100 w/c by Tadhg

“Welcome to Suva!” said Wally the scientist,“Here you will learn about the effects of Climate Change on Fiji,”. Rob said thanks to Wally and of they went to research the affects of Climate Change. They met Wally’s son Walter. Walter told them how overwhelmed he was about Climate Change and how hot it was getting and how little green space was left on the island and in the world. They went to study endangered species of Fiji like the Long-tailed fruit bat, the Fiji snake, Pacific sheat-tailed bat. Suddenly some rain started this was rare for this time of year said Wally. These are the effects of Climate Change and how it can effect the world.

Everywhere by Rose

This heat was unbearable but I still had to work over this hot weather.

“Did you find anything yet?”

“Sorry, not yet but I’m close”

I was working as a scientist trying to discover new information about any living species or animals but recently that job has been postponed for at least a month.

There has been a report that fireworks or any sort of trap set a long time ago has been going off at random. It is a threat and I was locating any sort of cluster with explosives or traps.

I was overwhelmed with the heat, finding the traps and having to keep up with every new change and updating every file with information.


I’m able to see what is around our a city in,




“…I-I, huh? Fireworks?”

They were everywhere. Fireworks planted everywhere. Near houses and rivers, buildings and schools and near some of the only lush, green forests.

And I didn’t know when they would go off.

100 w/c by Rorí

“Hello this is news4you today we are talking to a scientist.” said the reporter. “Hello” replied the scientist.

“Hello there”. said the reporter.

“Okay so do you have anything to tell us” roared the reporter.

“yes I do I found a new type of green species it’s called the Spagheto”. “It can be cold and warm when it wants to be”. Out of nowhere a man appeared in the background. He said “hello Mr.overwhelmed. “Oh no” said Mr.Overwhelmed please don’t hurt me he pleaded. “I have come to make you an offer”. “What is it”, give me the Spagheto. “No” shouted the scientist.

Stop Littering by Mya

It was the middle of Summer. “Oh no!” Said the scientist. The scientist was overwhelmed when he went outside.

The green grass is brown now. The Summer is hotter. The animals dying. There was a big pile of plastic bottles on the ground.

“I have to make a poster about stop littering!” Said the scientist.

He went back inside and made the poster. He put the poster outside then when back inside and got a bag and gloves.

He went to the plastic bottles and put them in the bag. He but the back in the recycling bin.

The scientist felt relieved after recycling.

Climate Change by Matthew

Tan jumped out of bed lively, he ran downstairs searching for a letter.

Tan shouted “I got the environment letter”!

We can go and pack now. We were going to the jungle.

Tan was so overwhelmed.

When we got there, we found a trail of footsteps they were green.

Who wrote the letter ?

Tan said “the wicked scientist”.

As the adventure went on we found a massive tree-house. I ran up the stairs of the tree-house. Tan came up and he said ‘it’s so warm.’ Suddenly a holographic man appeared and said to Tan, ‘come to science.ie you got a job! See ya tomorrow.’

He was a weird species.

Bad Day by Luke

The scientist was in the lab watching space. Then she noticed that the sun was growing bigger. She did maths to find out how long it would take and it was twenty four hours until the earth is gone. Then she went to the news station and told the world that the Earth is getting hot and will burn because of global warming in one day. Everyone started to get overwhelmed. Earth will never be green again. The human species will be gone forever. But there are spaceships being built to take 100 humans from each country including the president. See you when we find a new planet.

100 w/c by Kyle

Dr. Green was an extremely wise and clever scientist. He was doing some research on climate change in his lab. One day he discovered that yet another species of animal had become endangered due to climate change. He went and told his assistant Dr. James, who seemed hugely overwhelmed at this news. The amount of endangered animals was going up a lot lately. The air had been getting quite hot too.

The next day all the scientists in the district had a meeting and they came up with a masterful plan to stop climate change forever. Tomorrow, they would get to work…

Stop Climate Change by Kayleigh

Climate change is going to far. Animals are getting overwhelmed as there homes are being destroyed. Animals such as birds, polar bears and almost every species of bears in general. The earth is getting too hot due to climate change. Stop littering. The scientists have proven that we are the ones causing pollution. The grass used to be green but not anymore. Lots of people have changed their mind and tried to stop climate change. But not everybody. Tell your friends and family and tell them to stop polluting and littering. Our home is being destroyed by us. We are destroying our home.

The Lab by Katie

“Bang!” “Something exploded!” said Dr. Green. One morning in the lab Dr. Green the scientist was looking to make a new species. Dr. Green started working first he got the thing he be testing on which was a hamster. The hamster wasn’t that healthy so he done it on that one. So there was no harm to the hamster.

Dr. Green wanted to make a new species of hamster. When Dr. Green stared to put the needle in he kept on moving.

Dr. Green was getting overwhelmed about it. Dr. Green started saying, “it was very hot”. “Bang!”, something exploded said Dr. Green.

Climate Change by Jasmin

Climate change, I’m sure we’ve all heard of it. The icebergs are melting and animals are going into extinction because of us. You can try donating to trustworthy charities that support climate change, and using less plastic such as plastic wrappings on fruit and veggies and non reusable plastic bottles. Scientists are doing their best to see what we can do to keep our species, and green grass alive and healthy. Animals such as polar bears are being overwhelmed by the hotter weather. Wear your masks. Recycle. Help the planet.

