The Flood by Kayleigh

In the land of ZigZag had no normal sized humans only minuscule people. One day in ZigZag on the 3/4/2000 it started washing rain and ZigZag was flooded. There is one family that got washed away… The Whites. But only 2 of them went missing. The children. Mr. White the dad panicked. The children were now in the sewers where they found a sticky calendar. “I wonder how this got here” said ms. White. They hoped on and used it as a raft. Mr and Mrs White went looking for their children…But they were never found…

100 w/c by Matthew

One morning I woke up and had bad dreams. I got up out of bed, had breakfast, had a shower and got dressed. I looked at my new calendar and it was the fourteenth of the 9th 1976. I thought to myself I’m gonna talk to Mr White, but he wasn’t there. Then I figured out I had work in 10 minutes. I ran and grabbed my keys. I went to the front garden but my car was minuscule. Then I stepped in dog poo, my shoe was sticky, so I put them in the washing machine.

2800 by Nathan

The year is 2800 the world is a mess. People are hoping that they will make it to they end of the calendar year. Why you ask, because in the year 2801 Mike Hughes is going to send everyone to a different planet. People will no longer going be in a sticky situation. Everyone can get some new white clothes with the minuscule amount of money that they have. But will the world survive till then that is the question.

‘Devin!’ ‘

Yes mam.’

‘Are you still writing about the future.’

‘Yes Mam.’

‘Come down here now and do the washing.’

A Second by Rose

A rainy day. I looked out my window, watching the minuscule raindrops fall from the sky. It felt like looking at the rain could wash your troubles and worries. I rested my head against the side, letting my hands fall on the slightly sticky windowsill. My room was a mess, clothes everywhere and different drawings swinging on the wall. My worn calendar swung on the wall. It looked like I circled a date on it. I went over to look at it more closely.

“32 of December”

Huh. Must have been a mistake. I went back to watching the rain until I fell asleep.

I saw black. A pitch black void, well not completely dark. A really blinding white light. I walked up to it.

It made a sound, I couldn’t really describe it, but it sounded like evil or darkness seeping out of it, but it was so hypnotizing you couldn’t look away. But before I could touch it, it disappeared. It disappeared so suddenly I was left in the dark in a second.

The Magic Dice by Luke

When I woke up this morning I looked to the calendar it was the 21st of August. Which meant it was the day I roll the white dice. If I roll a one or two I live in the trees. If I roll three or four I live in the middle class. If I roll a five I get to the rich class but a minuscule amount of people get there though. If I roll a six I get to live with the president of Sticky City, no one has. It is my turn to roll. I got a six, I never will be washing my clothes again…

The Honey Monsters by Kyle

Oh no. It was bad. Very bad. Mr. White was about to start washing out the honey bottle so that he could recycle it. Fred, my fellow honey monster, glanced over at me. We knew what we had to do. As minuscule as we were, we had some extraordinary powers. We would have to turn super-sticky. This meant that we would stick to the bottle, so we wouldn’t get washed out. But today, something was different. Our powers didn’t work. I looked at the calendar. My eyes widened with fear. It was the 18th of July. The one-day honey monster’s powers didn’t work. As Mr. White turned on the tap, we accepted our fate…..

Missing – Chapter 2 by Emma

The Washing machine was making loud sounds . Ben’s mam shouts “Ben wake up!” There was no answer.

Did he even come home? I don’t know! Ben’s Mam went into his room she pulls off the covers on his bed there is no one there. She screams . He didn’t come home last night.  She calls the police and tells them them that he’s missing.

Ben’s friends call to the house and were asked, ”did you see him go home last night?”

“Yeah,”said Ava, ”but he went down the hill really fast.”

His mam was very tense. ” He’s missing, the police came to tell me that they found his bike with some sticky white minuscule goo on it and a calendar with a bird on it.”

The Little Girl by Katie

There was a girl named Emily. She went to knock for her friend. Her friend said “hello”. Her friend is named Willow. Emily asked “do you want to go to the shops”? “Yes” she said. Then they went. Emily got a lollipop and Willow got chocolate. Emily said that the lollipop was minuscule when she was eating her hands were all sticky. Then they went to Emily’s house. Willow said “hello” to Mrs. White she said “hello back”. They went up and it was lashing rain it was washing everything away. Emily looked at her calendar it was the 10th of the 9 2011.

100 w/c by Daniels

It was one Monday morning and I was getting ready for school. When I got to school Mr White was waiting in the classroom. The classroom was all sticky and unpleasant from last Friday we were doing an experiment whit some chemicals everything what was in the classroom went to the washing machine even the minuscule diamond. A few hours later it was lunch time and me and my friends were playing basketball. After school I did my homework and after that I went outside to play with my friend. I noticed an old calendar on the ground.

A Sticky Situation by Eden

‘Why is there honey in the washing machine?’ I asked my brother. He came in to see. Neither of us knew so we went to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, there was a minuscule beehive stuck to the wall right next to our calendar. We didn’t know how it got there so I got the oven gloves and tried to move it but it was too sticky.

We were wondering how to move it when suddenly a white bee came out of the hive and grew giant. We were both amazed. The bee picked up the hive with ease and flew off. What a day!

Small Person by Daniel

The calendar said it was the 23rd of February and on that day it’s said you could see small people. They are called Moller’s. The Moller’s are minuscule so it’s very hard to see or catch them. My Dad told me one day he was washing his face when he heard something. Suddenly a Moller ran past him. The Moller threw sticky stuff at him and then disappeared under the white chair. Dad moved the chair and only saw a hole in the wall. The Moller must have gone in there. He never saw a Moller again but they might be in the house.

Birthday Party Ruined by Ben

Mrs. White and her two sons Jack and Joseph were secretly hosting a surprise birthday party for Mr. White “What date is it today?” Kindly asked Mrs. White. “Let me just check really quickly.” As Mr White was going to where the calendar was located he heard a strange noise coming from the minuscule room, so he decided to have a look. “AHHHHH” Wailed Mr. White. The washing machine had just exploded with sticky, white liquid which covered the room and Mr. White. “Looks like we’ll have to cancel the party,” said Joseph “The WHAT!?” “Nothing.” This was the worst birthday in the history of birthdays.

Art Class by Aaron

Today is my first day in art class. I’m doing new hobbies after Covid because all my other hobbies haven’t started up yet. The first project was paint dabbing, just something simple to start off. We were given white pieces of paper that I thought was off a calendar as it had squares all over it. We were actually going to be using minuscule sponges to coulor all the squares. An hour later as we were washing up, I felt something sticky or wet touch my shoe. I stepped in the glue bucket. My foot had to be stuck in glue forever.