The Sketches by Rose

I finished off the sketches for the war jet and showed it to the team, ”This is gonna be our war jet, it has room for 2 and has enough fuel to make to fly half the world in 5 hours.” I explained. It was going work, it had to. I wasn’t even a part of the team, my parents died and I was said to be a great asset to the team. The person who was going fly the plane was about to show any minute. ”What’s wrong, where is our pilot?!” Everyone looked at me. ”He is missing, and the countdown to the explosives are underway.” I was confused ”Ok, then where is the backup?” They looked at me again,

The plane just wouldn’t take off.

The Faulty Launch by Nathan

Today will go down in history lads, we will be going to planet Knowhere for the first time in history.

Jack, you’re the main man, you tell the crew what to do once you are in space.

Okay! Okay! now get into you seats.

Jack and the crew left to go to the rocket.

So, are you nervous Jack?

No, I’ve gone to other planets before.

Cool, it’s my first time.

They got on the ship and 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, o! Launch off. B..bu.bu..bu when it just wouldn’t take off it was hopeless.

The Rocket by Aaron

I have just gotten my approval letter to go to space with the new Rocket Speed 2000. I’m so ready! So I packed up and headed straight for the rocket lab. It was a long drive but that didn’t bother me because I was going to be the first ever to go to space in the Rocket Speed 2000. As soon as we arrived I had to get into my space suit because I was going straight away. Before I got into the Rocket Speed 2000 I had to hug my mam and dad. In less than two minutes I was going 2000 miles per hour!!!!


The Rocket by Kyle

It was a bright January morning but it was bitterly cold. Everybody that had helped manufacture this amazing rocket stood still, waiting for the results of their project. They all felt as though they had frostbite. They heard the engine start, and they all became extremely excited. If this rocket worked, it would reach the moon in about 15 minutes. It would be as fast as lightning. They all stared at the rocket eagerly, but when it just wouldn’t take off they all became very worried. They looked on in despair. Suddenly, the rocket shot up into the air at extreme speed. It was time for the people that had invented this rocket to have a party!

Nearly by Ashton

One day there were two boys named Jack and Bruno. They were playing football. Their families were very poor, they would only eat one time a day. Their families would always say why eat in the morning when you can go outside? Why eat at night when yuo go asleep? You should only eat in the middle of the day when you get hungry. Bruno liked it but Jack didn’t. At Christmas they got the best surprise. Tools!! They tried to make a drone but then  it did not fly. They were so upset when it just wouldn’t take off.

Mission Gone Wrong by Ben

Today was a very important day in history. The ‘Hypnotic 101’ is about to explore the moon. The people on the rocket were. Stacy, Roger, Harry, Mohamed, Leo and Nora. They were really exited to go to the moon.” When it just wouldn’t take off we were very worried.” warned the Captain. People made mini spaceships and gave them to people for free. Everyone was talking about it directly and on social media. The spaceship was set, flames were rising from the bottom getting ready to power up. But then something unfortunate happened, it was fake. Everyone was furious. Later on, NASA apologized after what had happened.

The Flight Not To Be by Tadhg

It was mid February. When Met Éireann issues a red weather warning for the whole country. Max, Kayla and Keith were due to go on holidays on the 15th of February. They got to Dublin Airport at 3am. Their flight was at 6am. At around half 4 it started to snow lightly. By 5am the snow was so heavy the flight had to be pulled back by 6 hours. Seen as the snow was so heavy they could not even leave the airport. The flight kept getting pulled. Then when it just wouldn’t take off they left the airport when it was possible

The Plane Disaster by Eden

‘Are we nearly there yet?’ I asked for about the 50th time even though I knew they were going to say no. The reason I was so excited was because I was finally going on a plane for the first time. About an hour later we were there but then had to wait another 2 hours before we could board.

 We got into our seats at the back of the plane and prepared for lift off. But when it just wouldn’t take off my heart sank. The captain came and apologized to everyone but I just sat in despair.