Everyone is Different by Ashton

One day there was a man called Jack, he loved trying new foods. On Tuesday he went to an eating contest. He met lots of people. Jack went up to the marmite counter. Jack saw how bad it was meant to be, but he said to him self, I got this. Jack wanted to prove his family wrong so he ate it on toast and loved it. Everyone around him was shocked. Someone said he pretended. Jack replied ‘no’, he said, ‘I like marmite.’ The man said ‘fine’ and went of in a huff. Everyone was so shocked and Jack was happy.

A Disgusting Combo by Kyle

Alan and Emily, who were brother and sister, were having a discussion about their favourite types of food. ‘I seriously just don’t understand how somebody cannot like chocolate cake’, said Alan. ‘I just don’t understand how people can like it!’, exclaimed Emily. ‘It’s just disgusting.’ Then it was time for the drinks. ‘I mean, it has to be Fanta’, announced Emily. ‘Are you crazy?’, asked Alan, bemused. ‘Coke is absolutely, by a mile, the best without question.’ Next, it was the spreads. ‘Nutella is good but you like marmalade like me, don’t you?’, asked Emily. ‘No’, he said. ‘I like Marmite’. ‘That is revolting’, revealed Emily. ‘I do like Marmite and marmalade mixed together though,’ she said.

100 w/c by Luke

This morning I went to school and there was a new kid and I was asked to show him around and be his friend so I did it. After school I met my friends and the new guy asked could he come. He hasn’t told us his name. We went to the abandoned house and threw Marmite at it. It was lots of fun. Then we gave a jar to the new kid. “No” he said “I like marmite.” Then he went home and the next day we were told that a boy called John said we threw Marmite at a house. The principal told us.

Jason’s Morning Routine by Ben

Jason normally wakes up at around half seven to get up for school but today he was a bit cheeky and woke up at eight o’clock instead. Jason got dressed twice as fast because he knew that if he didn’t he would be in big trouble with his mother. ‘I’M COMING DOWN NOW MAM!’ Jason shouted. After ten minutes Jason was finally down to have his breakfast. ‘Would you like peanut butter on your toast?’ said Mother ‘No’ he said ‘I like marmite.’ Jason was running very late for school so he needed to run like lightning to school and somehow he was just in time for the first lesson.

The Swamp by Alfie

We begin in a small town called Flakeville. In Flakeville lived four children called Bonnie, Bob, Mary and Chester. One day the children were playing football when Wain and Owen came over (Owen and Wain were the bullies) and said ‘ hey losers we dare you to go to the swamp ‘. The children shared a worried look then said ‘we accept.’

The swamp was surrounded by a thick dark forest. They finally made it to the swamp, they were covered in damp leaves. Chester pulled four sandwiches. ‘Butter?’ said Chester. Then a figure appeared from the shadows it was a man. ‘No’ he said ‘I like marmite’.

100 w/c Tadhg

It was summer 2019. Eimhin’s family got an exchange student from Australia. His name was Joshua. He was from Melbourne. The family picked him up at Dublin Airport at 7am on a Sunday. When they got home they had breakfast a fry up (YUM). Joshua had never had a fry. The family were shocked by this. Eimhin’s Mam, Peggí asked Joshua did he want Marmalade (Yuck) on his toast. ‘No’ he said ‘I like Marmite.’ (Disgusting). The family were also shocked at this. They never had Marmite before. Peggí went and bought some in SuperValue. The family thought it was horible. But Joshua was happy.

100 w/c by Mya

On Monday Marionette came down for her breakfast and she wanted toast with Marmite on it. Her mam put Nutella on it but ‘no’ she said ‘I like Marmite.’ Marionette’s mam was mad and shouted ‘go to your room.’  So Marionette went to her room crying. She sneaked out of her window and ran to the playground. She didn’t bring anything with her so she went to Alya her friend’s house. Her friend let her in and she stayed in Alya’s house for the night. On Wednesday she went home and apologised to her mam. Then they got chocolate milk.

100 w/c by Rose

‘There is no turning back now, I just need to get him to spread the jam onto the toast.’ I quickly left the house through the window and leaned a listening device on top of the windowsill. I went back into a bush where I could still peek and my ear buds in my ears securely so I can hear everything. My victim took out the Jam and… Marmite?! Ew gross! No one is going to eat that. I tried to watch but loads of insects were around me. I tried to stay as calm as I could, until I heard a grasshopper and that was it for me. I passed out.

