100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a late dark winter’s night in Monterrey. Mr. Rodriguez was up painting a picture on the side of the Monterrey Airport. It was meant to make people happy once they arrive in Mexico after their journey. He had been working on it for weeks. The Mexican government had given him permission to paint it. He was just about to finish painting, when a giant pair of pink glasses fell from the sky. He was hit right in the forehead. He had been concussed. The ambulance came to help him, he was brought to ICU in Monterrey. He did not make it through.

New Information by Rose

“U-umm, I really don’t know anything, sorry..”

I was being interviewed for finding these.. Sunglasses? They looked enormous and I was only called to inspect them.

“Can you take the camera and inspect them once more!”

“U-uh, sure?”

So I took the camera. Why did I do this, I actually don’t know.

I went up the ladder, careful with holding the camera. I looked through the glass and it made everything go squiggly and dark pink. Very unsettling, well for me at least. I had to get down or I’ll get sick.

“T-there. Happy?” I asked, wobbling a bit, trying to find balance.

“Do you have any idea how this came to us?”

And just then, the leader of our town projected behind the glasses.

“We have new gained information about the new found glasses”

100 w/c by Rorí


The crazy scientist shouted. I’ve created sun glasses for giants. “Nathan! Come here try these on”. Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

“Ok! Papa”!

“They’re beautiful papa”!

“I know they are”.

“Can I wear them out papa”.

“Well no not really because it’s raining cats and dogs”.

“Wehhhhhhh” Nathan started crying.

Ok Ok shouted the scientist.

Out of nowhere tweety shouted “i thought i saw a pudgy cat i i”.

“Ok! settle down tweety” said the scientist.

“Oh there nice, fluffy pink glasses said Tweety”.

“I know”. “Papa made them”.

“ok time for bed now”. Said the scientist.

Little People by Nathan

‘Aw dear stop worrying about little people there not real.’

‘They are so! I saw them last night trying to eat the leftovers.’

‘Oh Timmy you must be hallucinating.’

‘I’m m not mam you got to believe me.’

‘Timmy if they were real I think your mammy would have found them.’

‘But mam they aren’t small they are tiny.’

‘Ahhhh Timmy get the cat they are real!’

‘Oh mam you’re acting like a fish out of water they can’t hurt you.’

‘You are right I’m big he’s small.’ For him I’m the king.

‘Hi I’m Rorí.’


Back on the Job by Mya

“I can’t believe I’m doing this for the 1000th time,” exaggerated Toby. Toby was cleaning the giant sunglasses.

”I hate doing this job,” whined Toby. Toby fell of the ladder.

“Owww,” screamed Toby. The other worker’s rushed over.”Are you ok,” asked the worker’s “Yeah yeah I’m fine I just fell of my ladder again,”.

”Ok everyone back to work,” said the boss. Everyone scrammed back to work. Toby got back up on his ladder. There was a mark what Toby couldn’t get off.

”Oh no it’s cracked I’m going to get fired,” said Toby. He covered the crack up and his boss never knew.

100 w/c by Matthew

I jumped out of bed! Put my clothes on and went to a concert, I was so excited. Sandy said to me it’s gonna be easy for you your small I am a giant with no ticket. Ha ha! When we got there I sneaked underneath a barrier. Sandy distracted the security. The concert wasn’t on yet so I wandered around the back stage. I went in Ms lulu room and saw big fluffy glasses. I didn’t feel steady on this sturdy ladder. I heard the door open I got frightened but it was Sandy. I started laughing so did Sandy.

Upside Down Town by Luke

I was walking past the stairs to the Upside Down. When I looked up I noticed something I never saw it looked like a pair of glasses with a pinkish tint and feathers that are platforms. I went up to see what it was like. It was really nice. Then a disaster struck and I got pushed off I fell for 10 minutes. Luckily the builders built it over the ocean so I landed in it. I luckily survived. I swam back to the shore and went home. Then on the news they were saying something is on the loose escaped from Sticky City…

The Tiny Man by Kyle

As soon as the gigantic creature called a human left the room, I hopped up out of my clever hiding place. Humans were weird creatures; they were messy and always being loud. I don’t know why they lived in the same house because they all seemed to despise each other, but sometimes they seemed to get on well with each other. While I was exploring this particular room, I saw a ginormous pink fluffy sideways eight but the holes had what looked like pink windows inside. I set up my portable ladder and climbed up. When I peered through the windows, something crazy happened. Everything turned pink! ‘Wow,’ I thought to myself, ‘This is crazy!’

The Sunglasses by Kayleigh

She woke up… “Today is the day I perform on stage in front of millions of people!” She exclaimed. “I’m going to wear my weird fluffy pink sunglasses and a pink dress.” she thought. She ran downstairs in her pink dress to get her sunglasses but they had gotten bigger. A lot bigger. She was clueless on how it happened. “How am I supposed to wear these?” She asked herself. She called the manager and told him that she couldn’t dance today. He started shouting at her and asking her why she couldn’t dance today. She sent him a picture and he understood.

