Floods by Tadhg

It was a wet dark day in Ankara Turkey. I was watching the RTÉ News they were reporting on the horrifying floods in Ankara. Everywhere was full of water, and nobody could escape because of how the water on the streets was. The Fire Brigade were working hard to get everyone free. “But does it make any difference to me? Does it?”. “No it shouldn’t,” said my Dad. Next thing you know Dublin was flooded and you couldn’t even leave house the “whole Capital City of Ireland is Flooded!” screamed the RTÉ News Reporter. It was worse than the floods in Turkey.

Climate Change by Luke

Climate change is bad for the environment but does it make a difference to me? Well it’s getting hotter and makes the summers feels like I am on fire. If it snows in the winter it snows even more. I also have more fun plus I get to have hot chocolate on really cold days. With autumn and spring though nothing changes making it boring. Even though hurricanes causes an awful lot more damage there are a few good parts but a lot more bad parts. So that’s my opinion on Climate Chang so we should all try to fix it and help the earth.

Marine Environment by Kyle

People are saying things like ‘We need to save the oceans from climate change’ or ‘Stop marine pollution’ and I can guarantee that some people are saying to themselves ‘But does it make any difference to me?’ The truth is it does. The sea gives us food, oxygen, beautiful sights and sounds and some people just take all this for granted. Would you like to eat a fish with plastic inside that could make you sick? Would you like to breathe dirty air? Would you like to look at a rotten sea, with plastic and rubbish strewn all over the place? The answer is no to all these questions. Treat the marine environment the way you want to be treated. Because it does make a difference to everyone.

100 w/c by Jamsin

“We must reuse and recycle to save our planet” The girl kept going on about climate change, honestly this is more interesting than I thought it would be, I don’t regret mum dragging me out the door for this. There were so many people at this climate change speech, including a lot of Gardaí. But there was also a lot of people who were furious at the girl they were shouting things like “Nobody cares” “but does it make any difference to me?” The girl didn’t care about the fact there was so many people hating, she knew she had supporters there, and even if she didn’t, she didn’t care she would keep fighting for our planet.

A Horrible Dream by Emma

Today it s five days until Christmas and I have been counting down the days one after the other. I felt it was getting colder and colder, I’m probably imagining it but it won’t make a difference, the world is getting colder and hotter if you like or not

I woke up the next morning and saw snow outside I thought I was imagining it again.

I looked again there was more snow. I stopped and looked at the wall and saw more snow and I looked at the wall about 10 seconds later and then looked back at the window there was two times the snow. I heard screaming from next door but if I help does it make a difference to me when I turn back the window breaks ahh!


Climate Change by Eden

Climate change is happening all over the world but does it make any difference to me?

It only sort of affects me in my area but it does a lot more in other places of my country. We get heavier Winter rains and Summer droughts. There is a lot more storms and the waves are higher out at sea.

In places like Africa, they get more droughts and water shortages.

Hopefully soon we stop climate change since it is such a horrible thing. It affects everyone or will affect everyone at some point. We all need to do our part.

100 w/c by Daniels

It was Sunday night and I was just taking a walk through the park. Suddenly I looked at the pond, there was a fish stuck in someone elses rubbish. I ran over to help it, I untangled it from the rubbish and it swam away into the depths of the pond. When I got home I stopped for a moment and said ‘but does it make any difference to me?’

A few days later my friend littered and I said, ‘stop, why did you do that?’ My friend answered,’it won’t make a difference to climate change.’

Yes it will.

Pollution by Ben

Today I woke up in a really good mood, I got dressed and then went outside to go to work. “Should I walk to work or drive to work?” I asked myself. I work at an oil industry so if I drove to work I would just cause more pollution. At first I wanted to drive because it’s much quicker and easier. “But does it make any difference to me?” I said. But then I made my decision, I was going to walk. It only took ten minutes, I even jogged a little bit it was so much fun enjoining the fresh air just before work.

The Career by Amy

It was December first 2051 and I was trying to decide what to do. I was deciding if I should go out everyday and clean up litter or no. After 2 hours of deciding I decided that I will! I will go out every day from 3pm-4pm and clean up litter. It’s 2pm I start in 1 hour. 5 of my friends are gonna help me!

I am now starting to cleaning litter…but does it make any difference to me? My friends and I have cleaned alot so far. They said i should make it longer! Should I?…

Chernobyl Reactor Meltdown by Alfie

It was April 25th the day before the reactor meltdown. It was a very sunny day but it was a bit draughty but nice. I had my dinner and went to bed. The next morning when I woke up. The ground started to rattle and my Mam and Dad rushed upstairs. “Come on we have to go” they said the reactor is having a meltdown so we had to dart for the train. The train was packed “the radiation but does it make any difference to me does it” I asked “I do not know” they said as the train took off.