”Hey Ella, I made your jam toast!’ Hope it makes up for yesterday!’

”Ok! Thanks Michael. And you’re fine, no worries! Did you make a jam toast for yourself?”

”No, I like Marmite.”

100 w/c by Nathan

Jack was sitting down to have toasted bread with marmite. Jill had toasted bread with jam.

‘Yum I love jam do you Jack?’

‘No,’ he said ‘I like marmite’.

‘OK you weirdo.’

‘THAT IS NOT WEIRD’!!!!!!!!!

‘Ok ok it’s just a bit weird.’


‘Fine it not weird at all’.

‘Jack have you seen ma?’.

‘No I have not.’

‘I’ll look upstairs’.

‘She’s not in the bathroom not in my room not in your room not in her room’.

‘Where is ma Jil?’

‘I don’t know she’s not in the siting room or kitchen.

‘Jack I see her in out the back’.

My Aussie Holiday by Aaron

I have finally arrived in Australia for summer holidays. I have been waiting the whole school year for this. When we left the airport we got a taxi to our cousin’s house. When we got there my cousin asked if my brother wanted a marmite sandwich, I said “sure”. “You’re having a butter chicken sandwich”?. “No” he said”,” I like marmite”. This was a surprise to my auntie because marmite is mostly eaten in Australia and not in Ireland. . After our sandwiches we went and played on my cousins trampoline and had a lot of fun, this was definitely the best holiday ever.

100 w/c by Matthew

Once upon a time my brother and I, were going to go to a famous restaurant in Poland, they’re known for their sandwiches. We were going there on Tuesday and it was Thursday. I was so excited so was my brother.

It was the morning that we were going to Poland. I was dying to try the sandwiches. After the flight, we were half an hour away from the restaurant. When we got there there was a big vote, who likes jam or marmite, the man that hosted the vote asked the man in a suit he said marmite but the host heard jam, ‘he said I like marmite.’

Love It or Hate It by Katie

One day Cara asked her mam if they could go to the shops.

Before Cara and her mother went to the shop Cara wanted to talk to her brother Lee she asked “do you like Marmite?” he answered “yes”. Cara shouted to Lee “I AM GOING TO THE SHOPS.” . Mam should we head now? “Yes”. They were on the road listening to their funky music.“Yay” we arrived said Cara as they got out of the car. They headed into the shops Cara saw the Marmite and said ”mom let’s get that”. “But no one likes it”Cara said ”No”, he said, ”I like marmite”. Cara’s mam said ”ok put it in.”

A Nice Day by Daniels

One day Tim was drinking some water and Tom was arguing about why the Irish football team didn’t score any goals. A few minutes later his friend came over to play with him on his PlayStation. His friend asked ‘do you eat marmite? ‘ Tom said, ‘yes I do it is disgusting!’ No’ he said I like marmite! Tim said ‘let’s go outside let’s play some football.’ When they finished football Tom’s friend went home. At 10.46 they watched Netflix they were watching Wonder it is a good move I Recommend it said Tim ok let’s then watch it and the rest of the night they watched the move.

Marmite by Amy

One day a man went to Australia. And he didn’t bring food with him.

So he had to eat Australian food and he needed to try marmite. His friend was with him and when they got there they went to the shop and stocked up on food. When they got home he tried the marmite.

’Do you like it?’ Asked his friend.

’Yes’ he said.

’You don’t like it?’

’No’ he said ‘I like marmite’.

That’s good’ said his friend.

Then his friend tried it.

It’s okay not the best though,’ said his friend.

But it turns out his friend actually did like it.

Marmite by Daniel

Today Mam let Johnny pick what to put on his sandwich from Subway. He was thinking about it for 2 minutes and then said “I’ll have cheese, bacon and Marmite”.

“Marmite!” Said mam surprised, “I thought you didn’t like that”. Then Dad walked into the room and sat down.

“No” he continued, ” I like Marmite”. Later they went to subway and got their sandwiches. “This is really nice!” Said Johnny.  Later they went home and sat down to watch tv. Suddenly Johnny’s cousins came in. “Oh no!” said Johnny ,”not them” and his Mam and Dad laughed.