100 w/c by Tadhg

King Ronald was a very young man. He lived in a big white castle in Ireland, where there was a huge fields full of cows, sheep and horses. One bright Autumn morning, when the leaves were covering the floor, the cows were mooing. King Ronald went down to the fields. He suddenly fell. He started rolling down a small hill. It was King Bob! King Bob was quite a crafty old man always playing tricks on Ronald. But this time Ronald got very angry he went to his castle and started to fire cannons at him. Bob did the same and it ended up in death for both.

100 w/c by Rose

”Get me out of here you idiots!!” Zoe yelled at two guards who worked for the mental hospital at castle rock road. Why was she here, just ’cause she loves blood doesn’t mean she’s insane! They hauled her into a cell with a bunch of other people with different problems, there was one dude rolling around the floor whispering ”Time is an illusion’.’ And one other guy splattering black and white saying, ”we are just puppets!’ In a mad hatter voice. I needed to escape. I was a very crafty woman and killed just a few guards and, I felt the Autumn leaves crunch beneath me feet. ‘They kept me there for 3 MONTHS!’ Zoe thought’

‘They’re gonna pay…’

The Marshmallows went to the Blueberry’s House by Rorí

The white marshmallows went to the big castle made of leaves. They had gone for tea. They were dressed up in their best clothes. They were so exited to see the blueberry’s. The marshmallows brought their kids so they could play with the blueberry’s kids in the playground. They went to the playground to play hide and seek. All the leaves were blowing around and that scared the marshmallows so they got crafty and built a big gate so the leaves won’t get in. At seven in the morning they left to go back to their house. The marshmallows had fun.

The Crazy World by Mya

One Monday morning a kid named Jimmy was walking trough the woods. He fell over a stick and rolled down a big hill he was rolling so fast. He got up and saw a big white crafty castle with loads of glitter. He looked back and saw that he was leaving the woods. He went into the castle and saw a tiny goblin with a huge fairy he thought it was a dream. The fairy was very kind she gave Jimmy a chocolate it tasted like heaven. Jimmy started to get dizzy and feel sick he fainted and woke up in his bedroom on his bed……..

100 w/c by Matthew

One Saturday my brother and I woke up and we went on an adventure. We were going to a castle that was right beside us. The castle was big, scary and white. When we are having a tour, when we saw a crafty artist, he was really good. My brother said he is so talented. We saw this ginormous hill so we were going to be rolling down this in 3, 2, 1, go! When we were rolling, we were going into loads of leaves. Suddenly it started to rain so we ran as fast as we could to home.

The Next Generation by Luke

“Welcome to the future, but with my ‘next gen tech’ it will be the past!” exclaimed Samuel White.

” This is the doodler, it takes you back in time,” he said.

“With the doodler you can go back to when people lived in castles and leaves battlefields with heads!” he yelled.

“The way to turn it on is very crafty, you start rolling this knob and push this button and voila it is done!” he said to the crowd.

“You know what? I am going to be a cave man, bye!” he yelled out to the world.

Boom! The whole world was destroyed, it wasn’t ready for time travel.

Best Friends by Kyle

Once upon a time, there was a fox and a wolf. The fox was ginger, brave, skinny and kind. The wolf was white, long, slender and trust worthy. They were the best of best friends. During the autumn they were very crafty. They loved making pictures with the leaves and playing games together, rolling through the plants. They also loved going on adventures. One snowy Christmas morning when they were just wandering around, the two of them discovered a huge castle. They agreed that they would go inside and explore it. This would be one of their best, most exciting and remarkable adventures yet!

The White Castle by Kayleigh

I was having a dream…. in the dream I said I wanted to be a princess when I grow up. I don’t know why, I just thought being a princess was crafty. I said I want to live in a BIG white castle and have 11 pets… I know that’s a bit much but remember this was just a dream. In my princess room I have a wall of ivy leaves. Every day I would bring out my dog and we would go rolling down the hill with each other. I woke up and looked around my room for the leaf wall… it wasn’t there.

The Crazy Art Teacher by Katie

In school today we have art class. The teacher name was Ms. White everyone thinks she is really crazy. It was Autum, so today in art she said to do a castle with leaves around it. Most of the time she is very crafty but not today. They were all moaning to go outside to roll down the hill. So she said they could so they went running out the classroom as fast as they could. They started rolling down the hill. They had so much fun they would want to do it again tomorrow and the next day as well.

