100 w/c by Tadhg

I was sitting down at our kitchen table on my Dad’s laptop doing a F1 project. I was doing a page on records. I had done the more obvious like most wins, poles, starts, podiums, Championships, points and loads more there would be too much to name. I thought to myself so, what will I write on this page…That’s it I can write (type) a page on Irish drivers. Eddie Irvine was the first to come to mind. He was the only driver from the Island of Ireland to win a F1 race.

My Sister by Rose

I stared down at the page in front of me. ‘So, what will I write on this page…’

As an angel, my job was to write a future for humans on Earth. I always liked having to give people futures, I just found it enjoyable.

But it did matter if they had been a good person, if not you would receive a punishment or bad luck.

And that rule is stopping me from telling this boy’s future.

The boy acted mean and pushed people away, but when returned home, he would cry and he would wish to disappear and how his friends didn’t deserve him. I didn’t know why he acted like this but I still felt pity for the boy and wanted to help him but didn’t know how.

So I called my sister,

someone who acted just the same as kids.

Mean Teacher by Mya

This happened when is was in 2nd class. We were meant to make and story. The teacher gave everybody a page and I got two pages. I thought to myself so what do I write on this page. I raised my hand and asked, ‘so, what will I right on this page?’ She said ,” I don’t care just use it.’

When I was done my story my teacher yelled at me and said, ” WHY DIDN’T YOU USE THE SECOND PAGE!” I explained to her saying ” you said you didn’t care what I used it for.” She said in an anger voice ,”Go back to your seat”.

100 w/c by Matthew

Once upon a time Timmy and I went to a library. Timmy said its great the library is only down the road. I know said I. We went in and there was so many books ,Timmy went straight to the football books. I went to war books. I looked in a war book and it was a fill in the blank book. I went over to Timmy and he said he already rented 6 books, WHAT we’ve only been in here for five minutes he said he wanted to go home so I rented a book called World War 1. I said to myself so what will I write on this page. I was then on the moon. I could breathe somehow. Now I live on the moon.

The Magical Paper by Luke

One day I was walking home from school. An old man walked up to me and said here is a magical piece of paper. That whatever you write on it comes true. So when I got home I thought so, what should I write on this page? I decided on writing me with super powers but it didn’t come true so I thought it was fake but then I shot lasers from my eyes! Then I wrote I am going to the moon. I was then on the moon. I could breathe somehow. Now I live on the moon.

The Page of Future by Kyle

With my pen hanging limply from my hand, I just couldn’t get my head around it. How come I, just an ordinary boy, had been chosen for this? I had no answers. The ancient scroll was right there sitting in front of me. I thought ‘so, what will I write on this page?’ I didn’t know. I was still confused. Whatever I wrote down this page would be my future. But what did I want my future to be? I still didn’t know. Then something came into my head. It was marvellous, brilliant. I put my head down and, slowly, began to write.

My Dreams by Donnchadh

So what will I write on this page…

I have a lot of dreams. My first dream is to own a 69 mustang boss 429.

My next one is to be a rugby player.

My third one is to be an engineer for the navy just in case my rugby career ends.

My forth one is to be an explorer and see all of the animals.

My one dream to be an f1 driver.

My sixth dream is to be a fisherman.

My seventh one is to work in Wild Ireland.

I will like to be a Doctor.

The Letter by Daniel

Tom’s Dad went to Spain for a few months and Tom missed him. So he decided to write a letter. “So, what will I write on this page. What if he doesn’t get the letter.” Mam walked in and helped me. Later he finished the letter and before he could put it in the post box Mam walked in and said “how about we go to Spain and give it to him?”

The next day Dad was sitting down watching football with his friends when someone knocked on the door. He opened it to find a letter at the door.

Arthur Made a Big Mistake by Ben

Arthur wants to really to write a really funny story but he just can’t think what to write.

“Hmmmm, OH, I know, I can write about a person called Joe and he loves to tell the funniest jokes ever!”

“So, what will I write on this page?”

Instead of writing first he decides to draw a picture of what Joe should look like.

“He should have blue eyes and short brown hair. Great that wasn’t hard at all” said Arthur, but he somehow forgot to write the actual story.

“Now Arthur your turn to read your story,” Mrs Watson kindly said.

What is he going to do now!

The Note by Amy

I was locked in a room and I had one hour to get out. To get out I had to write a note to get out. First I had to find the note. I looked everywhere and then I found it in a cupboard.

So what will I write on this page…I wrote some Italian words saying “ciao sono in sesta classe e amo la musica vecchia” wich means “hi I am in sixth class and I love old music.”

I folded the letter and slid it under the door. I waited five minutes and it unlocked.

The Temple of the Scroll by Alfie

The Temple of the Scroll was situated in the dense Amazon jungle. The government hired an expert team of explorers to find the temple. The team ventured into the deep dark jungle. The howls of the animals was peculiar. They came across a raging river, they saw a tree that had been knocked over, it looked worn out. They crossed it progressively and made it safely across. They proceeded through the jungle. There it stood, The Temple of the Scroll. They proceeded within the temple. The captain of the team kept a log ‘so what should I write on this page’ he said. They found the scroll in the room.