100 w/c By Tadhg

BANG!!!! That was the thunder outside the large museum of fossils in Berlin. It was a horrible day outside. There had been a big storm forecast for the week before. The storm had been forecast for months. When it came it took the city by surprise. The scientists were inside the museum looking at the ancient ball of dinosaur bones. It had survived since the dinosaurs were wiped out years ago. The rain outside was getting louder, one of the scientists switched on the radio. It said there was a flood warning in Berlin. They were too late to escape the building.

5 Years by Rose

5 years. I was in this room for 5 years. Why was I here, and how come no one came for me? All I remember was when someone came and hit me in the head. Then woke up In this room. I was given food and a bed but every day I tried to get out.

”Let me out! Why am I here?!”

But each day I grew more and more hopeless.

‘’Please! Let me out! Help!”

Until I just gave up.

I was finishing off my breakfast, until I heard a knock on the door.

I looked at it in disbelief

I ran over to the door, stumbling on the way. I was banging on the door harder than ever.

”Help! Is anyone there! I’ve been stuck here forever, please I-“

The door flew open and I fell to the ground, I looked up and saw an uneven ball of clay. It formed into an unnatural being and started running to me at full speed, barely giving me enough time to get up…

100w/c by Rorí

Come on hurry up, the rocket is launching soon.

Ok I’m coming I roared from the bathroom I’m just going bathroom”.

Soon enough we were at the launching station. When we got into the rocket it took off. We were going to planet b8479388zhhx797252875727747399767 when we got there there was a big house, shops and a mysterious building. We went into the building there was a bone ball the size of a football. We kicked it and a man that looked like god came out of it and said. “You made a massive mistake”.

100 w/c by Nathan

Once there was notorious hunter called Pablo Java.

He is famous for killing every single ashbrid in the world.

The people were furious with him, so they decided to hire a group of trained ninjas to steal his prize possession. The bones of the last five ashbrids.

’Come here boys I got a plan – so we will jump on to the roof, then we will wait in till Pablo is gone out his room.’

‘Then what?’

‘I will jump down, lock pick his door and then, only then will we get the bones and escape.’

The New Virus by Mya

It was a Saturday night when I was watching the news. A tall blond girl showed up, she announced that there was a new virus.

She explained that the new virus takes away your skin until you have no skin left. She showed a zoomed in picture of the virus, it looked like loads of bones stuck together.

I let out a giant scream. My brother rushed in the room. I pointed to tv and he gasped.

He quickly grabbed me and put me in my room. Then he pulled up his sleeve, there was no skin left on his arm.

100 w/c by Matthew

On one foggy day, I woke up to a loud noise!

I was frightened.

I turned on the television then I switched to the news, there was a new historical feature in the museum, it was called the bone ball.

I went on a mission to get the bone ball, so I slid down the grand staircase.

I saw the queen and the big strong security surrounding her, so I hid behind a statue.

They left so I ran in through the main door and the glass broke with my sharp blade I grabbed the bone ball it was heavy but I still ran.

The Odd Ball by Luke

When I got to the president’s house I was shown to my room, it was colossal. I went to the office and talked to the president. He said “there is something he wants to show you.” When we got there I saw an odd ball. I asked “what is it” The president said it was a ball made of clay that modifies into the shape of anyone that touches it. So I touched and it turned into me. “Ah!” I screamed. “That’s not what I wanted to show you,” the president said. Then a crash came from the other room. “Run!”yelled the president…

The Twigs by Kyle

I wanted them so badly I couldn’t put it into words. This was like a dream for a poor old tree scientist like me. If I got this, a big ball of all the rarest branches and twigs in the world, I would make millions. It seemed crazy. It seemed impossible, but here they were right in front of me. Would I be unselfish and mannerly, and just not do anything but keep on dreaming? Or would I be daring, and go and seize what I had always wanted? I would get all the money I wanted. I slowly curled my hand up into a fist and, preparing to run, punched the glass so that I could grab what I wanted so desperately.

