Moving by Eden

 I was very nervous because it was the first time I ever got a new house. My parents hadn’t told me about it until 2 weeks before the move, when it was too late to see it. When we had arrived I finally saw the house. It had a rusty, metal gate and fence out front. The garden was very overgrown. 

My parents had already told me the address. It was 29 Westwood Lawn. On the inside it was a bit of an improvement, since it was quite big and spacious. I really couldn’t believe that we had moved. 

100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a typical old day for Mr. Tiger he got up to go to work at the Hunt The Deer Factory. He slammed the number 29 gate. Ms. Leopard saved him good bye. Mr. Tiger was listening to the radio in his GTR when the weather came on. The lady said there was a massive storm due to come that evening. After work, he phoned Ms. Leopard and told her to go to the shop and get loads of food for the family. When he got home it was too late Ms. Leopard was still at the shop and the gate was gone…

100 w/c Rose

I lived in the most cheerful neighborhood anybody ever knew. I knew most of the people here and there was always a smell of baked goods in the air. Coloured flowers everywhere but my favourite time is when it’s night, I loved the night because there was no one outside, I was also able to relax outside the house without people talking to me.They are nice and all, but I like silence the most. I walked around the neighborhood and saw this house. Weird, this was never here before. I saw the number template.


Robber by Rorí

I walked up the street when I saw a criminal run into a garden. I chased after him.

Number twenty nine looked like a old house but I ran in and caught him. I hand him to the police and he got arrested but then later on I was on the news. I was so happy I thought I was famous. The next day I went to number twenty nine and set up microphones and all that stuff. For interviews the person that owned the house came out and said, ‘thank you for saving me.’ She gave me a cash reward.

Treasure House by Nathan

When Holly was walking to school her ex bff who betrayed her barged past her. She let out a laugh. Holly saw house 29. It had a ‘do not enter’ sign on it. It’s looked like a terrible wreckage. Holly dawdled in the house looking suspicious. The door shut behind her. Holly saw multiple doors and similar selection of doors. There was a vile smell and the smell made Holly famished. She picked a door but when she went in and a voice said ‘you won now retrieve your treasure’. The treasure looked realistic. She picked the treasure up and became rich. She has a new routine now every week she goes to get more treasure. Will she get caught?

100 w/c by Matthew

Once upon a time my friend Jeff and I were going to the Netherlands. We were excited, “we have been planning this for two years,” said Jeff. We were going in a jet, that cost €4,500,000.”That’s a lot,” said Jeff” I know,” I said. But we have been saving for two whole years. ”True,” said Jeff, ”let’s just not think about that, let’s look forward to going on the vacation”. Two weeks later. We woke up at 8:00, the jet was coming at 9:00. When we got there the number was twenty nine with a red gate and loads of bushes behind the gate.

New House by Luke

We are moving house, my sister doesn’t want to because she won’t see her boyfriend. Her and my parents had a debate on why they shouldn’t move to the new house. When we got there it was so bad there was a bin tipped over and paint flaking off the wall. We got a good house in the estate. Some houses were very small some had no garden, one house literally looked like it was on fire! The inside was not bad. We all got our own room and our dad had an office for his job. The move wasn’t too bad.

Would you Dare? by Kyle

‘I’m so bored!’, moaned Tom. ‘I’m going home. See you tomorrow.’ ‘You’re bored?’, questioned Rocco. ‘I have something for you to do, since you think you’re a bit of a daredevil!’ ‘What is it?’, asked Tom in a sulky voice. ‘Why don’t you go into number 29?’, said Rocco, grinning. Tom had a good think about it. It might be dangerous. Nobody dared to go in there. ‘Well, I suppose, why wouldn’t I?’ Rocco gave him a pat on the back. ‘Off you go then. I’ll come behind you and wait outside. Go as far as the kitchen and then come back.’ ‘OK, in I go!’, announced Tom. And in he went. What would lie in store for him in number 29?

