Sheer White Ice by Rose

I was travelling through the ice with a companion. Her name was of something from a different language, but I was allowed to call her Mo.

This ice covered land was vast and dangerous. The sheer white ice everywhere was blinding, nearly the almost colour I could remember except for the occasional bursts of red from seal blood. Mo and I had been travelling for ages until she started coughing.

She coughed uncontrollably and soon I started to cough too. I looked up and tried to figure out what was the cause, and all I saw was smoke. So much smoke. It was hard to breathe in but Mo looked like she has not experienced it at all.

We had tried to find shelter until we saw a large building, with huge puffs of smoke coming from the top, after wandering around a bit more we found shelter from an abandoned factory.

Lowry Smoke by Rorí

“Nathan are you done yet!”

“Almost I’m just doing the tower”

“Okay well your dinner is ready”

“Okay mam”

“Oh my god it is Lowry smoke”

“I’ve got to put this in my painting”

“Nathan hurry up”

“You are going to miss the final”

“Wexford and Donegal”

“Oh yes can’t wait for Wexford to win”

“I’m done yes”

“come one Wexford”

“And it’s live”

“Here is your dinner”

“Thank you very much mother”

“You are welcome buddy boy”

“Come one score”


“Yes we won mam we won yes”

“Ahhhhh we won let’s go call Trevor”

Travelling by Nathan

‘Hello sir please can you tell me what year it is?’

‘2021, are you dumb?’

‘Thanks bye, thanks wow this year was so good.’

‘Who are you?’

’I work here.’

‘What your name then?’

’Im Joe I’m new here at the factory.’


‘That was close better go the future 3..2..1.Ahhh.’

’Hello sir what year is it.’

‘2030 sadly.’

‘Why is it so sad?’

‘All of my favourite animals are gone turtles, pandas and a lot more are gone.’ He paused for a bit, ‘All cause we didn’t listen to everyone trying to help.’

The Bad Factory Worker by Mya

It’s time,” said the factory worker. “STOP!” Shouted Tommy. But it was too late. He burnt the plastic. There was a lot of smoke coming out of the chimney. Anyone walking by could smell it.

“Why would you do that?” Asked Tommy. Tommy was disappointed. “Why would it matter?” Said the factory worker. “It’s polluting our planet!” Said Tommy. He put out the fire and walked outside.

When he went outside he went pale. The smell of smoke was horrible. People were holding their shirt over their nose because it was that bad.

Tommy went home and never went near the factory again.

100 w/c by Matthew

One morning a fire broke out in a humongous building, the fire brigade were on their way the message was urgent.

When the fire brigade arrived, they got an intercom and they said “who ever is in the building please evacuate the building”.

Everybody was afraid. The fire man asked “where did all these people come from”? The lady replied saying “it was an oil industry meet up.

The building turned red it looked like it was gonna blow up. The fireman said “TAKE COVER”!

BOOOOOOOOMMMMMM. The building was destroyed.

It was sad.

They lived happily ever after.

No Sun by Luke

It was 2009. I was in prison at the time in China. Looking outside the prison, my cellmate saw a factory pumping out smoke. He got annoyed saying if this keeps happening the world will get worse. When we got out of prison two years later. We started to work in a factory until 2019. We then were fired because the factory was shut down. All beacause of climate change. When we left we realised why we have never seen the sun before leaving the factory. We went home to my house. We decided we need to stop climate change and do whatever we can.

Smokey Towers by Kyle

It is 2029. We are running out of time to stop climate change. We are desperately looking for solutions, but there isn’t much time at all.

1 more year. Maybe just 1 more chance.

Now we travel to the day we found just what we needed….

Dr. Johnson! You seriously won’t believe it. I think I found how to fix the problem!’ shouted Ms. Travers hysterically at the top of voice. In came Dr. Johnson. ‘Do you see them two ginormous chimneys with all the smoke?’ she asked. ‘Yes,’ replied her boss. ‘Well, I have figured out a way to power everything with a certain type of rock and it’s completely renewable. There is enough of this rock to last forever! It’s also really simple.’ ‘Well done. You may have just saved the world!’ congratulated Dr. Johnson.

