100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a terrible day in Tralee, Co. Kerry. There was a hurricane. Dad was driving home from work at Kerry Gold (Butter Factory). As he drove by a power cable it fell on to his car (Porsche). He was hit and the power went out. The family was scared stiff. Alex was screaming with fright. The house went cold suddenly, darkness enveloped the room, “Where is Dad?” yelled Morgan. He was in hospital in a coma. The car was destroyed. Morgan was horrified that the car was ruined. The cause of the accident was wet roads. Alex was glad Dad was ok. A horrible day for the family.

100 w/c by Rose

I sprinted down the corner down my street, or it was my street. It was just dawn and there was a broken phone still playing the news from yesterday.

EveryonE LoCk yoUr windOwS AnD do0rS, sTaY ins1dE yOuR hoUseS! A DeAdLy anD ConTagiOuS virUs hAs br0kEn oUt, pleasE RemA1n Ca1M…”.

They were so late! I ran to my house, I needed 1 more ingredient to finally have the antidote. My mom works at the lab where the virus was found out and she made the antidote. But.. she didn’t make it. I was confronted by so many dead corpses. Some were rotting. I ran inside and the minute I came inside, darkness enveloped the room. I looked around and saw more corpses. And the were lying around the final ingredient.

The Robber by Nathan

Here is Newtown we have a robber on the loose we think that he is also the killer of Johan Mike talking about Johan we found out his last words were ‘Friends are like chocolate cake I don’t have chocolate cake’. Rubbish Alex spoke angry. What was that!!!… suddenly Alex was confronted by a huge skinny man in a baggy black tracksuit. AAAAAAA Alex shouted Alex darted to his room and call 911 123 Newtown rode the a robber in he house!! calm down sir what does he/she look like I don’t know. Suddenly darkness enveloped the room. Burraaaa another victim down.

Flood by Mya

In school a class we’re doing averages and multiples. The teacher was doing his normal slumber. He woke up from a loud announcement saying THERE’S A MASSIVE FLOOD …Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room… everyone went pale. The teacher shouted ‘CALM DOWN.’ One of his student said sarcastically ‘oh ye calm down there’s a massive flood but we should calm down’.

They were stuck in the classroom. When it was dawn and everyone was famished. They made a plan so everyone could get out. The plan was there were 3 similar doors and they knew one of them was safe. The teacher opened a door but it was the wrong one the students dawdled away from the door but they didn’t make it.

Boring by Matthew

Once upon a time my brother and I were stuck in the house because of the weather. It was such a rainy day. There was a storm called Smiley Gace. My head was so sore because of the weather. I was on video games all day. I had a feeling that the power was going to go out. Suddenly, it was eight o’ clock. I went in to my brother and said “what time do I have to go to bed at?” My brother said “in two hours at ten o’clock.” Awwwh! I said. 2 hours later it was ten. I got in bed then the door closed, suddenly darkness enveloped the room. I was so scared.

Murder Yacht by Luke

This is the story on how I nearly died. “Hi everyone”, said the billionaire. “Let’s go below deck so I can sign the papers,” he said. We got down to the dining area for the company signing-over but then darkness enveloped the room and there was a loud gunshot. The lights then came back on and the billionaire’s son was dead. I said I wouldn’t mind finding who did it in the morning. In the morning there was a scream when I got there the actor had a knife in her back she said she didn’t see who did it. I had a theory on who did it…

Would you Dare Part II by Kyle

As he stepped into the dimly lit hall, Tom noticed the goosebumps that were covering his arms and legs. It must be about -10 degrees in here; it was absolutely freezing. He entered the sitting room at a snail’s pace. It was extremely eerie. He had a look around. There were ripped couches in corners, broken glass tables strung across everywhere and books with pages ripped out littered the room. There must have been chaos in here. Suddenly, when he was having a look at the blinds, they slammed shut. After a second or two, darkness enveloped the room and Tom could not see a thing. It frightened the wits out of Tom. Was it a ghost? Was it a spirit? Even Tom didn’t know!

The Break In by Kayleigh

I was telling my mam about the movie I was watching when she got a call that she had to do a nightshift. I told her I`d be alright on my own. She left and I went up to my room to continue my film…Until I heard the window downstairs break. I went to check and then I heard footsteps so I ran back up to my room. I forgot to close the door. I saw his feet walking towards my dog. He picked her up and left the house. Suddenly darkness enveloped the room. He had turned my power off. An hour later my mam came back and I told her everything.

The Power Cut by Katie

It was Megan’s birthday and she wanted to have a sleepover with her friend Tilly. They were really excited to have a sleepover have sweets and watch a movie. When Tilly came over they screamed the house down. They got all their blankets and pillows both of them curled up and got comfortable. Megan put on a movie Tilly said “do you hear that?” Megan said “yes I do”. They both looked out the window it was a big storm. The lights started flickering they shivered suddenly, darkness enveloped the room Megan and Tilly ran so fast into a compact corner.

100 w/c by Jasmin

“The wind and rain will be howling tonight” “do not travel anywh-” dad turned off the tv. He opened the curtains and was shocked by the weather “it’s raining cats and dogs out there” dad complained. Dad left to go to the shop. I was sitting by the window watching the rain and listening to the thunder.