Which one do I Pick? by Emma

It was the day before Halloween. I was still deciding what I’m going to dress up as. A witch or a green alien. All my friends know what they’re dressing as, Ava is dressing up as a mad scientist and Chloe is some type of species of cat.

It’s so overwhelming! My mam is picking me up after school to go costume shopping and school ends in 10 minutes….. ahh!

The school bell rings there was my mam out there. I got in the car and we went to the Halloween shop.  I saw a lovely red and black vampire costume dress. I ended up ditching the witch and green alien ideas and getting that one.

Wally the Wizard by Eden

“For a wizard he is really slow,” said Harold the scientist. He and the other scientists were up in the North Pole, trying to find a way to stop the ice melting but they were struggling. Luckily a wizard called Wally said that he could come and help.

When he got there, he was flying on a green species of animal that looked like a dragon. The dragon started breathing fire that was very hot. Wally greeted the scientists and they all went inside. Wally started telling his ideas.

He was a very fast talker so he ended up overwhelming them all. They finally agreed on an idea.

The Jungle by Donnchadh

How much longer until we get to the green house and the station? said Sam

Not much longer, said Jack

Overwhelmed by the dense jungle and the scorching hot heat the scientist needed to move faster but they had no vehicle so they had to walk.

Hey! Said Sam, look a tiger .

I see it said Jack don’t go close to it Sam their species are carnivores.

We’re nearly there and I’m not stopping because it’s scorching hot out here, said Jack .I can almost see it, said jack

When they got there they started it googling how to save the earth.

The Outbreak by Daniels

BOOM! What was that said Mark? That is the big green monster, said Tom.Did it destroy another building? I think so let’s go it is too dangerous out here. A few hours later they were back in the bunker. Tom was talking to the scientist about the hot temperature outside while I was siting in the corner overwhelmed with what was happening outside. After a year it was so quiet outside that we had to see what was up,  we saw a new species was going all around the place and it was sunny and the grass was growing we passed the outbreak and we ran out to enjoy the good day.

The Apocalypse by Daniel

Two boy’s named Zack and John are trying to find out who started the infection.

A few days ago they found a lab and it had some information. There was a note that said “The test’s have worked, we’ve used different species of gorilla blood and green hot water to make these monsters.” They brought it back to the base to show the remaining surviver’s.

Now there going to find more supplies. Suddenly some monsters attacked them. Luckily they had guns so they killed them. Eventually they got the supplies and thought they need to get back. They we’re overwhelmed.

Environment by Callum

“Oh no”said the scientist we might of created a new species.

“The bad news is we used to much plastic!” said the overwhelmed scientist.

“The world is getting too hot!” exclaimed the scientist.

“How do we use less plastic?” said one of the scientists.

“Let’s brainstorm” All the scientists said together.

One scientist said “we can create a big green billboard and it shall say recycle more,” one of the scientists said.

The head scientist said “ that’s enough brainstorming for now, we need to get a cage for our brand new species.”

“Ok” they all agreed.

“Let’s call him Recy. (Short for recycle)…

The Forest by Ben

“I think I might go for a nice long walk to start the day!” said Mr. Daly. Mr. Daly was a scientist and loved his job very much. So today he wanted to test his luck and go for a stroll in the forest right next to his house. He packed up his bag and was ready for the awesome adventure he was going to have. As Mr. Daly was on the walk it started to get more hot every minute, then he saw 30 massive black and green species of spiders attempting to crawl up his back. “AHHHHHHHH!” screamed Mr. Daly. Mr. Daly was too overwhelmed by the situation and had to go home.

Boom! by Ashton

“Here we go” said scientist Gray,another sad day. I hate my job so much,but I have to do it to get money!When he got there he met his co worker Milo. “Hey Gray how are you doing?asked Milo. Grey replied “not very well I am sick of this job”. Milo said “well you are kinda acting overwhelmed”.I know let’s do an experiment, a fun one it could make you happy. Grey agreed. First we need your green coat trust me.Secondly we need different species like a canale spider for a hot country. Ok here we go. Let’s do this!

100 w/c by Amy

As I was working at the table I saw a green bug on the table. I had no clue what it was.

“What’s that?” I asked myself.

I took a picture of it and asked my friends. They didn’t know. They said to take it to a scientist. So I did. I was going to go there tomorrow. I brought it there and asked them. They said it will take some time because it’s an unknown species. So I left it for a few days and came back. They said it’s called a Ziggy Green. It was hot in there from all the tests they did.


100 w/c by Alfie

THUD! Went the ginormous tree as it hit the ground “soon this forest will be gone for ever!” Shouted the insane woodcutter as he sliced down many more trees. When he came across the elusive hedgeskunk this species of hedgeskunk spew a green stinky gas that was so hot that it burned your skin. This woodcutter was no scientist so he kicked it its pointy spines jabbed into the woodcutters foot as the hedgeskunk begun to spew its green stingy gas the woodcutter was overwhelmed by the stink “it burns!” he whaled as he sprinted away and he never came again.

A Chance to Save the Environment by Aaron

News flash! Today, Harry the mad scientist will cast a potion to potentially save the environment. It is set to happen at 3 o’clock on this wonderful Christmas Day. Harry, the mad scientist will add ice to make more days cold not hot, a bag of broccoli to have green grass and a better life for plants. Finally a piece of cloud to help any species out in the world. At 2:58 he started to feel overwhelmed with all the pressure he now had as it was being streamed on all tv channels. Once three struck the clock. BOOM!!!