The Missing Bike by Tadhg

Just days later Ms Maths was going out for a cycle around the town. When she crashed her bike and was injured and was taken to hospital by Mr French and Mr Spanish. The bike was taken away by the School Police. A while after they took it, it was stolen by Mr Geography and Ms History again! Then Ms Maths was told that it was stolen “Where have they taken it? ” she asked angrily. “I don’t know” replied Mr Art. Now she was very angry “But where did they go?” she shouted. “We will track them now!” he said. 


The Strange Garden by Eden

Yesterday we were just chucking a ball to each other but then Callie accidentally threw the ball into someone’s back garden but she didn’t know where it went. We then told her that it’s lost. ‘Ok but where did it go?’ She shouted. Then I pointed to the garden it went into. The house that was said to be haunted.

That got her and everyone else scared. 

Not that I cared so I stuck my arm in through the garden’s hedge and managed to get the ball without getting any of my body in. 

But not long later it went into the garden again.

The Stolen Phone by Luke

This morning my sister walked into my room. I told her to go away. Then she said I took her phone. I said I didn’t take it. “But then where did it go?” she shouted at me. She thought I took her phone and hid it. Then she told our mam I took her phone and I had to tell her where it is. Then our little brother came in and said dad took it to his office because she is always on it. Then I went back upstairs and thanked him for helping me out there, then he told me he hid it.

The Doll by Aaron

One day Joseph, Kath, James and Milly were going to go to the haunted house for a bit of fun. They thought it would be fun. As they were on their way to the haunted house Milly found a doll.” What is this”?? “Milly you found the rare hatchable’s doll”.” It’s a 1 in 100 chance ,” protested Kath. Eventually they got to the haunted house. It was big and messed up. No one had lived in it since 1918 when king Alfie the II died of the Spanish Flu. Milly went to look at her doll but where had it gone???? She shouted in disbelief.

100 w/c by Nathan

Jack and Jill were trying to find Jill’s hat. You must be saying it’s just a hat. No, it was Jill’s favourite hat in the whole world. Her dad gave it to her 5 years a go. She will be very, very sad if she lost it and she did.

But were did it go she shouted?

Did you check the your room?

Yes I did.

The attic?


Your mam’s room?

No! I will check now.

Ah! ha! I found it, thanks Jack.

You’re welcome Jill.

So what do you want to now?

I don’t know …. I’ll see.

The Disappearing Jumper by Kyle

‘Did you see it?’, Joanna demanded of Brian angrily. ‘How many times do I have to tell you? Are you not listening? I said NO, I haven’t seen it! Now stop asking me.’ ‘This is so annoying, but where did it go?’, she shouted. Let’s have a look’, replied Brian. They searched the whole house, top to bottom, but they still just couldn’t find Joanna’s favourite jumper which was missing. ‘It was right behind me, and it just disappeared!’, wailed Joanna. ‘I would say James took it. You know what he’s like’. What Joanna thought turned out to be true! James was hiding outside behind the bins with Joanna’s jumper. Joanna wasn’t happy with him!

The Pigeon by Daniels

One day Tim and Tom went to their friend’shouse. Her name was Sophie she was looking at her pet pigeon. She wanted to teach him how to send messages. Tim and Tom stared at each other – ‘we will help you’. One day we came back to Sophie`s house and we heard Sophie say, ‘where did my pet pigeon go?! But where did it go she shouted?’ Tom said, ‘we will find him.’ One hour later we found the pigeon on the ground and quickly brought him to the the vet. In 2 weeks he was fine and Sophie was happy and us too!

Everything Was Disappearing by Ben

Isabel woke up to a lovely Thursday morning, but something was off. Her penguin toy and her play house had disappeared, but she just ignored it. ”C’mon Izzy, come down for breakfast!” shouted Mam. Isabel went down stairs and had her breakfast then she went back upstairs and something went missing again, it was her new make-up set .”I’m 100% sure I saw that before I went to sleep but where did it go?” she shouted. Isabel was just laying on her bed thinking of where it could have gone. Isabel looked under her bed and the stuff that went missing was there. “OH MY GOODNESS!” shouted Izzy in disgust.

Looking After Their Puppy by Daniel

Emile’s friend’s family had to go to Spain but couldn’t bring their dog so she said she’d look after it. Later when the family left Emile looked for the labrador pup but she couldn’t find him. “It was here but where did it go?” She said. Suddenly the puppy jumped up on the couch when a rat came after it. Emile screamed and ran to the kitchen . Then she found a fly swatter and went back to the sitting room. She hit the rat with it and opened the door and the rat ran out. The puppy then fell asleep.