The Funky Glasses by Katie

“BANG! ahhhh” screamed James. One day James and his family were cleaning the house. James was cleaning the kitchen.

First he cleaned the oven then the microwave. While he was cleaning the table he found this pair of really funky sunglasses. They were humongous James wanted to have a look.

They were that big he needed go to the shed and get the ladder. He set up on the ladder then step on each step one at a time. “Wow there very big!” said James. The ladder started to wobble. “Oh no”, said James nervously. “BANG ahhhh”, James fell of the ladder.

The Pink Fluffy Thing by Jasmin

I’ve been living in this house for years and I have never gotten up to the table to see what the pink fluffy thing is. I’m too short to get up. I got trapped here 3 years ago, long story I won’t explain. I’ve seen Margaret pick up the pink fluffy things but I don’t know what they are. So today I have my ladder and I refuse to give up I want to see what the pink fluffy thing is. *stomp stomp stomp* Misty was stomping off wagging her tail. When suddenly her tail flicked me and my ladder up onto the table. “SUNGLASSES” I shouted. “ I HAVE BEEN TRYING FOR YEARS FOR THESE TO BE SUNGLASSES, WOW!”

Magic School by Emma

In London there was a girl who life will change.

Hi Ava


You are always late for school come on.

We got to our class it was quite boring. After school I went home. I was on the couch and suddenly a letter with pink spots and tiny men on it flew down the fireplace. It said you are invited to a school for witches. School starts tomorrow. A lady knocked on my door and said you got your letter come with me and I’ll show you how to get there.

I thought for a second, okay fine.

She drove me to a wall which looked pretty normal until she banged it three times. Then there were people flying on broomsticks and there were bright colours and bright lights all over the shops and walls.

The Tiny People by Eden

I was right in the middle of my hardest mission yet. I knew that I might not come back alive. I was attempting to climb mount fluffy.

I got a ladder and started my long trek up the monstrosity of a mountain. Sadly the ladder didn’t even reach up half of the mountain. My best friend Bob was waiting for me at the top.

I was going to take a short break but I decided that I needed to keep climbing. Just when I got to the top, before we could complete the mission, the humans appeared so we ran for our tiny lives.

Sunglasses by Donnchadh

It’s finally done I did it I made the world’s largest sunglasses what’s the time 12.00pm! I better get home I come back tomorrow. I’m here the glass on the sunglasses are so clean uh oh a bird I know what it’s going to do don’t think about. It poop I must get my ladder to clean it on my way down I saw a really big line of people they said I want to study it I want to take pictures of it I said all right you can do what ever whit just don’t get it dirty.

The Chandlers by Daniels

One day The Candlers, Tom, Amy and their friend Daniel were up in their tiny home, in the side of a candle holder. They were tiny people believe it or not. There are tiny people all around you, but you can’t really see them.

It was October the 31,Tom was looking throw the word drop suddenly he herd an screen he knew he wouldn’t escape from the person so he stud there whit his hands up and he screened no! Luckily Amy herd him and she came to help but that didn’t work for them and they we’re stuck both white there hands up( they where doomed fore ever)….

The Borrowers by Daniel

There was a family under the fridge. There was a boy names Dan. This year he turned 18 and he will be able to borrow things on his own. He always helped his dad borrow things and he found it fun. One time he was nearly seen. He was in this room looking at some pink fluffy glasses. Suddenly a man came in and Dan hid behind the glasses. His dad was super worried and ran over. Dad was seen. They both ran as the man screamed and tried to squish them. They barely got away. After that they we’re exhausted.

Halloween Eve by Callum

“Ha ha ha ha ha” said the Halloween decoration. My mam and I and were Halloween shopping for sweats and decorations. My mam said I can pick out one decoration, I chose a funny light and it cost €5.50. I went home and tried it out the back garden with my brother. I shined it at him and…

HE SHRUNK!!! “Oh no, how am I supposed to find him” I went down on my knees and I heard a little scream I found him on a piece of grass. I picked him up and brought to my mams room and I put him on the hilarious glasses…

The Glasses by Amy

“OUCH!” Shrieked Thomas.

I ran over to see what happened.

”WHAT HAPPENED!?” I asked.

”I fell off the ladder.” Said Thomas.

”Oh” I said “are you ok?”

”Yeah” said Thomas. “My leg and back hurts though.”

”You should have a rest” I said.

”No I’ll be fine.” Said Thomas.

”What are you building?” I asked “It looks interesting”

”Big glasses with pink fur around them” he said “Why are you building those?” I asked.

”My boss said they will look cool” he said “but I think they will look weird”

”What are you going to do with them?” I asked.

”I don’t know” he said.

The Portal by Aaron

“Wow!” said Gary in shock. Gary had never seen anything like this in his 27 years of mining. It was big portal with blue and purple colours. He dug around a bit more and found a big red and silver button. Afraid that it was a land mine a hesitant Gary stamped on it and scrunched himself up into a ball. Milliseconds later, it started inhaling everything. Hours later the entire mine was gone and everybody cascaded to safety, except Gary. He had been thrown into a world where everything was massive he looked up and saw a big, pink, fluffy giant.