘I know but if everyone dose their bit then we might be able to Rorí.’ ‘What about you Fluffy?’


‘I get you Fluffy you make so much sense.’

‘Anyway where were we?’

Talking about climate change and how to stop it before 2030.’

‘And how do we do that?’

‘By doing your part.’

My Opinion About Climate Change by Mya

“What do you think about climate change?” Said the interviewer.

”I think that we should stop throwing rubbish on the ground,” Said a girl with two pink bows in her hair.

”Very good, what about you?” He asked me with a smile on his face.

”We should cut down less trees because trees give us oxygen.

”Yes that is very true,” He said to me.

“We shouldn’t litter and use less plastic because you can’t get rid of plastic. Yes you can burn it but it will let out bad fuels what we will breath in,”

”Oh my that was excellent!” He said with a surprised face.

100 w/c by Matthew

Interviewer: Hi Matthew, would you like to talk about climate change.

Matthew: Hi and yes I would like to, I think people should walk a lot more and don’t use a lot of fuel only if you have to.

Interviewer: Yes I agree, and what do you think of electric cars?

Matthew: They are good for the environment but they are very quiet.

Interviewer: But there a lot better.

Matthew: I feel bad for the water animals because they’re getting washed up by plastic.

Interviewer: It’s horrible for the water animals, anyways thanks for answering my questions.

Matthew: No problem.

Climate Change by Luke

Mathew: Hello welcome to the news my name is Matthew Aroons. Today we are having a talk with the Italian climate change expert Macsi Twistelo.

Macsi: Hello everyone, thank you for letting me on the show. Do you have any questions Matthew?

Mathew: Yes I have quite a few actually. First is there any chance we can reverse the effects of climate change?

Macsi: Yes, we can but not all of it. We can’t fix ice caps melting but everything else can be fixed.

Mathew: I am sorry that we have no time left. Thank you for your time goodbye Macsi.C

Climate Change #10 by Kyle

‘What are you going to do about climate change? Are you just going to wait around, while Earth’s condition deteriorates bit by bit? No. Get up, make some change! Plant some trees, don’t litter, use less plastic, use electric things and not things that harm the planet and environment, don’t burn fossil fuels, do more sustainable farming, buy the right amount of food so there is less food waste and spread the word about all these things. If we all do these things, we can save the planet and built a better, more eco-friendly community.’

Against Climate Change by Kayleigh

I’m against climate change. It’s so mean to Earth. I think Earth has feelings. Just like us. And climate change is hurting Earths feelings. It’s not just hurting Earth it’s also hurting some of us. It is hurting all the people against climate change. Like me. My teacher and the people in my class. Climate change isn’t just our oceans being filled with rubbish. It’s also forest fires and animal extinction and the ice caps melting because it’s too hot. Don’t forget about Earth being polluted. This is all because of us. Yes! Us. Next time we buy something wrapped in plastic. Throw out the plastic or reuse it! or just don’t buy plastic…

100 w/c by Katie

“What do you think about climate change?”, said the interviewer. I think that climate change is bad because it is not helping the earth or the creatures and the people living on it. “What do we need to do to stop climate change?”, said the interviewer. We need to stop using as much plastic and try walk more. “How long do we have to save the earth?”, said the interviewer. We have about till 2030 so we have 9 years. “What is climate change doing to the planet?”, said the interviewer. It is melting the ice caps and harming animals and humans.

100 w/c by Jasmin

“There was so much plastic bottles when I went to the beach with my grandma.” Said a 6 year old child.

“My cousin left all of her sweets wrappers on the ground.”

“If I was in charge of climate change, I would put bins everywhere so people have barely any reason to litter.”

“I would make every shop in the world do a thing where if you return your packaging of products you bought in that shop that are recyclable you can get a discount the next time you shop.”

These children are doing more than adults, so let’s spread the word and save our planet 🙂

Save the Earth by Donnchadh

This is our planet and we have to protect it, We have to protect are oceans and keep the animals safe. Stop thorwing plastic bottles in the oceans and cutting down trees. Stop burning fossil foil stop throwing your garbage in the rivers and seas. Stop wasting food – feed it to your dogs or cats. Walk or bike or scoter to school or work use your car less. Stop cutting down the rainforest. stop melting the ice caps and plant some trees. Save the fish and mammals and birds turtles save the penguins save the earth save the animals.

100 w/c Emma

Hi I’m Emma, they’re five reasons why you should take actions on climate change

(.1) Try to use less plastic and recycle what you can and Reusable containers and bottles

(2) try to avoid using the car for short journeys. Use your legs and bike and avoid going on lots of holidays by plane

(3) turn off the lights after leaving a room .