100 w/c by Rose

Adrienne and Aiden were walking along Adrienne’s grandmother’s garden. It was vast and full of varieties of flowers and butterflies. They wanted to go up to the gate which kept the garden separated from the misty forest. The two walked along until they spotted a small rose brooch among the flower petals. ”Incredible” Adrienne whispered, she held it in her hand. The moment she touched it, a cold whisp of air swarmed around the kids and then a girl formed from the air, she had one eye and the other was just her socket. She whispered in a raspy voice ….” That’s Mine.”

Dream by Ashton

One day there was a girl called Indie and Indie would sometimes go crazy! Once she had a dream and in that dream she got a teddy bear. Then when she woke up since it because it was a dream, it was gone. She shouted over and over again, she said ‘But where did it go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ She did not stop there, she looked in every room giving out she did’nt go asleep. It was 3 am –  still not asleep, everyone was sick of it so they kicked her out. Indie was 30, and acting like this was too much for everyone.

Sunny Day by Tadhg

It was a sunny day in Mathstown, the town of mathematics where every teacher wants to live. Ms Maths was cycling her yellow bike around the town when she saw that there was a sale on calculators. So Ms Maths went in to buy some. As she walked into the shop she met with Mr Irish. While they were talking Mr Geography and Ms History stole her bike. As they made their getaway they both spotted Mr Art the teacher police. So they tied the bike to the electricity pole and ran away. Ms Maths was glad to find her bike after she was told it had been robbed.

A Strange Journey by Eden

Even though I was excited to go to Donegal, the drive from Dublin was so long and boring. But what we did see was a lot of strange things like upside down scarecrows, a house with about 50 different types of gnomes as well as many other strange things. 

We made a game where we made a list of what we thought was the strangest and then put them in order of most strange but we thought the strangest was a bright yellow bike with the front wheel in the air tied to a tree. The things we saw! 

Crazy Girl by Rose

”Huh?!” Leah exclaimed confused, her friend Madeline told her, she and Leah cycled to school and when they went back to where Maddie parked her bike, it was standing upright, tagged to a tree. ”Yup! It’s the best way to leave your bike, isn’t it!” Maddie said proudly, Leah just blinked. Maddie was always a bit weird, but that’s why they’re friends. She took her bike down and Leah got on her bike. They both started cycling but then Maddie rode up in the grass to a nearby forest. ”Come on Leah, it’s this way!” Leah was very confused, she reluctantly left the road and followed the crazy girl.

The Flying Bicycle Part II by Kyle

It broke out of Joshua’s grip and flew away smoothly, high into the air. The four sprinted after it and a couple of times it slowed down and did a few loops just above their heads to tease them. They ran all the way down the hill, turned a corner and kept on running. The bike must have been tired because it flew down and lay against a wooden pole for a second but then it flew away out of sight. They trotted back home feeling very disappointed. Corey suggested that they could play a football match to cheer them up so Cian got his ball. Jack thought that they should try and make their own flying bicycle. So that’s what they did!

The Strange Bike by Daniels

On day Tom and Tim went to the park. When they went into the park there was an old dirty bike on the side of the road, it was yellow. An hour later Tom and Tim had walked all around the park and went home. When they went home they saw the same bike on their doorstep. Tom and Tim were kind of scared for a moment but then took the bike and put it inside the house.

At midnight they heard the door opening and saw a clown was there. They woke up and the clown got them and the last thing that that they heard was the clown laugh….

Very Unusual by Ben

Izzy was going on her daily walk through the countryside when she saw something a little bit strange, a shiny yellow bicycle taped on a wooden post on one wheel. “WHAT IS THAT?” thought Izzy. She stared at it then slowly walked away. When she was walking back from where she started, she looked at where the bicycle was but instead of it being yellow it was red. “OH MY GOODNESS!” shouted Izzy. Maybe someone was tricking her or maybe she just looked at it differently. She went home questioning herself on what happened. “DAD!, DAD!, SOMETHING SCARY HAPPENED ON THE WALK!” Shouted Izzy. “Stop being silly,” said her Dad.

The Tree Monster Part II by Rorí

When Muhammud and I left the woods we saw my bike standing upright and locked against the tree monster’s cousin. With caution we approached to unlock the bike.  All of a sudden the tree monster jumped out.  “It’s time for my revenge boys”.  Muhammud and I looked at each other and ran. The tree monster followed us and after a while we thought we had lost him but then he appeared in front of us, “stay put so I can ring Mr. Marshmallow,” he said. We tried to persuade him to let us go with some burritos. He said no, so that meant we were stuck with him.