The Start of Something New by Aaron

NO! “I am not getting leg surgery!” as I yelled at my mother and my surgeon. “ If we don’t you will”-“ But does it make any difference to me,” I roared and shrieked also cutting off my surgeon mid sentence. “Yes it will, you will be able to walk again and not need wheelchair for the rest of your life”. I took a minute to process all the activities and events I’d be able to do, also apologise to my mother and surgeon. “I’ll do it, and I’m sorry for shouting I’m just really annoyed with the person who did it”.

Transport by Tadhg

It was warm but foggy day in Tehran, Iran. The Iranian Government were having a big meeting on the topic transport and pollution it makes in the big cities. They had been trying to stop pollution rates from going up.

The same type of meeting was happening on a warm sandy day Manama, Bahrain. Even though there was a tiny population in the country the pollution was quite big.

In the big island of Cuba there was a huge protest over pollution.

Kukong, China the problems with pollution were massive. Cars filled the roads and polluted the air.

Transport is useful to go places and meet people but it can cause problems and destroy the Earth.

Travel by Rose

“Today’s topic is Transport!” Our teacher said to her students.

“This will be connected to another topic, the environment and pollution. Think about how some transportation is bad and if some should or shouldn’t be restricted, or ways it’s good or bad for our planet.”

This was a single person project, so I was by myself. Travelling for me is slightly difficult since I live an hour away and my parents work day and night shifts all the time. So I take the car. But sometimes I’ll walk when I can.

Then the subject of long distance travel came up. And it’s really useful! Lots of people I know have parents that work somewhere else or have family there too. It’s the same with me! My older brother is working somewhere else and my family is there with him too. Lucky…

So what should I write? I looked at the blank page.m

“Travelling is a different subject for everyone…”

The Big Day by Nathan

’Knock knock.’

‘Who’s there?’ Wayne said in a sick tone.

‘Oh Wayne you can’t be sick are you?’

‘No…. I’m fine.’

‘Your not going to your race’

‘But mam it’s my big day I’m going.’

‘Wayne Hughes you are not going to that bike race!!’ ‘Now get some rest.’



Some time later Wayne decided to sneak to his race.

As the window slowly opened Wayne took a leaf hopped and landed outside.

Wow! That was close now to go on my bike and go to that race.

Crash!!! Wayne’s bike hit a rock and he was never seen again.

Transportation by Mya

I think that if you know how to ride a bike you should use it as much as you can for transport.

If your going to a shop in your town close to where you live you should walk or ride a bike.

A car lets out bad fuels so if there’s a traffic jam anyone walking by would inhale the fuels.

When you’re in a traffic jame maybe you could turn of your car.

If you ever drop some rubbish on the ground please pick it up and put it in a bin or your pocket until you get home.

Cars by Matthew

How to make the world even better.

Ride a scooter, use cars less, use stuff that don’t use fuel.

Electric cars don’t use fuel but there a lot better but there very quiet that means people can’t hear them but there better for the environment .

I don’t think we should use cars all the time maybe walk but if the place you wanna go is far get car or bus.

Hopefully there is more electric cars being made.

In a few years I think electric cars would be bad for the environment but flying cars will be the new go to cars.

Transport by Luke

When my family were getting ready for our holidays we were talking about forms of transport to get there. My brother was saying going by plane is best. It is the fastest way but it is bad for the environment because of the petrol fumes. My mam said to go on boat but my dad said he gets sea sick. We decided all forms of transport were bad like going on a motorbike,train, and bus so we will never go long distance because it is bad and should be banned but then if we couldn’t use transport it would be bad.

Transport by Kyle

I think that the best form of transport is either walking/running/cycling, etc, or using electric cars. This way you are being kind to the planet. The way you travel harms the planet because certain forms of transport burn fossil fuels into the air. This air is then not good to breathe and it harms our environment and the O-zone layer. I also don’t think that long distance travelling should be restricted, but I would like if we found a more green and renewable way of using planes and boats. Lastly, if people could not travel, we wouldn’t be able to visit people, do fun things and explore places. Those are my thoughts on travel.

Transport by Kayleigh

I think the best form of transport is getting to places on bikes, scooters or walking. They are the best way because they don’t pollute the earth. I think you should use cars, trains and stuff like that only if you’re in a rush to get somewhere or for long distance travelling. If it is not to far away or you have enough time to cycle, scoot or walk you should do it. Make sure they are not electric and if they are make sure it doesn’t pollute the earth. The best way is to simply scoot, cycle or walk.