The Giants by Kayleigh

I was on my afternoon walk when I seen two giants. They were smoking their giant cigarettes. One of them were laughing while the other ones cigarette fell to the floor. It was huge. It landed perfectly right up and the smoke was going in the air. The other giant’s cigarette fell to the ground. It barely had any smoke coming from it but it was still bad. The giants continued telling jokes and laughing while they turned around and started walking somewhere. I followed them to see where they were going. They were going to their giant home. I went in but regretted it straight away.

The Girl by Katie

One afternoon a girl named Kayleigh had to go somewhere for her work. She went on an airplane to America. Where Kayleigh works they are all about climate change and saving the planet. Kayleigh loves everything to do with animals.

When Kayleigh arrived to her destination she saw huge black and grey smoke coming out of the tower. She hated what was happening at the tower because it was polluting the air and that’s not good for the planet.

She rang her boss to say what was happening and her boss told her to ring the fire brigade. So that they would see what was happening.

The Smoke by Eden

We were travelling back to 1800, the middle of the industrial revolution. We were researching about pollution so we could use the knowledge to help stop it in the present.

When we got there we saw the factories. The sky was black from the smoke. We asked around and found out who the boss was around here, so we went and found him.

We asked him why he was burning so much coal. He said it was the best fuel source. We showed him solar power and how to make a solar panel. He said he’d make more so we got back into the Time Machine.

Climate Change by Daniels

Poof! Poof! The smoke came out from the factory chimney. It was 2056 not many of people still are alive in the planet from climate change. People didn’t care about it in till 2039. They figured out that the planet was so hot you can’t live on it in some places like China, India, Israel Texas and other places near the equator. Scientists announced that we have to move to a different planet before 2093 or else the earth will explode. We need to move to Mars. This will be hard. Scientist don’t know if we will have enough rockets.

Smoke Cloud by Daniel

A group of people showed up at some pollution factory and pulled out some signs. The signs said. “You’re polluting our world, there is no planet b.” About an hour later the workers were taking their break when they saw the people outside. They haven’t left. Suddenly more people showed up and they had signs t0o. Meanwhile, the workers were telling the manager about the people outside. So he went outside and told them to get lost. They told him he was polluting the world. Later a group that make the world more environmentally friendly came and told them to stop using as much gas.

Homer’s Way to Work – by Callum

On a fine morning Homer got ready for work at the power plant, he put on his blue bottoms, a white top, a tie and put on his shiny black shoes. Marge took the car so Homer walked. He walked past Moe’s pub he wanted to go in but it was closed. He finally got there and was greeted by Carl and Lenny who had coffee and donuts, homer rushed to the box but there were none left. He walked sadly to the constructor room with a frown. When he got there he sat down, put his feet up and looked out the window.

The Giant Cigarettes by Ben

Wendy and Dragon were giants and they loved sitting in the clouds and to have chats and smoke cigarettes. But one day the unexpected happened, they both dropped their giant cigarettes because Wendy and Dragon were laughing at Wendy’s joke. “Nooooo,” wailed Dragon, “That was our last cigarette out of the pack.” Soon after the incident, the clouds started to get hotter and hotter. “What’s happening?” asked Wendy. Now even the air was getting hotter. “I think we might have polluted the earth by dropping the cigarettes.” said Dragon, “And I think the earth is going to explode because of the amount of smoke contained in the cigarette!” “Oh dear.” said Wendy, “We’re going to…” *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM*

2030 Chaos by Ashton

“Beep went Jack robot Milo. who is also know as Jack/alarm clock/slave/best friend.