The Ride by Ashton

One day Tom and Clay were going on a bike ride. They both had nice bikes, Clay’s was dark red Tom’s was yellow. They loved their bikes so much they would bring them around the road every day. But this day was different, as they were going around the road Tom was going too fast and had a bad crash into a pole. Clay didn’t panic, he called the ambulance and then Tom’s mom. He knew Tom was in pain but Tom didn’t act that badly. The ambulance came and Tom got better.

Tom and Clay are still friends – the yellow bike made them.

The Sketches by Rose

I finished off the sketches for the war jet and showed it to the team, ”This is gonna be our war jet, it has room for 2 and has enough fuel to make to fly half the world in 5 hours.” I explained. It was going work, it had to. I wasn’t even a part of the team, my parents died and I was said to be a great asset to the team. The person who was going fly the plane was about to show any minute. ”What’s wrong, where is our pilot?!” Everyone looked at me. ”He is missing, and the countdown to the explosives are underway.” I was confused ”Ok, then where is the backup?” They looked at me again,

The plane just wouldn’t take off.

The Faulty Launch by Nathan

Today will go down in history lads, we will be going to planet Knowhere for the first time in history.

Jack, you’re the main man, you tell the crew what to do once you are in space.

Okay! Okay! now get into you seats.

Jack and the crew left to go to the rocket.

So, are you nervous Jack?

No, I’ve gone to other planets before.

Cool, it’s my first time.

They got on the ship and 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, o! Launch off. B..bu.bu..bu when it just wouldn’t take off it was hopeless.

The Rocket by Aaron

I have just gotten my approval letter to go to space with the new Rocket Speed 2000. I’m so ready! So I packed up and headed straight for the rocket lab. It was a long drive but that didn’t bother me because I was going to be the first ever to go to space in the Rocket Speed 2000. As soon as we arrived I had to get into my space suit because I was going straight away. Before I got into the Rocket Speed 2000 I had to hug my mam and dad. In less than two minutes I was going 2000 miles per hour!!!!


The Rocket by Kyle

It was a bright January morning but it was bitterly cold. Everybody that had helped manufacture this amazing rocket stood still, waiting for the results of their project. They all felt as though they had frostbite. They heard the engine start, and they all became extremely excited. If this rocket worked, it would reach the moon in about 15 minutes. It would be as fast as lightning. They all stared at the rocket eagerly, but when it just wouldn’t take off they all became very worried. They looked on in despair. Suddenly, the rocket shot up into the air at extreme speed. It was time for the people that had invented this rocket to have a party!

Nearly by Ashton

One day there were two boys named Jack and Bruno. They were playing football. Their families were very poor, they would only eat one time a day. Their families would always say why eat in the morning when you can go outside? Why eat at night when yuo go asleep? You should only eat in the middle of the day when you get hungry. Bruno liked it but Jack didn’t. At Christmas they got the best surprise. Tools!! They tried to make a drone but then  it did not fly. They were so upset when it just wouldn’t take off.

Mission Gone Wrong by Ben

Today was a very important day in history. The ‘Hypnotic 101’ is about to explore the moon. The people on the rocket were. Stacy, Roger, Harry, Mohamed, Leo and Nora. They were really exited to go to the moon.” When it just wouldn’t take off we were very worried.” warned the Captain. People made mini spaceships and gave them to people for free. Everyone was talking about it directly and on social media. The spaceship was set, flames were rising from the bottom getting ready to power up. But then something unfortunate happened, it was fake. Everyone was furious. Later on, NASA apologized after what had happened.

The Flight Not To Be by Tadhg

It was mid February. When Met Éireann issues a red weather warning for the whole country. Max, Kayla and Keith were due to go on holidays on the 15th of February. They got to Dublin Airport at 3am. Their flight was at 6am. At around half 4 it started to snow lightly. By 5am the snow was so heavy the flight had to be pulled back by 6 hours. Seen as the snow was so heavy they could not even leave the airport. The flight kept getting pulled. Then when it just wouldn’t take off they left the airport when it was possible

The Plane Disaster by Eden

‘Are we nearly there yet?’ I asked for about the 50th time even though I knew they were going to say no. The reason I was so excited was because I was finally going on a plane for the first time. About an hour later we were there but then had to wait another 2 hours before we could board.

 We got into our seats at the back of the plane and prepared for lift off. But when it just wouldn’t take off my heart sank. The captain came and apologized to everyone but I just sat in despair.