BANG! BANG! someone was banging on the door, “I know dad has the key so it couldn’t be him.” I thought to myself, suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. I heard the door creep open “honey I’m home” when the lights turned on I saw a drenched man. It was dad.

Missing, Chapter 1: by Emma

This starts in 1986, 7 o’clock at night. Ava, Ben, Harley and I, played some music off a Cassette tape that Ava’s Brother made. It was Jamming.  An hour later my mom came down to us. She said you guys have to go home now.

But mom!

No buts!

Ok fine.

Harley got a lift home, Ava and Ben cycled home. Ava “who ever gets to my house first, gets any comic book they want,” “deal,” Ben said as he goes speeding down the driveway he went out of control, flashed in the woods and screamed and ran home but a finger followed him. He went home no one suddenly ,darkness enveloped the room he screamed.

The Pit by Eden

I was in the empty room lit by only a single candle. I walked around and then suddenly, darkness enveloped the room so I couldn’t see anything. The floor started disappearing so I ran to the huge door but it was locked. I looked down the pit and I only saw darkness. Suddenly, where I was standing disappeared and I fell. It seemed years before I saw the bottom. I thought I would really hurt myself but just when I was about to touch the bottom, I woke up. It took a minute but I then realised it was just a dream.

The Abandoned Airport by Daniels

One day Tim and I went to the abandoned airport. We went inside the old looking terminal. There was still some old baggage on the ground but there was no electricity in the airport because it had bbeen abandoned for  over 30 years. We went into an room that was lit up, suddenly darkness enveloped the room and something fell from the shelf and landed on Tim’s hand! ‘Ouch!’ said Tim.

‘Are you ok?’

‘Yes,’ said Tim, ‘let’s see the abandoned aircraft.’

‘Ok!’ said Tom.

When they were going to the aircraft there were lots of old shops and Tim heard a noise and ran away.

‘Where did you go?’ sad Josh.

‘Let’s go, it is not safe here let’s go ok?’

VR Horror by Daniel

Sam was in his room and thought of playing Jurassic world VR. When he loaded in the game, he was in a dark room and he heared something roaring. He walked around and then something ran past him. Suddenly a Raptor jumped behind him and he had to run. Quickly he hid under a table as the Raptor looked around. Sam looked around and suddenly, darkness enveloped the room as the Raptor’s eyes turned red. Just when the Raptor found him a Triceratops broke the wall and scared the Raptor off. He walked outside and saw a boat. He jumped on the boat and sailed off.

The Envelope by Callum

Fred, Joe and I went on Fred’s laptop and ordered a mystery envelope from the Dark Web. The envelope came explosively fast like it was shot out of a cannon. There was a weird sound at the door. We crept down the stairs and saw something on the floor it was an envelope we picked it up and crept back upstairs. We sat on Fred’s bed and suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. It went pitch black for a few moments. We were freaking out and panicking the darkness cleared out the room. We opened the envelope and we were PETRIFIED.

To be continued…

A Day in the Life of A Spider by Ben

Bing was on a mission to survive in the Johnson family’s house without being caught . The rest of Bing’s family had failed miserably and had no chance of not being ratted out. Bing was the last spider of his spider family still living in the house so the pressure was all on him. It was time, he set off out of the tiny hole in the doorway of the living room. He heard foot steps coming from the kitchen so he had to run up to the ceiling ‘AHHHHHHHHHHH!’ A little girl had seen poor Bing. Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room, he had united with his family, in heaven.

The Nightshift by Ashton

One day there was a new night gaurd called Willam at Freddy’s movie theater. He was there 4 days a week. But this week was different. When he started his shift at 12, someone was at the windows. This was the first time Willam experience this. He stayed calm got the truncheon. Then suddenly darkness enveloped the room… They took the power out. Willam called the police and went out to them. There were about 8 people trying to break in. William went to them and said ‘get on your knees’. They declined and William hit some and then they surrendered but…

Stuck in the Woods by Amy

One day as my friends and I went to the woods. We found an abandoned cottage.

‘Should we sneak in?’ Ask my friend Holly

‘I don’t know what if someone comes?’ Said my friend Lorena.

’It’s abandoned nobody will come’ said Holly.

’She has a point’ I said. We snuck in and all of a sudden someone slammed the door shut behind us we didn’t know who. 5 hours later it was night and suddenly darkness enveloped the room as we watched the sun set. We fell asleep and when we woke up the door was opened again. We ran home.

The Monster by Alfie

Guy woke up in the middle of the night because he was famished. So he put on his huge blue slippers and he dawdled down the stairs into the kitchen. He saw something move in his presses and when he opened it something ran out swiftly. The thing propelled itself up the stairs and left an absurd and terrible pong. Guy slowly crept up the stairs and peeked in his room,it was vacant, as he walked in the the door slammed behind him and darkness enveloped the room. He saw it, the monster, it looked ferocious, its eyes ablaze. Then it jumped at him.

Light Killer by Aaron

Like the couch potato I am, I was playing Ps5. I had been playing for five hours now and just when I was about to go get food, the power went out…suddenly, darkness enveloped the room… I was terrified. At first I thought it was the town killer. Light Killer!. What he does is he would put out the power and shoot you 5 times. I went up to the attic to hide but when I looked out the window Light Killer shot me 5 times. At least it was a celebration, I was his 100th victim. Suspicious, did he wait for me to be the 100th victim?