100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a warm spring morning when Jack and Ella walked their dog down the main street of Dogtown. Their dog Leo had started to get tired about one hour into the walk. They had gone by the beach and loads of other landmarks in the town. Ella had to run into Dunnes to get some Brennan’s bread and some Avonmore milk. When she went in a cat appeared outside the shop. Jack was holding Leo when then cat bit Leo’s tongue. Then it let out a pitiful howl (the cat) as Jack shouted at him. Leo’s tongue was bleeding but he was ok.

100 w/c by Rose

” I actually can’t believe this! They really left me here didn’t they!” I thought as I pushed myself past the green leaves of the very thick woods. I was supposed to go camping with my parents but that obviously was their real intention. I noticed that it was getting dark and the little woodland creatures were starting to make noises. I soon found a clearing and made a small but strong teepee. I then needed to find a some food for myself, so I went a little deeper into the woods but making sure I knew the way back. I was picking some ripe looking berries when I heard a pitiful howl. I looked around and saw a little boy. With scratches and cuts and a hungry looking face.

Big Wolf by Rorí

”OK Jerry you take the right. Tom you take the left. And I’ll take the middle.”

Padoom! Padoom!

”I hear it to the left c’mon hurry up”. As they ran they they saw some footprints that were the size of a human head. Now they were all scared they were very cautious about where they went. ”I see it” shouted Jerry. ”Where shouted tom”. ”Over to the right”. They ran and ran. Until they saw it. It was a massive wolf it was about 10 metres tall and 17 metres long. They shot it in the head as it let out a pitiful howl.

The Woods by Nathan

It’s 1997 and a kid was left in the woods to die, but miraculously the wolves saved him/her from a brown bear. The wolves became his/her family. He/she looks like a wolf so much that you can’t tell if she/he is a girl/boy…

Present day. The building is full of scientists saying that they found undiscovered woods with a lost man so let’s go to it. Ok so they went. OVER THERE!!! Hit him with a dart. Nooooooo as it let out a pitiful how, then all of his family got caught. But luckily he got away but scientists didn’t give up.

Giant Wolf by Mya

One morning a giant woke up as a wolf but he was the same size. He went down stairs and his family thought he was so cute especially his little sister. He went to school and everybody called him. He howled and the bully said to his friend’s awwwww as it let out a pitiful howl. He growled and bit them. He got expelled and started to cry. He dawdled home. He scratched at the door but no one answered. So he dawdled away and his neighbour Ally picked him up and and hugged him. He became happy. He lived his life with Ally and never changed back to a normal giant.

The Idea by Matthew

Once upon a time, my brother and I were so bored, my brother thought of an idea. “Let’s go on a walk said my brother”. Ten minutes later, we were all ready, jackets on, lead on the dog and we were ready to go. Suddenly, Jack the dog, made a whelping noise because he heard a cat as it let out a pitiful howl. We carried on our walk and it was a good walk, we went to the woods and the beach. “I said how long were we out for”? My brother said four hours an a half hours. “Wow said I”. It was a great day.

Wolf Hunter by Luke

They were heading through the dangerous forests of Peru looking for the alleged Green Wolf Pack. Meanwhile, the Green Wolf Pack was hunting their pre, The White Moon Owl. Then they all ran as they heard a loud sound. They saw a giant truck barging through the forest. They ran as fast as they could away, but one of them got shot! Then another, as it let out a pitiful howl. The rest ran and escaped to the river where their cave was. The hunters stopped. The wolves came out. The hunters were shocked at how they got attacked.

A Dramatic Story by Kyle

‘This will be so much fun!’, exclaimed Niall and Leon in unison. When they got to the forest, Leon saw a tree that looked extremely interesting, so he went over to have a look. When Niall looked away for a minute, Leon quickly jumped behind a huge tree and let out a howl just like a wolf. Niall was terrified. Leon came back out from behind the tree. ‘What’s the matter?’, Leon asked Niall casually. Niall made up a crazy story. ‘I heard a wolf, and as it let out a pitiful howl, there was a big bang as it fell to the ground! Then it ran away!’ ‘That’s a bit dramatic’, said Leon. ‘It was me!’ Niall wasn’t happy!

Wolf Baby by Kayleigh

As I was walking through the forest on my way home, I heard a pack of wolves. I tried running until I tripped over a tree root. I fell again and again and then a wolf stood right there…right in front of me. It started leading me somewhere. I followed it, panting. It lead me to its ill mam wolf. I tried giving the mam wolf some water but she was too ill to move. It was getting dark so I went home. The next day the mam wolf had died. I looked at the baby as it let out a pitiful howl. I picked it up and brought it home. It was a boy. Poor baby boy.


*mam =mom

The Vet by Katie

Once there was a wolf named Blizzard. She was running through the woods with other wolves. While she was running she was jumping over sticks and rocks but then her paw went side ways and she fell. She let out a pitiful howl when it happened. She kept howling till someone came. Two people came who were having a nice walk in the woods and heard a wolf howling. They followed the sound and saw Blizzard and she said “Aww! Are you ok little one?  My name is Tilly and I am a vet”. Tilly took good care of her and Blizzard was happy again.