The Dinosaur by Kayleigh

We went to the dinosaur category and we saw the bone ball.

“The bone ball!” Shouted Lily

“What’s the bone ball?” Asked Lily’s sister

“Dinosaur bones in the form of a ball.” Replied Lily. Lily’s sister grabbed the ball and ran outside with it. She started kicking it around like a football.

“STOP!” I shouted as it transformed back into a dinosaur. Lily’s sister started screaming and ran back into the museum. Lily and I ran after her. Banging and crashing started as the dinosaur broke down the museum. Everyone in the museum ran and hid from the dinosaur. Everyone survived…

100 w/c by Katie

Bang! “Oh no they all fell apart” said Izzy. One night at the museum something very bad happened one of the sculptures fell apart.

Izzy was in charge to close the museum tonight it wasn’t her favourite job because she was alone. She was looking to make sure no one was still there. Well Izzy was not all alone she had her dog Lola with her.

Izzy was looking at the pictures and the sculptures and then her dog saw this big ball. Izzy said “that’s the massive bone ball”. Lola started tearing it apart. “Oh no they all fell apart” said Izzy. I am going to get in so much trouble.

The Virus by Emmma

A small town on the cost of Ireland is called Frank Den Brig

There was a scientist named Lily, she wanted to make a gas that kills all gas in the air so then no one would really get sick so Lily the tested the gas on people that have Covid.

She started to test it on them and it cured them so she gave it tothe whole town because there was a massive Covid outbreak. Everything was fine until someone got sick then someone else got sick then the whole town got sick.

The symptoms are random cuts that gush out blood and ageing 10 years. Lily ran to the lab then looked at it with a stethoscope and saw bones. She cured everyone and evacuated town because of the gas.

The Meteor by Eden

“And this is a section of an ancient meteor only uncovered 6 months ago,” our tour guide told us,“As you can see it has bones attached to it, which are believed to be from a dinosaur.” We were at the Museum Of Ancient History. The meteor was definitely the best thing we had seen. “Where did it come from?” I asked the tour guide. He told us that it was found in a jungle far away and the reason it had bones on it was because it killed all of the dinosaurs. We stayed and looked at it for a while before leaving.

The Bone Rock by Donnchadh

I did it I found it the bone rock after 20 years I finally found it.

I am so happy. I’m famous now, I most get back to camp. I hope I don’t get lost in the Amazon. Who know what’s in here this bone rock was heavy. I had to get my quad to hold it. I was speeding through the jungle. I know I was not that far now. Suddenly I was jump scared by a tiger with a camera in is mouth I said to myself why does it have a camera? I carried on driving until I fell down a cliff…..

100 w/c by Daniels

It was a hot and sunny day, the scientists arrived at the location where it was told by some local farmers that they had found a big ball of dinosaur bones. A few hours later the scientists proved that they were indeed dinosaur bones. The old heavy load was put on a train and exported to the museum. After it arrived they put it into a glass stand and it was put on display. A few weeks later the bones got stolen and all the police were looking for the suspects and then the power went out a man said, “ hide don’t let them see us”…

Clay Ball Robbery by Daniel

“Here we are, The biggest clay ball in the world!” Said the Professor. “Excuse me.” Said Austin “When was this thing made?” The Professor told them it was made in the Stone Age and how it would cost millions. Then they we’re going to the ice age exhibit. Suddenly someone ran in. “Hands in the air!” Shouted some robber. Everyone knelt down and the robber proceeded to try to get the clay ball out of the cage. Eventually a security man came in and stopped the robber. Everyone was relived the robber was stopped and went on with the tour.

The re-opening by Callum

In woke up to my mam’s voice saying to get up it’s the day of the reopening of the museum.

I got up out of bed carelessly.

I got dressed, ate breakfast and brushed my teeth.