100 w/c by Katie

The best form of transport is probably going on a bike or a scooter or walking. Why is it the best form of transport you may ask? Well it is because it is not letting any fuels or gases. The not so good form of transport is car and taxi and sometimes buses.

So try and not use as much as the bad forms of transport and use the best form. So when you need to go to the shops and it is near you walk or scooter instead of the car. The fuels that come out of your car anyone’s car is harming the earth.

The Journey by Eden

I got into my boat and sailed to the other side of the lake. I got into the train which took me to the city. I got in a taxi and told the driver to bring me to the airport. I got onto my plane when it came. Two and a half hours later I arrived in Spain. I got into my friends helicopter. After a while we landed on the landing pad at my friend’s mansion. He asked me how I got there and I told him. He reminded me about how much fumes had gone into the air because of my trip and I felt really bad.

Smoke Cloud by Daniel

A group of people showed up at some pollution factory and pulled out some signs. The signs said. “You’re polluting our world, there is no planet b.” About an hour later the workers were taking their break when they saw the people outside. They haven’t left. Suddenly more people showed up and they had signs to. Meanwhile, the workers were telling the manager about the people outside. So he went outside and told them to get lost. They told him he was polluting the world. Later a group that make the world more environmentally friendly came and told them to stop using as much gas.

Electric Cars by Callum

Electric cars are better than normal cars. I know normal cars may look better but electric cars are better for the environment. In the future there are going to hopefully be more electric cars. One day I hope to have an electric car because it would be better. Hybrid is a company that produces loads of electric cars. The cars are really nice and they have cool features. I would suggest getting a hybrid because they don’t use diesel and at garages they now have chargers for these cars. When I am older I will buy one.

Electric by Ben

Yesterday I had the best day ever, here’s what happened. First of all, I woke up in my eco-friendly house, got into my suit and left the house. After that, I went into my electronic garage where I keep all my electric vehicles. “Should I use my electric bike, my electric car, my electric motorbike or my electric truck?” I asked myself. After a lot of decision making I picked my electric bike. I left the garage and went as fast as I could to the space station. I was going be the first astronaut to ever fly an eco-friendly space ship to Mars. But then the unexpected happened…

100 Ways by Ashton

This is a story about how you should start using a bike or a scooter or a non gas/oil car. The first reason why is because it is way better for the Earth and the global system. If you don’t have access to any of these, you could try and walk more than you usually do. The good vehicles are bikes, electric cars, electric bikes, electric scooters and scooters. If you can, try and change your way off transportation for a better earth. There is a lot more transportation ways that are good for the Earth. Thank you very much bye

My Opinions on Pollution by Amy

I think that pollution is really bad for the environment and there need to be a lot less pollution.

For example: Stop smoking, Turn off your engine when your stuck in traffic or waiting for someone, Use a bike or scooter more than a car and stop littering.

People need to know how bad polluting is for the environment. And people need to stop littering in the oceans it’s really bad for the creatures in the oceans.

Whenever you see rubbish on the ground please pick it up and find a bin for it and bin it. Even if it’s not yours.

Boating Race Around the World by Alfie

Bang! Went the starting pistol and we were off. Who would be first person to go on a boat around the world it would be a mystery but I hope it was me. Every sailor I knew was taking part even my rival Justin Anderson. Then Anderson bashed into our boat then our boat started to rattle violently. I knew what he was trying to do he was trying to sink our ship. I steered away from Anderson but he was right behind us. Then I saw it a humongous wave heading straight for us “lord please have mercy on our souls” I cried.

Changing the Way we Travel by Aaron

It is a quiet morning in New New York because everyone’s cars are all electric or on bikes for saving the planet! Our scientists have been thinking of making electric trains and planes. They are doing their most definite best to achieve their goals so the next generations will do the same and keep earth alive. Some people are arguing about prices of bikes so all of New New York are going to have bikes at the price of $10. A very low price and the best part. No Taxes! No petrol! You can also try your best to Save The Planet!”

Save The Earth by Donnchadh

I was walking down the street one day and I saw two big towers in the distance. I said two myself they kind of look like big cigarettes. They were producing a lot of smoke – it was not good for the trees and animals. But if every one stopped burning fossil fuel the trees and animals will be saved and us too! And keep the oceans clean and the fish safe! The Antarctic is melting at dangerous speed! So we have to do something quickly if we do something Antarctic will be safe, as well all the other things.

Smoke by Tadhg

It was a dark and cloudy day in Jeddah. Some of the workers at the nuclear plant the were busy at a climate conference in the main reception area at the front of the building it was telling them about how bad the burning of fossil fuels is. All they had to do was look outside and they would see the effects that they were making. The smoke was so high you couldn’t see the end of it. It turned out that the smoke was not just from the power plant. It was a Fire! Luckily nobody was hurt.