100 w/c by Jasmin

Miranda was lost, she did not know where she was at all. All the knew was that she was in a big forest with lots and lots of trees and odd animal noises like wolves, owls and even dogs!

Miranda was wondering around looking for a way out when suddenly she thought she heard a noise behind her, she ignored it. But then she heard another noise and looked back to see what it was… There it was, a wolf! It let out a pitiful howl. To this day we don’t know what happened to Miranda…

100 w/c by Eden

‘It’s close,’ I said quietly. My pet wolf, Rex, growled in agreement. Then from behind a rock, we saw it. It was a 10 foot tall giant but only it had the head of a lion (Definitely not a copy of the Minotaur). So with my sword in hand I got ready. It seemed like it sensed we were there because he swung his club at our hiding spot, making the rock crumble. I swung my sword at him and it fell as it let out a pitiful howl. 

Then it stood up and charged at both of us. But I was faster and swung at him again, this time killing him.

In the Forest by Donnchadh

It was a snowy and cold night in the forest. All of the animals were asleep, apart from all the wolves. The wolves were teaching their pups to howl. It was hard for them but they got use to it. There was one part of the forest where it was a wonder place to howl, so the wolves decided to go there to howl. On the way to the howling ground one pup got separated from the pack. When a wolf gets lost from the pack they howl. That’s how they communicate to each other the pack let out a pitiful howl.

The Day in the Park by Daniels

One day Josh and I went to the park. We saw lots of nice flowers and birds. A couple minutes later Josh fell and as he was falling he let out a big loud noise. A little cat came over and started to go around Josh. He jumped into his ear as it let out a pitiful howl then he fell back down and broke his leg. We got to the hospital and we stayed there for a week . After Josh got out of the hospital he couldn’t go anywhere because he needed help from me and my brother Henry.

The Hunt for Benny by Daniel

Yesterday Benny was watching the news. The news reporter said something about Bigfoot and whoever caught it got 1,000 dollars. So Benny bought a tranquilizer gun and went to the forest.

Later he was standing on a rock when he heard something coming. It was a deer. Just when Benny gave up he heard a roar and he ran in that direction. Then he saw it and shot at it. Suddenly it turned around slapping Benny away as it let out a pitiful howl. The tranquilizer darts did nothing to it. Benny got up and ran away so he wouldn’t get eaten.

The Shape-Shifter by Callum

The chase was on man versuss man as they thought. The hairy looking man had just robbed the huge mansion. He shouted “hahaha,you’ll never catch me,” in an evil voice. This was it he thought he would be rich at last. As he was running fearlessly through the woods he heard sirens. He quickly shape- shifted into a kangaroo so he could put his stuff in his pouch. As he got deeper into the forest he could hear running behind him he saw wolves so he slowed down. As it let out a pitfall howl one of the wolves sprained its ankle. ”Yes,” he said. He got away.

The Pet Hospital by Ben

My cat and I were having lots of fun playing in the living room with all of the cat toys. When I threw the ball under the couch, just about when it was going under my cat ran straight into the couch. At first I thought it was funny but as it let a pitiful howl I knew that we had to go to the pet hospital. I rushed to the car with my cat to get an appointment at the hospital. “She will need a cast on her head for two weeks.” muttered the doctor. “Meowww” squeaked my cat. After that my cat never played with me again.

100 w/c Amy

One day I brought my dog on a walk. And then we came across a hill and my dog was not on his lead. We went down the hill but my dog ran down it and then he fell down it. And I ran down the hill to check on him as it let out a pitiful howl. He looked hurt so I brang him to the vet. The vet said he sprained his leg so he had to just sit at home for a week. After a week I brought him back to the vet. The vet said he was fine again then I brought him on a walk.

The Monster Hunter by Alfie

There’s a old myth about a mysterious man who hunted monsters. He lived in a small shack. He hunted many monsters tall ones small ones slippy ones slimey ones slow ones fast ones the list just goes on and on. One day a man ran into his shack and said ‘a big furry monster just attacked my village’ the hunter grabbed all his stuff and set off. He finally made it there it was the moster he pulled out his bow and shot it in the back it let out a pitiful howl then it fell to the ground dead.

Emergency Landing by Aaron

” This is the last call for the flight to Brisbane,” announced the man behind the intercom. Luckily everyone got on the flight. Some people including Seán saw that there had been a package fully covered put into the cargo. Maybe it was just somebody’s cat or dog that was left behind. Seán was very suspicious of this but he just forgot about it. 3 hours had gone by and suddenly the plane had to land in the water because a strange noise had been heard in the cargo. Everyone was evacuated as it let out a pitiful howl. Seán was in horror as the plane went ablaze.

100 w/c Nathan

Jack was at his friend’s Joe’s house. But Jack didn’t find it the same for some reason.