Me my mam and my sister got in the car and my mam drove to the museum.

The museum got a new artefact and we were very very excited to see it.

I thought it was going to be a new boat room.

My sister thought it was going to be a new animal room.

But when we got there we were speechless.

It was a ball of dinosaur bones.

The Legendary Discovery by Ben

“Oh my goodness!” exclaimed Professor Ash. He has just seen a gigantic ball of an unknown item in the south side of Sahara Desert. “Looks like I’m going to have to call the police and find what this item is.” said Ash. As soon as Ash had called the police they came almost instantly to the destination. “We’ll bring it to the lab and research on it” said police woman Isabel. When the police brought the ball to the research centre, they discovered that this was an old meteorite that had made the dinosaurs extinct. “We have been looking for this meteor for centuries!” exclaimed the research man, “So we have a little surprise for you.”

Science by Ashton

Oh no!!! It went as bad as possible. What have we done? One day there were two crazy scientists Craig and Joe. They had many crazy ideas and of course they tried the craziest one. The idea they had was to see what would happen if a rocket hit an asteroid. They tried it and it went terribly. When the rocket hit, it exploded. The meteor turned direction, towards earth. The siren went off loudly. Joe and Craig knew it was over. They needed a plan ASAP. ”What are we going to do?” wondered Joe.

I have a plan…

The Dinosaur Bones by Amy

It was a very dry day in Egypt. As I was walking I found a big ball.

”What is that?” I said.

I brought it to some scientists.

”These are dinosaur bones!” Said the scientist.

”Dinosaur bones?”

”Yes!” Said the scientist “From 1203!”

”Wow” I said “That’s really long ago!”

It was the next day and I went for a walk in the museum and I said lots of cool things. And then I saw the dinosaur bones!

”I wonder where those scientists are” I said.

I started walking around again and then I saw the scientists. They were talking with each other.

The Clump by Alfie

CRASH! Went the museum window as it shattered into minuscule pieces as the dog burst trough the window. “NO!” screeched the dog’s owner. The dog approached the clump of bones. Then the clump grew bigger  and the dog fell over. The dog was flat, like its bones that were sucked out it. The dog’s owner bust out crying. Then she too jumped into the glass case and her bones were sucked out too. “Seal the case!” shouted one of the guards. The clump rolled forward and shattered the glass in one hit ” AAAARGH!” everyone screamed as the clump sucked their bones out.

The Bone Ball by Aaron

“Finally”, announced the tour guide as Dan the philosopher had reached what they thought was a bone ball. He had travelled two hours to arrive at the luxurious Louvre museum. It cannot be, as Dan doubted himself a dozen times over. It was the last remains of the rock giant who got obliterated by the meteorite thousands of years ago.“Where on earth did you find this?” said Dan.”

“A group of our scientists brought it in but we had no idea what to do with it, it’s just so random”.

“I am going to bring it back to Rufus the smartest man with an IQ of 198”.

Ancient Friends by Alfie

There once was a mosquito called Dippy. Dippy didn’t even know what day it was because they didn’t have calendars back then. His home was in a tree with his mam. His best friend was Mr White, a triceratops. “What’s that minuscule red spot in the sky?” said Dippy .“Go see,”said Dippy’s mam. So Dippy and Mr White climbed the tallest mountain to see what it was. They reached the top. They all gasped – it wasn’t a spot it was an asteroid, they ran home. It was stormy and the rain was washing all the tree sap down into their home.  ”It’s so sticky!”said his mam.