100 w/c by Jasmin

The princess was in her castle doing her usual crafty art work. A few minutes later Mr. White came in to check on her, on his way out he mentioned lockdown or something the princess didn’t hear what he said,

Until she turned on her tv to watch some news and saw the news reporter wearing a mask and what looked to be a space suit! But it wasn’t a space suit or just any old mask it was about the Corona virus. The princess looked out her window to see the leaves rolling by on the wonderful white snow wishing she could be out there.

The Project Disaster by Eden

‘Phew’, I said after I had completed my project. The project was on castles and I even made a castle made out of cardboard. The castle was white with cardboard trees that had real leaves on them although they were always rolling off. My mum came to see how I was doing. When she saw my castle she said to me, ‘well aren’t you a crafty one’. I was kind of tired so to wake myself up I started jumping all around my room. I accidentally hit into the castle and because it was very delicate it started to crumble. ‘No!!!’ I groaned.

Castle Cake Crafting by Donnchadh

My mum and I once competed in ‘The Great British Bake Off’. The challenge was to make a sponge cake. We decided to make a cake in the shape of the ‘white castle from game of thrones’, but we forgot to pack our magical rolling pin. Major problem, because we actually don’t know how to bake anything!

We tried, but then the top fell off the cake and splatted onto the ground. The judges stood with their mouths open. Mum and I gulped, this was intense!

The wind blew through the tent and the autumn leaves went rolling by like tumble weed.

The White Castle by Daniels

One day there was a big white castle. Mr Crafty left a big stone on the side of the castle. One boy was playing with a football. I saw the big castle and went into it with my friends. The castle was big and old. Because lots of things are rolling around my friend got a bit scared and said ‘let’s go out of here.’

I said, ‘why it is kind of scary.’ Then the castle started to shake and we ran out and ran home. We saw it fall apart and we nearly forgot about it, even though it was kind of hard to forget it.

The Crafty Castle by Daniel

One day I was walking in the forest with my mates when we saw a big red castle. “Lets go inside” I said and they said alright. The leaves were rolling down the hill like they didn’t want to be near the castle. We went in and didn’t see much but then a really pale man walked over and said “Who let you in?”. We said we walked in and he told us to go to this real white room. I said this is really weird and we all ran out. Suddenly the man ran after us, but after a while he stopped chasing us.

The Haunted Castle by Callum

The dawn of the 31st of October me and the lads Alex, Tom and Patrick were asked to sort out a haunted castle. We were offered 50 quid so we were up for it. As we approached the White Castle we were smacked with Autumn coloured leaves. They were golden, green, yellow and orange. The castle was white with a grey roof. It was a long walk and the funniest thing happened Tom start rolling down a hill luckily he was alright. We opened the double door and the guy was standing there and told us the problems he said “there were ghosts were very crafty in the arts and craft room we were up for the job…

Crystal’s Very Funny Day by Ben

Crystal was insanely crafty, loved to sketch, loved to draw nice white castles with one thousand rooms. One day Crystal was walking through a dark, spooky wood with leaves rolling gently. As she was walking through the wood she had seen a large, wooden, monstrosity of a door. Crystal was going to ignore it but she was too curious so she had to see what was inside. She was astonished to see her drawing IN REAL LIFE! She couldn’t believe what she was seeing and shouted “It’s a dream come true LITERLLY!” As she walked to the castle she looked back to see if the door was there, it wasn’t.

100 w/c by Amy

One day two friends met in a park and there was a really high hill so they thought it would be fun to roll down the hill.

They rolled down it and then they got up and saw a small white puppy.

They brought it home and took care of it.

They put him to sleep and then one of the girls was drawing.

“Wow you’re really crafty”said the other friend.

Then they went to bed.

In the morning they brought the puppy for a walk and saw a really tall castle.

It looked like it was built a long time ago.

The puppy was having lots of fun jumping around.

So they brought the puppy to the park and he had lots of fun jumping everywhere.

Shark Attack by Aaron

One day in the massive Castle of Wales King James was working on another painting. James is a very crafty person he loved doing projects when he was in school. He is painting an autumn picture so there are leaves and sticks in the picture. It was a peaceful evening until… a great white shark had entered the castle’s moat. All the paint bottles start rolling on the floor because the shark had hit the castle wall and now everything was vibrating. This caused wreckage to the castle. The long hall had a big hole in it. King James then limped to his room because his leg was bruised from falling off his throne.