Sunny Day by Tadhg

It was a sunny day in Mathstown, the town of mathematics where every teacher wants to live. Ms Maths was cycling her yellow bike around the town when she saw that there was a sale on calculators. So Ms Maths went in to buy some. As she walked into the shop she met with Mr Irish. While they were talking Mr Geography and Ms History stole her bike. As they made their getaway they both spotted Mr Art the teacher police. So they tied the bike to the electricity pole and ran away. Ms Maths was glad to find her bike after she was told it had been robbed.

A Strange Journey by Eden

Even though I was excited to go to Donegal, the drive from Dublin was so long and boring. But what we did see was a lot of strange things like upside down scarecrows, a house with about 50 different types of gnomes as well as many other strange things. 

We made a game where we made a list of what we thought was the strangest and then put them in order of most strange but we thought the strangest was a bright yellow bike with the front wheel in the air tied to a tree. The things we saw! 

Crazy Girl by Rose

”Huh?!” Leah exclaimed confused, her friend Madeline told her, she and Leah cycled to school and when they went back to where Maddie parked her bike, it was standing upright, tagged to a tree. ”Yup! It’s the best way to leave your bike, isn’t it!” Maddie said proudly, Leah just blinked. Maddie was always a bit weird, but that’s why they’re friends. She took her bike down and Leah got on her bike. They both started cycling but then Maddie rode up in the grass to a nearby forest. ”Come on Leah, it’s this way!” Leah was very confused, she reluctantly left the road and followed the crazy girl.

The Flying Bicycle Part II by Kyle

It broke out of Joshua’s grip and flew away smoothly, high into the air. The four sprinted after it and a couple of times it slowed down and did a few loops just above their heads to tease them. They ran all the way down the hill, turned a corner and kept on running. The bike must have been tired because it flew down and lay against a wooden pole for a second but then it flew away out of sight. They trotted back home feeling very disappointed. Corey suggested that they could play a football match to cheer them up so Cian got his ball. Jack thought that they should try and make their own flying bicycle. So that’s what they did!

The Strange Bike by Daniels

On day Tom and Tim went to the park. When they went into the park there was an old dirty bike on the side of the road, it was yellow. An hour later Tom and Tim had walked all around the park and went home. When they went home they saw the same bike on their doorstep. Tom and Tim were kind of scared for a moment but then took the bike and put it inside the house.

At midnight they heard the door opening and saw a clown was there. They woke up and the clown got them and the last thing that that they heard was the clown laugh….

Very Unusual by Ben

Izzy was going on her daily walk through the countryside when she saw something a little bit strange, a shiny yellow bicycle taped on a wooden post on one wheel. “WHAT IS THAT?” thought Izzy. She stared at it then slowly walked away. When she was walking back from where she started, she looked at where the bicycle was but instead of it being yellow it was red. “OH MY GOODNESS!” shouted Izzy. Maybe someone was tricking her or maybe she just looked at it differently. She went home questioning herself on what happened. “DAD!, DAD!, SOMETHING SCARY HAPPENED ON THE WALK!” Shouted Izzy. “Stop being silly,” said her Dad.

The Tree Monster Part II by Rorí

When Muhammud and I left the woods we saw my bike standing upright and locked against the tree monster’s cousin. With caution we approached to unlock the bike.  All of a sudden the tree monster jumped out.  “It’s time for my revenge boys”.  Muhammud and I looked at each other and ran. The tree monster followed us and after a while we thought we had lost him but then he appeared in front of us, “stay put so I can ring Mr. Marshmallow,” he said. We tried to persuade him to let us go with some burritos. He said no, so that meant we were stuck with him.

The Ride by Ashton

One day Tom and Clay were going on a bike ride. They both had nice bikes, Clay’s was dark red Tom’s was yellow. They loved their bikes so much they would bring them around the road every day. But this day was different, as they were going around the road Tom was going too fast and had a bad crash into a pole. Clay didn’t panic, he called the ambulance and then Tom’s mom. He knew Tom was in pain but Tom didn’t act that badly. The ambulance came and Tom got better.

Tom and Clay are still friends – the yellow bike made them.