100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a mild windy day, Tom and Pat were going golfing in Howth Golf Club. They were teeing off at 1.50pm. They arrived at 1 o’clock. Tom got his golf bag out of his car. Pat took his out his golf bag too. “Can you smell a bit of a burning smell,” asked Pat. “No I can’t smell anything,”replied Tom. At 1.50 they teed off. The temperature started to soar. All of a sudden the alarm sounded to tell everyone to evacuate. Helicopters started to arrive at the scene. There was at least 5 fire trucks at the golf course.

Calm by Rose

“Everyone, please move out of the area calmly.”

The fire was getting out of control, and I was trying to get the others to stay calm as well as myself. My suit wasn’t making it any easier as the heat was already unbearable, but I had to get everyone out so I could deal with the fire.

All I could hear was people screaming and animals moving all around in a panic, people trying to leave the scene or find loved ones. I was on my one dealing with the fire and someone else was trying to gather the animals.

I’ve been at the fire for hours, and only little progress has been made. We’ve called for more help but it has already been an hour. The fire was slowly spreading towards untouched trees, getting more and more reckless. And I was the only one there.

100 w/c by Rorí

Pssssssss. Weewwwwwww. BOOM! “Hey what are you doing?” said the police man.

“Nothing that concerns you!” answered the teenager in a cheeky tone.

“You just threw a firework into a bonfire!” Roared the police man.

“Yes we did so what are you gonna do about it.” replied the teenager.

“You are gonna be arrested for that.”

”No please anything else, I can’t be arrested.”

“Fine then it’s a €10,000 fine.”

“Wait look it’s turned into a wildfire.”

”Oh well now that it’s a wildfire you’re coming to jail.”

“ No please, I’m sorry” Pleaded the teenager.

Chick chick boom. The police man shot the teenager.

Seasonal Disasters by Nathan

“John Paul come quick.”


“John call 911!”

“No I got this Thomas”

“No John you can’t stop a reckless fire,” I’m calling 911.”

“911 what’s your emergency?”

“There a terrifying fire.”

“Sir calm down where is this happing?”

” In mayonnaise town.”

” What street sir?”

“55 lane.”

“Ok I will send to 5 firemen to your house.”

“John Paul where are you?”

“I’m over here killing the fire.”

“Come back here Paul.” Wait where is the fire?”

“It’s gone I told you I could do it.”

” Emm 911 can you cancelled the 5 firemen please.”

Halloween Night by Mya

It was Halloween night when the fire started. It happened because of the fireworks and the bonfires.

When I went trick or treating I saw a light so I went over to it. It was a bonfire in a field and nobody was there.

I went back to trick or treating and there was a a fire in the forrest ignited from fireworks.

It was terrifying to see the firemen putting out the fire. When I went back to the bonfire it was gone out but the grass where the bonfire was it was dried up and burnt.

Stop making bonfires it will kill the animals.

The Reckless Fire by Matthew

I heard spitting, I ran out to the field with the fire extinguisher.

I was frightened and petrified.

I tried to stop the fire but it didn’t work, I tried to step on the fire but the fire set to my foot. My foot was scorching.

I saw buckets of water I spilt some on my foot and on the water.

I called the fire brigade, they came immediately. When they came they put the fire straight away. BANG three trees hit the ground.

The fire brigade lifted the tree and put it in a safe space. The fire man said to me “you’re a brave boy”.

The End of Earth by Luke

It was a bad day for the world we found out that only one hundred people from each country can leave earth . A meteor will strike earth and we only have fourteen hours left on earth. The spaceships will leave in four hours.The rockets will leave in ten minutes. Right before the rockets left. A fierce flame had ignited in Australia and blew up the Australian ship causing the biggest fire in history. The second the rockets launched colossal fires started. All of America and South America was ablaze. There was darkness in the sky it was the darkest day in history.

A Fierce Fire by Kyle

I hopped out of the brigade and set off as fast as I could towards the humongous blaze. This was one of our worst cases yet. We were all sick of these fires caused by climate change. The fire looked petrifying; there was another fierce spiral of fire right beside me. We had our most powerful hoses with us; we had been warned we would need them beforehand. We started to try and put out the fire but it was almost impossible. It would take a titanic effort. We called for lots of backup because we needed as many people as we could get. This would be a long, hard day…..

The Bonfire by Kayleigh

Me and my friends were finished trick or treating.

“should we do a bonfire?” Asked my friend.

”great idea!” I replied.

It wasn’t a good idea. The bonfire was good until it got out of control 10 minutes later. It spread all over the dry grass.

“call 911!” I shouted.

My friend called 911 and the fire brigade arrived 5 minutes later. As the firemen were putting out the fire me and my friend were talking about how stupid we were.

“why did we do this?” I complained.

“I don’t know!” Muttered my friend.

“no more bonfires!” I told her.

“never!” she answered.

Trick or Treat by Katie

One Halloween evening the kids were going out to trick or treat. Sophie was a witch and James was a zombie. Their Mam was taking them out to trick or treat. Their Dad was on duty to give out the sweets.

Sophie was so exited for Halloween she was jumping up and down. Sophie kept on saying “I want to go now!” she commanded.

Whilst they were walking they so a huge bonfire. The kids were scared. Then it went up in flames. It was terrifying. “The kids were shivering!”, said Mam. Then the police came.

