Photoshoot by Emma

Today I’m going to a photo shoot. I’m so ecstatic. I got breakfast it was so good. I got there, it had a big green screen and a yellow background and the girl at the til said come on in. I used the rainy day one with a bicycle prop. Then a girl pushed me and greedily took the angel one. An hour later I got home and ordered Chinese food. I got a Spice Box and cheesy garlic fries and chicken curry. I asked my friends over , the food was amazing, it was tasty. Then my friends went home and I went to bed

Mortals by Rose

”I need to have some fun!” I shouted desperately. Its so boring here, I want to do something. I grabbed my bicycle that I saw some mortals use in their realm. I cycled up to the top of The Volcano Of Madness, I calm down there. I looked up to creaking of a worn out yellow warning sign reading:

WARNING! Don’t Jump In!

”Huh? Who would jump in anyway?” I chuckled to myself. I peered in and I saw a… A gateway? I’m not sure but I caught a glimpse of a human. ”Oh, the human realm.” I smirked to myself. I looked back at the sign.

”Oh I’ve been warned before, this is gonna be fun!”

100 w/c by Nathan

I hated cycling and today it will show. Me and my family are going out a 10k bicycle. I was desperate to get out of it.

The next day.

Mam said ‘yes sweetie?’

‘I think I’m sick!’

‘You will be fine, get up.’

‘AAAAA! What? My throat!’

‘Are you really sick?’

‘Emm yes.’

‘No you are not .’

‘Fine, but I warned you.’

Ok I need a new plan. I got it. I put yellow spots on my face.



‘My face!’

‘Oh my! Are you? Ok no, you can’t go on the cycle now!’

Yes. I greedily got a away with it.

The Flying Bicycle by Kyle

‘A yellow flying bicycle????’ ‘In our tiny town?’ ‘You must be joking.’ Well, I’m not.’ Joshua, Corey and Jack were playing a football match when their friend Cian came over and told them what he saw a while ago at the big hill around the corner. He also warned them that it had tried to fly at him and hit him, so they should stay a good bit away from it. They all sprinted to the hill as fast as they could and there it was, hovering overhead. Joshua was desperate to get that bicycle so he went very close to it and when it flew at him he grabbed it greedily. It was too strong for him though!

The Mystery of Bluebinsburg by Alfie

In Bluebinsburg there has been a report of missing bikes, scooters and cars; you have been warned.

Jack lived in Bluebinsburg and got a new shiny yellow bike that he cycled around on all day. He wheeled his brand new bike out into his back garden and jumped into his bed and dreamed about his new bike. Then the next morning he woke up and jumped out of bed and looked out the back garden his bike was greedly stolen . He went outside and desperately looked for it an followed tracks to a big dark cave and went inside.

The Odd Day by Aaron

One morning I was walking to school and I was desperate to play on the football pitch. I was warned not to go through the alleyway, a shortcut to school. I went anyway. While I was walking down the alleyway I found a shiny, yellow bicycle. I looked to see if anyone was around. I saw no one around so I took the bike greedily. I actually just stole someone’s property! When I got to the end of the alleyway the police were there and I got set up. Whoever set me up I will find and destroy you. Hahahahahahahaha!

The Big Robot by Daniels

One day me and Tom went to the park. I had an yellow bicycle with me and every one was staring at me like there was greedily delicious food behind me!  Then every one was running away from the estate.  I lost Tom and a big robot grabbed me with his hands and nearly choked me with his big hands. Then the police came and started to shut the robot down. The robot was defeated and the police warned the people to not go near it. It was desperate because all of the houses were destroyed but in a few months everyone forgot about it.

The New Bike by Luke

I was desperate for a new bicycle. My mam and dad said my bike is fine. Then my brother got a yellow bike for his birthday. I felt so annoyed that he got one and I didn’t. So I warned him to not ride his bike. He didn’t believe me and said that I was mean. My mam told him to let me have a go. My brother said no greedily. Then my mam went and banned him from the Playstation for two weeks and said that I could play the Playstation by myself. Then for my birthday I will get a bike.

Crazy Day by Ben

Chole was riding on her shiny bicycle in the beautiful yellow sun. While she was going back home she saw a man holding up a sign saying, ‘ I’m desperate for money please help.’ Chole handed the man a 5 euro note “Hope this will help,” said Chole kindly. “This is all you got?” said the man greedily. “EXUSE ME, DONT DARE SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT!” warned Chole. Chole was now fuming after what she witnessed. Chole had told her Mam everything and her Mam was disgusted at what she heard. “That’s horrific!” explained her Mam. Now Chole couldn’t stop thinking about that for the rest of the day.

The Robbery by Ashton

One day Sam was going down the lane with his bike. Then a teenager gang came up to him. Sam ignored them at first but then they punched him. Sam was frustrated and shouted ‘hey why did u do that!’ Jack one of the teenagers said, ‘because we can!’ Sam replied, ‘well can you stop!!’ Sam quickly got up and got on his bike and he cycled as fast as he could. The teenager gang chased after him they greedily wanted to steal the yellow bike. Sam was desperate to get out alive, he warned himself not to go there ever again.

