Frightened by Kyle

I have never experienced a day that was as weird as the one I’m going to tell you about. It was a Halloween night. First of all, a frightening figure that towered above me appeared out of nowhere and screamed behind me which made me jump. When I turned around, I noticed that it was wearing a scary brown mask too. Then, I felt a sharp dig in my back. It was as though somebody had kicked me, but nothing or nobody was around! Just to make my day even scarier, it made me jump on a balloon that was lying around which popped extremely loudly! It definitely wasn’t a great day.

The Terror House by Nathan

It was Jack’s 11th birthday and he was going to The Terror House with Jill. He couldn’t wait because he had never gone there in his whole life. His mam explained to him that he was too young and it was t0o frightening for him. 30 minutes later, mam said “Jack you ready yet?”

”Yes, now lets go!”

Jack and his mam picked up Jill and brought them to The Terror House. ”Go children, play!” mam said. Jack was the first to go.

”Come on Jill,” he said with a  giggle. When they got inside Jack screamed. AHHHH!!!!!!

There was a clown with big brown eyes and a big red balloon.

”Jill,” said Jack,”I think we shouldn’t have gone in here.”

Fearlesss by Luke

I have never seen anything frightening before.  I think that is bad so everyone tries scaring me. One day I kicked a rock across a lake and it flew all the way across , hit someone and they yelled at me, so I ran. Then I saw a balloon in the distance and then it disappeared. Then I got scared. Out came my friend with a balloon and I asked him where did he get it from and he said he got it from a brown bike. That was when I realised that this was an attempt to frighten me.

100 w/c by Rorí

Aela walked down the long brown alley way. She thought it was so frightening. She was kicking her foot. But then all of a sudden she kicked something mysterious. She bolted down the tunnel until she saw daylight. When she got out it started raining. She put her hand up like she would do in school .All of a sudden the rain paused. Aela looked shocked, she thought it was a super power. But then she realized it was the can that she kicked

Tim’s New Bike by Daniels

One day Tim was riding his new brown bike. It looked like a frightening bike thought Tom.

‘How much did you get that bike for?’

‘Only for £200.67.’

‘What that is so cheap,’ said Tom.

‘Yeah, I know that was all of my pocket money.’

Tom became mad. ‘Never spend all of your pocket money. Now we won’t be able to rent out our house any more. The rent costs £300.08 every two months.’

Tom kicked a helium balloon and it floated back into the sky. When they went home they sat in their beds and they were tanking about all that happened today.

100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a dull day in Dublin when Kim had her birthday party in her house. It was lashing rain. It was the type of day you never want a party. There were only 5 people at the party. There were a couple of balloons and some bunting around. One brown balloon that popped and made a frightening noise. Everybody jumped it was so loud that the neighbours heard it and rang the Guards once the Gardaí came they banged on the door. Mum’s father answered the door they were fined for being too loud and everyone at the party was kicked out.