The Fire Started by Emma

It was a cold Halloween morning at 9.30am I got up to make breakfast and there was the bonfire, people came a round to ask for stuff for the bonfire. I gave them some old chairs and cupboards. My parents said that there throwing it out any ways. The man said thanks. 5 hours later I was going trick or treating with my sister. On the way home from trick or treating, the teenagers were setting up the bonfire. They started to light the bonfire up. Then I heard a cracking sounds. Bang!the houses started lighting on fire. Someone called the fire department. We all got told to go the end of the green, while the fire department put out the fire. That’s why you don’t light a bonfire.

The Fires by Eden

We were still in the heatwave. It was starting to get quite boring but I decided to go for another walk in the forest. The last time I went the river had turned into more of a puddle than a river.

When I got to the entrance of the forest, I saw a fire brigade truck. When I was going into the forest, a policeman stopped me. He told me that because of the heatwave, fires had started all over the forest. He told me to go home for now but that I might be able to come back soon.

Every Little Helps by Donnchadh

At 12:00pm the fire station got a report that a fire was out of control in a dry field, they rushed to there fire truck and they sped out of the fire station.

When they got there the fire was already destroying the habitat they had to do something quickly, they got to work putting out the fire it was ok at first but when the wind Blow the scorching ash and fire blow on to us!, we had to call for backup when we did we were so far away from the city fire stations, they said it will be 1 hour before they get here so we called the fire helicopter to put at the fire.

World Calling by Daniels

It was October the 31st everyone was around the bonfire and then suddenly the bonfire was out of control it was moving across the grass so fast that some people got serious burns on their hands and legs. A few minutes later the fire brigade came and started to put out the fire, after that we all continued to go trick or treating in the estate. We got lots of sweets and nuts from people. It was ten in the evening and we were watching a horror movie. Suddenly we heard the door bell ring and we went over to see who it was …Hello?…

The Fierce Fire by Daniel

One afternoon the fire men got a distress call. “My friend’s started a fire by accident and it’s getting out of control!”

The fire men got ready and drove to the fire. Later when they got there the fire was all over a field. They tried to put it out but it was too much. They asked for back up. Suddenly one of the fire men’s leg caught on fire. He sprayed his leg with his hose. Eventually the back up came and they started to stop the fire. After twenty minutes in the heat they put the fire out and went back to their station.

The Firework Show by Callum

“Hurry up” shouted my brother. The firework show was on in one hour. The show was at the beach and there was going to be a bone fire as well. My dad drove us to the show. The beach was packed with people. The bonfire was ignited but everyone had to stand 10 feet back. Jack lit the fireworks and the show began. We were excited for the last firework because it was gonna be the best. The last firework went up in the air and came straight into the bonfire and everything was on fire. My brother and I ran straight for the car. Everyone was evacuated by the firemen. Thankfully no injuries.

The Petryfying Fire by Ben

It was a normal day in Bolly Town when Jerry smelt smoke and he wanted to know where it was coming from. Then he saw it, a monstrous fire ignited in the forest south west of Bolly Town. Jerry knew what he had to do, he was determined to stop the fire. “I have to save whoever and whatever is inside of that fire!” Jerry was ready. He ran in and was risking death. He saw three kittens stuck in the highest tree in the reckless forest, “I can do this!” Jerry climbed up the gigantic tree and he was ready to save the kittens.

Road Trip by Ashton

Finally it’s the day of the holidays. Fred and Luke loved holidays they would get excited five months before the. They got in their camper van, they were going to Lego Land in county Mayo. They were staying in a hotel. There was a Lego themed parade around the corner from the hotel. Something happened, something bad, the parade was on dry grass and Mayo was known for its bad fires. When they got to the parade they saw big red flames. At first they thought it was a fairground ride. But when they got closer, they saw the massive fire.

The Bonfire by Amy

“BOOM!!!” I heard.

I ran outside wondering what it was. It was a bonfire! Someone made a bonfire! It turns out someone threw 100 lit candles in it and it blew up! There was lots of people running around and they couldn’t see where they were going because it was night time. Everyone was screaming! It was terrifying and very destructive. Nobody had a device so I called the police,3 ambulance’s and the firemen. The firemen put out the fire, the police arrested whoever started this and everyone was put in the ambulance’s. I hope everyone’s okay! top bonfires!

The Fire Wall by Alfie

The wall of fire grew bigger and bigger as it swallowed everything in its wake. “Run!” Screeched the petrified civilians as the wall left nothing behind it. As it began to pick up pace the fire brigade rushed to attend the fierce wall of fire and the ambulance rushed to the horrified civilians to attend their injuries. “Can nothing stop it?” Cried one of the petrified villagers. After many terrifying days the raging fire wall had stopped in its tracks leaving nothing but scorched earth. There were no survivors only destruction. This is why we have to stop climate change.

Australian Bush Fires by Aaron

“IT’S GETTING WORSE,” yelled the firemen. Soon enough it will be uncontrollable. All the firemen and animal rescue crew have tried their absolute best to stop the fires and save animals lives. Everyone was scorching in their suits and protective gear. This is going to be very common soon because too many people are littering and creating a hole in the ozone layer.

Stop littering

Start saving

That is the famous motto going around the world so we don’t lose anymore lives or ruin the animals habitats or even lives. The fire was getting so fierce that fire brigades from all over the world had to come and help. Was it enough?