100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a warm spring day when James got his new yellow bicycle. It was a BMX. He went for a cycle with his Dad and brother all around Dublin city. His Dad and his brother Joseph rented the Just Eat bikes for 3 hours. Joseph was desperate to have a go on James’s new BMX. So midway through the cycle Joseph greedily pushed James off the bike. James hurt his arm badly he could not cycle so his Dad cancelled the bikes and Joseph got to ride home. The saddle was too high for Joseph. James warned Joseph about going fast. He crashed into a railing. Dad cycled home.

In A Hurry by Eden

‘Ewww,’ I said as my little brother chomped down his breakfast greedily. ‘Jack, I already warned you about doing that,’ my mum told him. ‘And shouldn’t you be off already?’ she asked me. With that I zoomed out, grabbing my helmet on the way. I couldn’t be late. I was so desperate, I almost forgot my bicycle and ran. I went down the steep hill as quick as a flash, not even seeing the yellow warning sign for the new building site. Luckily I didn’t hit anything in it. After about 5 more minutes I made it to the party early. 

The Yellow Bicycle by Donnchadh

I was walking down the street one day, I saw a yellow bicycle in a skip. It was in perfect condition. So, I decided to bring it home, I could clean it up and it would be as good as new. I am not desperate you understand, I just think it is a waste to throw good things away. 

The Gardaí*  arrived at my door. They warned me that I should not take things from other people. I explained that I did not steal it, it was in a skip and it was not greedily done. I’m saving the planet in my own small way.

*Gardaí = Irish police.

Hamadryad by Rose

Hamadryad, or Dryad is a tree spirit, or Tree Nymph and is a mythological being that lives in a particular tree which makes them a particular Nymph, Hamadryads are bonded to a certain tree and takes the form of a beautiful women, she is very kind and shy and is friends with the Goddess Artemis, how is caring to most Nymphs.”

”Wow Papa! She sounds great!” A young Ashton exclaimed. He was always happy when Papa told him stories of Dryad. He one day told Papa that he was going to find Drayad’s tree, to talk to her and help her with looking after the forest. ”You will get hurt son.” But after some begging, Papa gave in. Even as a kid, he journeyed to the deepest parts of the forest where Dryad’s tree was said to be. He met many creatures and they guided him in his journey to Dryad. Until one day he found her.

The Adventure by Ashton

Get down, the army man shouted!

When the werewolf came the bullets did nothing to him. Then they used their last weapon it was a tree launcher! It turns everything into wood. It worked just in time, right before the werewolf was about to eat them.

We have the to hide it, said Justin.

In the woods? asked Craig

Yeah OK and if anyone finds it and asks what happened we will say it was just built!

Good idea!

Five months later they came back and the werewolf was still there. I wonder if anyone will discover it.

The Tree That Moves by Kyle

It was a bright spring afternoon. It was a Friday and it was 2 o’clock. I was roaming through a gigantic, magnificent forest I had discovered. There was lots of squirrels and other animals like that. There was lots of huge trees; some of the biggest I had ever seen. All of a sudden, something moved behind me. I spun around sharply and saw a tree. This wasn’t just a normal tree though. It was shaped exactly like a human. Then it moved. I screamed and started running away. After a few seconds I heard a familiar voice behind me. It was my best friend! He had pranked me! Phew!

The Tree Man by Ben

Isabel was going on a nature walk through the mythical forest. She didn’t see anyone near her so that got her a little scared but she just tried to ignore it. Suddenly she heard a crackle “Maybe it’s just the leaves?” worried Isabel. Now she can see the end now but she wanted to explore more. She saw a danger sign so for some reason she thought it would be ok to go down the route. Then she saw the most astonishing moment of her life. A tree that looked like a giant. “HAHAHAHAH!” screeched Isabel. She will never forget that moment.

1000 w/c by Nathan

Ok Jack we are going to go camping.

Ok Jill let’s go here in the woods.

Some time goes past and Jack set up camp while Jill got wood.

Good job Jill now we have a place to sleep let’s go inside, it’s going to get windy. In the middle of the night the tent started to fly away.

AAAA!! Where are we going to stay?

Come on Jill we are going to stay under this tree.

Who dares to stay here?

Wh.. wh.. who said that?

Me, the tree, I will not let you say here not after you picked up the bodies of my friends.

We are sorry.

No you are not, you are banished from these woods.

The Waking Tree by Daniel

It was about 7pm and me and my friend Timmy had just finished watching a movie. “Eh- it was alright,” said Timmy. Then my Dad came in and told us to go play outside. Later we were outside playing with my football when a massive tree person walked over. “…. Tim.. RUN!” I screamed. Suddenly the tree person jumped and ran away. Hours passed and the tree person didn’t come back. “Guess it was scared of us?” I said and me and Timmy walked back to my house. When we got home I told Dad and Mam everything but they just laughed.