“Just another day this world is just chaos” said Jack the “Climate is so bad it’s mostly the factory’s”. “We have helped with everything else”. “Ok let’s go to school Milo” “on the way I will show you the factory”Milo agreed. When they got near the factory’s they could already smell the smoke so they didn’t, go any closer. Milo was mad he knew we could do better. They started a social media account about the factory’s to warn everyone.

Climate Change by Amy

“Wow” I said as I was walking down the street.

“This is horrible.”

It was a factory. A very big one and it was polluting the air alot! It is horrible. The sky was fully gray and there were black clouds everywhere!

“This is horrible!” I said to myself. I want this to stop. “I will try to put an end to this.” But how…

My friend and I worked day and night seeing how to stop these factories. And we barley got anything! We tried and worked for days! And nothings working! I wonder…How do we stop this…

Smoke by Alfie

The smoke covered the room I was scared but I knew what I had to do. I burst out of my room and sprinted out of my house out onto the empty streets. “This has gone on long enough” I tough to myself. I ran trough the boggy fields and onto the rocky roads. A car came speeding up the road and drove in a puddle and drenched me in water. Finally, I made it there they stood the nuclear power plant. I hopped over the fence and ran straight into the control and broke the control room “finally I did it” I sighed.

Smoking by Aaron

A group of teenagers lingered in the corner of the shopping centre car park while they were all smoking cigarettes. Next of all the cigarettes had been shot with professor pollution’s giant ray and now they were like big smoke machines. He told them to stop smoking because if we keep smoking for 20 years straight the earth’s sky will be filled with smoke. They felt bad for polluting the planet so they smashed the rest of their cigarettes and started to held professor on his journey to save the planet. Our planet is about to be free of pollution.

100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a warm but dark cloudy day in Bangkok. All the Factories were all burning hot inside. The workers were busy making rubber. In Thailand that was the main industry at the time. It was just approaching lunchtime when a worker screamed “FIRE!”. The fire started to spread across the factories in the Industrial Estate. The workers were all extremely afraid. Everyone started to evacuate the factories. The Fire Brigade were called to the fire. The fire alarms were flashing bright red. The fire fighters were urgent to get everyone to safety. Luckily no one was hurt.

Red Ice by Rose

We just came back from our latest task of exploring the coldest bits of our country and report back to the industry that me and my colleagues work for. We didn’t find anything all to interesting but we had found something that looked like a solid red fume in cased in a petite block of ice.

I had given it to my boss and he said he will get it inspected and when he returned he had told me it was something unknown but looked like a virus or deadly gas and he said he was afraid to let it out not knowing what it could do.

We locked it up and kept it safe until today, when something had got it out of its case and it is coursing through the vents of the building.

Everyone had to evacuate under my command so that I was able to completely destroy the contaminated buildings. I had my protection suit on and I was able to enter every room once to shut it down. But I needed to find a way to enter every room only once and shutting it down completely.

100 w/c by Rorí

“Evacuate the building right now!” shouted the man.

“This is urgent we got a code red!” Screamed the man even louder.

” Please sir let us stay me and my son can’t go out there we are too afraid” pleased the women.

“Ma’m I will have to ask you to leave the building”asked the man.

“Why”questioned the women.

“Because the plastic industry is coming and when they see you they will turn you to plastic”. Said the man.

“Okay but tell Nathan I said hi will you” said the women.

“How do you know Nathan”asked the man.

“That is something for another day”said the lady.

Industry Disaster by Nathan

‘Hello workers I regret to inform but this is urgent, you have to evacuate the building right now!’

’Where did that come from Paul?’ Question Sean.

’I think the speaker, but it doesn’t matter let’s get out of here before.’

’Before what?’

‘Before the ground get very red.’

So Sean and Paul ran for their lives.

But if he died it wouldn’t of mattered the tire industry have.

Had a lot of deaths in the last ten years.

’Sean tell my family that I love them.’

’No Paul you are making me afraid I’m to young to die.’