(4) and stop littering and just throw it in the bin it s not that hard.

(5) stop plotting the oceans it’s not okay

(6) animals are dying because you decided to using cling film am and plastic bags

thanks for reading

By Emma

The Interview by Eden

Over the weekend I was at an interview about climate change. Here is how it went:

Interviewer: Hello! So first, how do you feel about climate change and what do think everyone should do to help stop it?

Me: I think that climate change is a really terrible thing that should be stopped as soon as possible. Everyone should try to reuse plastic to help stop it.

Interviewer: How do you think everyone can convince factory owners to stop burning fossil fuels?

Me: I think everyone should protest by not buying their products.

That was the end of the interview

Have to Stop Polluting by Daniels

Ashton: We should stop polluting the environment by reusing plastic. Instead of throwing out plastic bottles, reuse them.

Daniels: We should install wind turbines and stop using fossil fuels. All new houses should have solar panels.

Amy: We should stop cutting down trees and where they have cut down trees, Replant them.

Ben: We should reduce the amount of meat we eat. By doing this we are reducing poisonous gases. We should promote sustainable farming.

Eden: We should stop the purchase of petrol and diesel fuel cars and promote electric vehicles.

Tadhg: Let’s come together and save the planet.

Climate Change by Daniel

We could do a lot to stop climate change from getting worse, here’s a few ideas.

Do more sustainable farming, yes that’s a thing now.

Use solar energy instead of the bad stuff.

And there’s so much more ideas. Now’ the time to do it.

We should all start doing it now, it’s the right thing to do.

There’s so many countries and businesses are accepting this and trying to fix things. We might make things or better ideas in the future to fix it, we should do something now before it gets worse.

This is our problem we should do something about it

Finally by Ben

Finally It was the day of the interview.

“Three, two, one” shouted Jerry.

“Hi how are you on this fine evening in the studio”

“I’m fine Jerry” I said.

“Now is this you’re first time” said Jerry

“Yes” I exclaimed.

“Ok now how do feel about the cars?” Jerry said.

“Well if you were looking for a new car I would suggest getting an electric car because they are better for the Earth.”

“Oh well that was a great speech” Jerry giggled.

“Well ladies and gentlemen that’s all the time we have now” Jerry ”.

“Thank you for you’re time Jerry” said.

The Very Important Interview by Ben


“Hello, what differences do you want to make earth a better place?”


“I know this might be a little bit risky but we might have to bring down the prices of electric vehicles.”


“We’ll think about it but right now we can’t do that.”




“Because if we do, we won’t be able to financially recover from it.”

“Anything else?”


“We should have a litter fine of €75 euro, that means the €75 that the people pay, it can go towards climate change and climate charities.”



“Thank you for coming here.”


“Thank you!”

Climate Change by Ashton

Miles. “Hey did you see the climate change ad on the TV?”

Morales. “Yes I really enjoyed it. I think if enough people try the earth could get out of this problen,”

Miles. “Yea maybe. If you want we could try and make a climate change video soon?”

Morales. “We’re only kids no one would take us seriously.”

Miles. “True we could spread awareness on social media?”

Morales. “Yea that sounds like a good plan.”

Miles. “OK let’s make an account TOGETHER.”

Morales. “OK we made the account let’s post are first video and see how it GOES.”

“Miles. OK let’s do this.”

Climate Change Ad. by Amy

We need to take better care of the earth and stop polluting. We also need to stop littering. We need to stop cutting down trees because trees are the animals homes. We need to take better care of our planet. Make more farms instead of cutting down more trees. And trees give us oxygen and the more trees we cut down the less oxygen we have and oxygen is important for us. Stop putting your rubbish in the sea because there’s lots of animals in the sea. Our planet is getting worse and worse everyday and it needs to stop.

Climate Change Rap by Alfie

Stop the commotion we have to save the ocean.

Our planet is dying soon the birds will stop flying.

Stop polluting the seas and save the bees.

Stop burning the Ozone layer or we will cause a big solar flare.

Get down on your knees and plant some trees.

All these dogs have fleas and are making me sneeze.

So please all this smoke is making me wheeze.

And we have to save the animals even though some are Cannibals.

So together we stand and to safe place we land.

The polar bears are losing ice so don’t sit back and eat rice.

100 w/c by Aaron

I was interviewed on Sky News yesterday and this is how it went.

Interviewer: Hello Fred, what are your thoughts on climate change?

Fred: Hi, my thoughts on climate change are extreme and anyone who watches this I want them to take it very seriously.

Interviewer: Very well, could we hear any of your opinions?