The Roman Tree by Luke

The Roman empire sent a man to go and invade Ireland and check the country for any threats to the Roman army. One day he came across a village. He went into the village to get some supplies then someone noticed he was from Rome so they chased him out of the town into the forest. He ran deep into the forest but then he stopped because he came across a hut. He knocked on the door. A celtic witch came out and chased him on her broom. She ended up catching him and turned him into a tree forever.

The Weird Looking Tree by Daniels

On day Daniels and Paula went to the forest. At 3am a noise came from the forest and scared them off.  An hour later they went back into their tents and saw a big tree shaped like an person. ‘It was not there earlier yes?’ said Paula.

‘That is creepy!’ said Daniels. Suddenly the tree started to move. They ran as fast as tehy could. They ran up a lot of hills, it was exhausting. After the miles they ran they lost the weird looking tree and they ran home frightened.

After a few months they forgot everything they saw.

The Tree Monster by Mya

One summer’s night Emily went into a forest with her friends. Her friends got too scared so Emily went by herself. She started to walk in then she heard the bushes moving even though it wasn’t windy. She walked on then she tripped over a twig. She looked up and saw a tree that looked like a monster. ‘AHHHHHH!’ screamed Emily, she ran back but she kept tripping over twigs. She made it back to her friends. Her friends didn’t believe her so she walked home terrified. Her mam wasn’t at home so she went to her granny’s house and that happened to granny as well.

The Woods by Emma

So today I’m going on a road trip to America with my mam, dad, sister and my friend. So first we sang some songs in the car next we found a fast food place. I got a burger and chips and coke it was delicious.

Our first stop was Nature Valley camp site.  My dad and sister set the tent up. We had some sausages and bacon for dinner and then roasted marshmallows and made smores and had pop corn. About 5 hours later me and my friend went to get more sticks in the woods, but we got lost and we saw a big tree. It was really mossy and green and overgrown we screamed all the way back.

The Magical Tree by Aaron

I am going for a family walk with my family in the forest. We have gone to Canada so we don’t know our way around. I asked mam and dad if we could bring a picnic, they said yes. Eventually we started our trek in the forest. We were looking for a flat surface to have our picnic.” I found a flat surface”. While mam and dad were setting up the picnic I checked out the area around where we were having our picnic. I found an unusual looking tree with a hole at the bottom. I crawled through the hole and somehow I was back home in Ireland.

The Mysterious Island by Alfie

A team of explorers have been tracking a mysterious island that seems to move. They were flying over it, they geared up and jumped out of the helicopter. They deployed their parachutes and slowly moved closer to the ground. Eventually they reached the ground. The helicopter got further and further until it was a tiny dot then it disappeared into the big blue sky. The island started moving. Then they realised the island was a giant turtle! They made their way through the woods. They had to get off it before the the turtle took a dive . They made a boat with sticks and sailed into the big blue sea.

The Forest Of Mystery by Eden

We were so excited to go to the forest camp today. Apparently the forest has never been fully adventured so we might just be the first. 

We got there at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon. It took us a little while to set up our sleeping bags in the cabins. 

Next the camp leaders let us and everyone else go and explore the forest. Even though the camp leaders said not to go too far, me and my brother went so far that we couldn’t hear the group but the things we saw in the forest of mystery.

The Witch’s Tree by Tadhg

It was a cold dark Halloween evening in St. Anne’s Park in Dublin. Great Grandad O’Shea about to start telling his scary stories down at The Witch’s Tree. When all of a sudden it started to lash rain. But we still went down slipping and sliding on the wet ground while trying to avoid stepping in the dog poo scattered all over the path way and the flooded grass. It was a horrible night in the wet and dark. As soon as we arrived at the tree we took shelter from the rain under the leaves. But when he started to tell the story it was amazing.

Tree Monster by Rorí

I walked through the dark woods with my friends. But all of a sudden one of my friends was gobbled up by a big green tree. We were absolutely terrified. Mathew, Muhammud and I ran deeper into the woods. But the
big spikey green tree caught Mathew. Muhammud and I ran so far we had to eat something. All of a sudden a cottage appeared in the distance. Muhammud and I felt something on our shoulders. We ran rapidly down the
forest trail. In shock we found our parents having dinner in the cottage with the moster, they were having burritos.

100 w/c by Tadhg

2020 was a weird year for everyone. It started well and on the 12th of March everything stopped and even school. We had two weeks of no school before lockdown hit. Everything moved online work,school and even sports training. This was all due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. On the 13th of June the restrictions eased bit by bit. Until the 31st of December when the 3rd lockdown came around. There have been positives from the pandemic. The first vaccine in Ireland was given on the 27th of December. But there is still a long way till we get back to normality.

The Mission by Eden

One day Tim and Tom was going to his grandads house. His grandad was so happy to see them after level 5. Suddenly everything stopped and it felt like an tsunami then we saw the big waves and we ran out of the house the next thing we know we woke up on top of the mountain. A few hours later we son a bout on the water we tried to swim to the boat but it was to far away. At 10.41 we son an boat what was heading towards us we where saved but grandad was felling ill because he was in the cold for too long he was brought to the hospital and he was fin in the morning.