’Paul watch out,’

The Evacuation by Mya

Sirens went off, I went outside to see what was going on. there was a red flashing light but I dont know where it came from. The industry buildings were broken into pieces. I was afraid so were everyone else.

I went back inside and a Gaurd knocked on my door he said ” You are being evacuated come with me pls,” I came with him. I could tell it was urgent.

I got in the car with him and we drove far far away I never knew what happend to this day but I hope everyone is safe and well.

100 w/c by Matthew

One morning a fire broke out in a humongous building, the fire brigade were on their way the message was urgent.

When the fire brigade arrived, they got an intercom and they said “who ever is in the building please evacuate the building”.

Everybody was afraid. The fire man asked “where did all these people come from”? The lady replied saying “it was an oil industry meet up.

The building turned red it looked like it was gonna blow up. The fireman said “TAKE COVER”!

BOOOOOOOOMMMMMM. The building was destroyed.

It was sad.

They lived happily ever after.

The Dangerous Desert by Luke

We were zooming through the desert. It was really hot that day, it was because of global warming. When we got to the town by the oasis my brother and I went into Red’s shop and bought some food to bring home. We left the town while the people were urgent to get inside before the colossus came and took them. The colossus takes people and brings them to a bad king and he makes the work in his factory’s for his chocolate industry to end earth. It turned to night and my brother and I were afraid, there was a colossus army we had to evacuate the desert.

The Evacuation by Kyle

Why did we have to evacuate just then? Everything had seemed to be getting better, but that clearly wasn’t true. The pollution levels were dropping, but then they suddenly shot up like a rocket. The oil and gas industry needed to stop using so much fossil fuels, but they just wanted to make money. On that morning, when the red flashing light covered the town, we were all extremely afraid. It just came out of the blue. We didn’t want to leave, but we could tell how urgent it was. Reluctantly but hastily, we flew around grabbing our stuff, preparing to leave. Now it was time to explore another country…

The Fire Drill by Kayleigh

It was my first day working at the car industry. The first car I looked at was a Tesla.

“Woahhh!” I whispered when I saw the shiny Tesla.

“Would you like to go for a ride?” Asked my boss.

“Of course I would!” I replied as I hopped in.

Something went wrong and the Tesla let out a lot of smoke. Suddenly the building started flashing red and sirens were going off. The smoke had set off the fire alarm. There was an announcement on the intercom “EVACUATE REPEAT EVACUATE!” It screamed. This was a very urgent situation. I helped people evacuate. “I’m afraid,” said one of the women. “It is ok,” I answered as we walked out the door.

The Building by Katie

One morning in the tall building Sophie went into the building to start to work she worked in the office. She started to get her computer ready. Sophie was Into fashion so she wanted to go into the fashion industry. She started her work.

The boss came into say there was going to be a fire drill so when the light turns red you need to evacuate it was green at the moment.

Sophie started to smell smoke so she told her co works it was coming out of the kitchen. “It was very urgent!”, said Sophie. They all evacuated Sophie was afraid it wasn’t a fire drill anymore.

The Fire by Eden

“Please evacuate the building, immediately! This is not a drill and it is urgent for your safety!” Said a voice on the intercom. We were on a tour at a huge car industry factory but then a fire started because of the smoke that it generated. All we could do was stay with our tour guide who showed us the way out. Everyone was afraid but we got out safely. I stared at the red blaze that engulfed the entire building. After a few minutes the fire brigade and ambulance arrived. Thankfully in the end no one was badly hurt.

Climate Change by Donnchadh

The fire was spreading rapidly across the dry field, we called the fire department they said it would be a long time before they get here so we decided to evacuate the town. So no one will get hurt. We were all afraid that the firework industry will catch on fire. We were all urgent to run but we had to wait until the fire department came. In the distant we saw a red truck rapidly speeding to us, we were safe we we’re all happy that we’re safe more fire trucks we’re coming it was all going to be safe for now.