The Flood by Kayleigh

In the land of ZigZag had no normal sized humans only minuscule people. One day in ZigZag on the 3/4/2000 it started washing rain and ZigZag was flooded. There is one family that got washed away… The Whites. But only 2 of them went missing. The children. Mr. White the dad panicked. The children were now in the sewers where they found a sticky calendar. “I wonder how this got here” said ms. White. They hoped on and used it as a raft. Mr and Mrs White went looking for their children…But they were never found…

100 w/c by Matthew

One morning I woke up and had bad dreams. I got up out of bed, had breakfast, had a shower and got dressed. I looked at my new calendar and it was the fourteenth of the 9th 1976. I thought to myself I’m gonna talk to Mr White, but he wasn’t there. Then I figured out I had work in 10 minutes. I ran and grabbed my keys. I went to the front garden but my car was minuscule. Then I stepped in dog poo, my shoe was sticky, so I put them in the washing machine.

2800 by Nathan

The year is 2800 the world is a mess. People are hoping that they will make it to they end of the calendar year. Why you ask, because in the year 2801 Mike Hughes is going to send everyone to a different planet. People will no longer going be in a sticky situation. Everyone can get some new white clothes with the minuscule amount of money that they have. But will the world survive till then that is the question.

‘Devin!’ ‘

Yes mam.’

‘Are you still writing about the future.’

‘Yes Mam.’

‘Come down here now and do the washing.’

A Second by Rose

A rainy day. I looked out my window, watching the minuscule raindrops fall from the sky. It felt like looking at the rain could wash your troubles and worries. I rested my head against the side, letting my hands fall on the slightly sticky windowsill. My room was a mess, clothes everywhere and different drawings swinging on the wall. My worn calendar swung on the wall. It looked like I circled a date on it. I went over to look at it more closely.

“32 of December”

Huh. Must have been a mistake. I went back to watching the rain until I fell asleep.

I saw black. A pitch black void, well not completely dark. A really blinding white light. I walked up to it.

It made a sound, I couldn’t really describe it, but it sounded like evil or darkness seeping out of it, but it was so hypnotizing you couldn’t look away. But before I could touch it, it disappeared. It disappeared so suddenly I was left in the dark in a second.

The Magic Dice by Luke

When I woke up this morning I looked to the calendar it was the 21st of August. Which meant it was the day I roll the white dice. If I roll a one or two I live in the trees. If I roll three or four I live in the middle class. If I roll a five I get to the rich class but a minuscule amount of people get there though. If I roll a six I get to live with the president of Sticky City, no one has. It is my turn to roll. I got a six, I never will be washing my clothes again…

The Honey Monsters by Kyle

Oh no. It was bad. Very bad. Mr. White was about to start washing out the honey bottle so that he could recycle it. Fred, my fellow honey monster, glanced over at me. We knew what we had to do. As minuscule as we were, we had some extraordinary powers. We would have to turn super-sticky. This meant that we would stick to the bottle, so we wouldn’t get washed out. But today, something was different. Our powers didn’t work. I looked at the calendar. My eyes widened with fear. It was the 18th of July. The one-day honey monster’s powers didn’t work. As Mr. White turned on the tap, we accepted our fate…..

Missing – Chapter 2 by Emma

The Washing machine was making loud sounds . Ben’s mam shouts “Ben wake up!” There was no answer.

Did he even come home? I don’t know! Ben’s Mam went into his room she pulls off the covers on his bed there is no one there. She screams . He didn’t come home last night.  She calls the police and tells them them that he’s missing.

Ben’s friends call to the house and were asked, ”did you see him go home last night?”

“Yeah,”said Ava, ”but he went down the hill really fast.”

His mam was very tense. ” He’s missing, the police came to tell me that they found his bike with some sticky white minuscule goo on it and a calendar with a bird on it.”

The Little Girl by Katie

There was a girl named Emily. She went to knock for her friend. Her friend said “hello”. Her friend is named Willow. Emily asked “do you want to go to the shops”? “Yes” she said. Then they went. Emily got a lollipop and Willow got chocolate. Emily said that the lollipop was minuscule when she was eating her hands were all sticky. Then they went to Emily’s house. Willow said “hello” to Mrs. White she said “hello back”. They went up and it was lashing rain it was washing everything away. Emily looked at her calendar it was the 10th of the 9 2011.