‘Joe your door is not the same’.

‘Yeah I painted the door purple like my violin’.

‘You play the violin?’

‘Yes I do, what’s you favourite song?’

‘Happy by Pharrel Williams.’


‘Thanks now lets go to my room’

‘Ok! what’s that on the wall Joe?’

‘That’s an elephant painting I got from the shop for 20 Euro, it’s very cool isn’t it?’

‘It is, I rate it 9/10 , I don’t like the background’.

‘Oh ok’.

‘It’s still very nice’.

‘Now lets play fifa.’

100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a beautiful warm summers day in Animal Town just North of Maths Town. Mr Elephant and his wife Ms Zebra were going to the shop to buy some musical instruments for their band. As they got to the shop they noticed that someone had spray painted shutters in purple. Odd thought Mr Elephant. They wanted to buy a violin for Mr Lion. They bought the violin for €500. It turned out to work. They sold out for the next show the band were so happy. They even got a new member Mr and Ms Tiger.

100 w/c by Rorí

STOMP,STOMP,STOMP,as the elephant went through the town. Everyone was clapping for him. The owner was very poorly dressed up in a yellow suit with a little violin on his side. When he made it out of the town everyone was sad so they created their own elephant,they got a horse and painted it purple. It wasn’t really the same but it made them happy. After a while the horse got tired and went to the stable. That night the horse counted elephants to help him sleep and had a dream that he was really a elephant.

The Mad Man with Powers by Kyle

There once was a man with an extraordinary imagination. His name was Mr. Violin. Mr. Violin was no ordinary man. He was obsessed with the colour purple. Animals were also a large part of his life, especially an elephant that he kept in his back garden for some reason. Every night he would dream of bizarre things, like a painted pig jumping over Mars and back to Earth. There is a twist to Mr. Violin’s life though. He has the power to make everyone happy for their whole life. His dream one Saturday night was that he used his power on the whole wide world. So, he thought, why not try it in real life??

Planet Violin by Eden

Mr Purple, the purple elephant strolled down the quiet street. Mr Purple doesn’t live on planet Earth. Instead he lives on a planet very far away, known as planet violin. Things were very different on his planet. Like the way that there is no gravity and animals live just like humans, except that there are no humans on the entire planet. When Mr Purple got back to his house his friend, Mr Happy, had painted it for him. It was quite expensive but because they were friends he gave him a discount. And together they shared a glass of Fizzle Freeze, a fizzy drink only found on Planet Violin. 

The Bracelet by Kayleigh

…it’s gone… My special purple bracelet was gone. My purple bracelet was special because it gave me powers. Transforming power that transforms me into animals such as a giraffe an elephant and a penguin. But now my powers are.. well gone. I just decided to forget about it and continue to enjoy my day. When I got home I went to my room. My mam had painted my room purple. It made me think of my bracelet and now I was happy. I went to bed early that night. The next day in school ms.violin our principal announced that she found my bracelet. I ran to the office and picked it up.

The Zoo by Callum

Finally the zoo was back open. “Hooray shouted Fred”. We were at the front gates ready to give in our tickets. There was an announcement saying “there will be a violin show at the elephants house at 2.30. We dawdled our way on the purple foot path. When we got there we got our seat and watched the show happily. The violin was beautiful and the elephants looked like they had a great time. We went to the reptile house and it was closed due to painting. We made our way back to the car it was a great day.

Mister Elephant by Ben

Mister Elephant had just had the best night of sleep and was really happy to start the day. “Hmmmmm what should I wear today, oh I know, I should wear my bright purple suit!” Soon after Mister Elephant got dressed he got an email from an orchestra stating: ‘Hello Mr. Elephant we are recruiting people who are very good at the violin and we were thinking you would be the one. Do you want to proceed?’ Mister Elephant was astonished at what he had just seen “Of course I will” Thought Mr. E. So Mister Elephant brought his golden painted violin to the orchestra and played his absolute best and they loved him.

The Weirdest Safari by Aaron

It came to the day of our safari tour. When I say our I mean, my mam, dad and myself. I’m an only child. When we arrived to the place where we were getting our safari truck, I was shocked there was a beautiful Lamborghini painted purple { I love Lamborghini’s}. Soon enough we were on the safari. The first animals we saw were some cute lion cubs dawdle across the road. Then the big, vile lion parents came after them. Eventually we got to the main attraction. The elephant. Beside the elephant was a man playing sweet harmonies on a violin to make him happy!!

100 w/c by Jasmin

“Auntie has fallen off her chair!” Mum yelled. Next thing you know she was in the hospital for more than a month! She was happily sitting on her chair playing her violin and now she’s sick in hospital with severe injuries. We went to visit her on a windy Saturday afternoon. “Hey aunt how are you feeling?” asked Miko .”I’m feeling a lot better today,” aunt Sandy replied. I could just see the relief in mum’s face. I really liked the hospital room design, it had nice purple walls. Also, did I add that mum nearly got us in a car crash coming here! That was all, it had been a good day.