The Trip to Granny’s by Katie

Today Ellie was going for a trip to her granny’s so she was really exited. She hasn’t seen her granny in months Ellie’s granny lives quite far away. So she packed her bags then headed to the car she brought a load of snacks. Ellie was reading her favourite book and it said “if you see the number 29 there are witches nearby.” She thought that was so silly but she forgot about it and headed on reading her book. When she arrived at her granny’s house it had the number 29 as the address and a rusty gate and a load of leaves but she thought it was just a coincidence.

100 w/c by Jasmin

Number 29, known as the most loved home in all of Greensville. Everybody admired this once beautiful home, people always described the home as having an enchanting garden filled with many flowers such as roses, tulips and a perfect looking lawn. Until one day people started to notice that the lawn hadn’t been mowed and that the flowers were slowly withering. Even the dazzling lemon coloured fence and gates had been rotting away. To this day no one knows what has happened to number 29, we hope one day to find out what happened to the once truly loved home.

The Rusty Gate by Donnchadh

It was a dull and stormy day I was looking out my window and saw a rusty gate that had the number twenty nine on it. I was wondering to myself who put that gate down and when it was put down. I saw two dogs they just live right next to me they were out for a sniff and they walked up to the gate and howled just like the wolf pack that I was studying a month ago. I wonder what that wolf pack is doing right now. The dogs went back into their homes and it was silent.

A Day in the Park by Daniels

One day Tom and I went to the park. When we went in the park there was a big fence with a number 29 on it. We went to the tea house in the park and we drank some tea. Later we went to the car and we went to the shopping market. Tom got a plane from the sports shop. I got an Adidas shirt and an Adidas pants. We went home the next day we went and cut the grass Tom planted some tulips in the garden. One hour later it was getting dark and we went inside and watched a movie.

The Old House by Daniel

Dan and Tom were walking home from school. Tom looks over at the old house and asks Dan if he wants to check it out. So they run past the park and to the house. When they get there they see how a bit of the gate fell of and how bushes grew around the house. The rusty gate had the number 29 on it. “No one lives there” says a grumpy man walking by. Suddenly the other bit of the gate falls of whitch makes Dan and Tom jump. Later they ran home and did there home work and had dinner.

28 Cheese St by Ben

Today Johnny was doing the scariest thing he has done in his life, go inside 28 Cheese Street, the abounded apartment. Johnny had been wanting to do this for ages but never had faith in himself. Johnny brought a knife with him in case of enemies nearby. Johnny knew that this wasn’t going to be an easy task but he did it anyway. Johnny stood in front of the spooky apartment. ‘I guess it’s now or never.’ he thought. He climbed silently through the half broken, shattered window. As soon as he crept in he heard an old man’s voice, turned out someone lives there. Will Jonny escape without being noticed?

A Long Time part I By Ashton

One day there were two boys called Jack and Jacob and they were astronauts. They went to the moon and they were going to a new planet. They were so excited when they got there. There was a house  and they were confused as the all had 29 as the number. They needed to find out what lived there and why 29 was everywhere. After looking around Jack saw a shop and he went in to see what they eat and saw an alien, he was scared. But that alien wanted help. Jack said yes if he told him what 29 means. The alien said….

The Fence by Amy

There is a fence outside my house and half of it was missing and there was no gate. I always wondered why there was half of it missing and no gate. So people were always coming into my garden and it was very annoying but I didnt know how to get a new one. I always thought it broke off because it was very old. I didnt know what else to do with it so I just took the whole thing off and got a new one and I got a lock for it. Now nobody comes into my garden.

The House by Alfie

On one street called Flakevile Avenue there was a mysterious house that seemed to be abandoned. It was overgrown the windows were boarded up with big metal sheets that were at one stage silver but over time their colour faded it turned an orangey brown. Adam had to explore the house because he had seen a couple of cats and dogs who wandered past the old rusty gate and go into the house. ‘But why? ‘ thought Adam. He dawdled across the front garden. Lavender was growing, Adam loathed it he thought it was vile, he walked in, then the door slammed behind him. He was locked in.