Fred: Of course, we should all try and reuse plastic and stop littering because it kills fish and fishermen will lose their jobs.

Interviewer: Thank you, that is very important now as our wonderful sea life are dying and we’re losing food. Thanks for listening, goodbye.

Ice by Tadhg

I personally think that if we don’t stop Global Warming we will soon be under water. By 2030 places like Amsterdam could be under. The ice caps have already melted 2 inches, that doesn’t seem like much but that is actually is. Loads of wildlife live in places that have icebergs and ice caps. Animals like penguins, polar bears, walruses and seals. That means that they would come closer to cities and towns and interrupt our daily lives. It would cause all sorts of mayhem. The water level will rise by around 12 meters. It would be terrible.

All Day by Rose

“What do you think will happen if the ice caps completely melted?” My Mom asked me, wanting to know what I would say.

And I thought about it for a while.

Earth would end up in a lot of chaos if you think about it.

Sea levels would rise, and the animals as well as us humans would have no land, as the land we stand on now would be flooded.

Animals that depend on the ice must find another place to live or perish, like the polar bears, walruses and reindeer.

Severe weather changes would happen like flooding, rainfalls and windstorms will become more harsh. Maybe hurricanes and tornadoes?

This would’ve taken a long time to say to my Mom.

But I thought this was important.

So I told her what I thought.

Ice Cap by Nathan

‘What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?’

‘I think that the world would be doomed.’


‘First the polar bear will go extinct and the water will right.’

‘Yea and that’s all.’

‘Food you like food don’t you?’

‘I do’.

Well pigs, cows, chicken all of your favorite food will be gone because

farm land will be gone.’ ‘Islands will gone like us.’

‘ Damn I get it but has to be all.’

‘Nope.’ ‘What you favorite why to travel?’


‘You won’t be able to book one fairy because everyone will try to get one.’

If the Ice Caps Melt by Mya

If the ice caps melt the sea level will rise 12 meters and some countries or cities will get flooded and then the population of people will go down.

Also the animals on the ice will have no home.

Some animals will go to cities and they might attack people or people might hunt them down.

We are slowly stopping climate change so please if you have plastic don’t throw it on the ground recycle it and don’t litter.

If you keep littering then the ice will melt and the sea level will go higher and higher.

Melting Ice Caps by Matthew

If the ice caps melted the polar bears would have nowhere to go, their houses would be destroyed and the Eskimos houses would be destroyed too.

Polar bears would have to find homes in country’s and would be hunted down by humans.

The ocean would cover all the coastal cities. Scientists are trying their best to figure out how to help out. The water will rise very high and when the polar bears trying to swim away but they will get exhausted and drown. Then the Arctic will always be abandoned and would be forgotten forever and would be washed away.

Bad Planet by Luke

It was a hot summer. The ice caps were barely still around and couldn’t be saved anymore. The ocean is up to the end of the beach. We can’t go to the beach anymore. The ice caps melting has had a bad effect on the planet. Polar bears are on the brink of extinction so they were moved to cold parts in Russia and Canada. But they have not adapted to their new environment and are angry so they have gotten really dangerous. It is too bad we can’t change anything about climate but if we could I would do everything to stop it.

The Ice Caps by Kyle

‘What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?’

I think that this would be a terrible thing to happen. The sea level would rise, which of course wouldn’t be good. Then some land would possibly be flooded and that would make it inhabitable. Also, it wouldn’t be ideal at all for creatures like polar bears and penguins. They would lose their habitat, and then they would come closer to land. Can you imagine seeing a polar bear walking up the road!? That would be crazy.

It is really something that I wouldn’t like to see happen, so hopefully it doesn’t.

What Would Happen If The Ice Caps Completely Melted by Kayleigh

I think if the ice caps melted it would be one of the worst things to ever happen. Lots of animals such as fish, polar bears and penguins would be endangered. It wouldn’t be bad for just animals. It can be bad for us to. Our cities could be flooded and houses could be damaged. Very damaged. Not only sea animals but land animals too such as monkeys could be endangered. Don’t forget insects. Almost all insects. 9% of the ice caps melt every 10 years. If the temperature on earth continues to rise at its current rate the Arctic will have no ice by 2040. So do your part and help the Earth.

Ice Caps by Katie

What I think about the ice caps melting is that the animals that live near the ice caps are in danger and they’re not safe.

We don’t need more animals being extinct because koalas are in danger as well. When all the ice caps melt they will go to water and they’ll probably rise the sea and flood places.

So the ice caps melting is not ok and not funny. So let’s try and make difference. The ice caps are melting 9% every ten years. The Arctic ice cap has decreased since the 1960s by as much as 40%.