100 w/c Tadhg

It was a long day for Jake and Neil. The two young boys were invited to ride a submarine for a day. It was all started well but not for long. The sub crashed into a rock. It had a huge leak. It was terrible. “We might sink!” screamed Jake. The old sailor who had to steer the submarine found a some metal and said that they could cover the hole with it. Neil said “if only it was smaller we could fill the hole”. It did not work so they taped a large plastic box to the hole. “It worked!” shouted the sailor. They later made it back.

Water Creeping Up by Rose

I woke up to a man calling. ”Wake up.” He looked strangely familiar. He interrupted my train of thoughts. ”Now, I have to prepare something for you, stay here.” My hands were tied up in chains, luckily he didn’t search me, I used my pocketknife and cut the chains. I ran up some stairs leading to the ceiling to a lock at the ceiling. It was that you put your finger in it and it had to perfectly fit. I realised the room was filling with water, upwards. I put my finger in to unlock a hatch that would lead out. The water was getting close…

If only it was a bit smaller…

Robber by Rorí

I open my presents.

‘A phone yes!’ I shouted, but if only it was a bit smaller. I was jealous of Sandy’s small phone. I got a big phone. I know what I have to do. Rob her and swap the phones. And I’ll becool again.

‘At 3 o’clock I’ll take her phone’, I told my friend.

He said, ‘it won’t work, because of the password and email.’

We both agreed to remove her email and password. I woke up at one in the morning and went to her house. She was asleep I took the phone and ran. I got it.

The Nuke by Nathan

It was 1782 and disaster stuck! Some dastardly man lit a nuke. Jack and Jill were the first to go to the shelter.

‘Jill come with me to the shelter we will be safe ‘.

‘OK I will come, but can we get some more people to help them?’


‘Come people follow me if you want to live.’

As they were following Jack down the town, Jack thought to himself about the nuke, if only it was a bit smaller. Gack in the shelter Jill was cooking a big fat chicken for dinner, hoping Jack will like it.

Bad Day by Mya

One cold icy winters morning Lily was walking to school and twisted her ankle. She slipped on the ice. She went to school. When she went in a bully named Clara tripped her up in front of her crush. The bully wouldn’t stop bullying her. Lily thought to herself about the bully…… if only it was a bit smaller. The class had to stay in for the hole day because it was a miserable day. While she was was limping home while it was lashing rain she had €10 to go to the shop. She saw a homeless man and gave him the money instead.

100 w/c by Matthew

One time my mam and I were going to a bike shop. My mam and I and went into the bike shop it was in Spain. We were looking for a bike for me. My mam said “let’s split up.”I went upstairs and my mam stayed downstairs. Suddenly I heard my mam calling me so I went down to her and she found a perfect bike. We bought the bike and signed the contracts so we brought it outside and I cycled it around. My mam had a try. I tried to put my feet down but I couldn’t …If only it was a bit smaller…

Lego Man Beach by Luke

Hi I am Dan,” said Dan.

“I am a legoman” said Dan.

“I eat cats and dogs for fun sometimes” said Dan to his friend.

“Why do you eat cats and dogs?” Asked his friend.

“I eat them because my owner makes me!” Dan replied.

Dan and his friend went to the lego beach they saw tons of cool stuff. Like Batman and Iron man sunbathing. Captain America and Spiderman using caps shield as a frisbee, if only it was a bit smaller though it would work better. My friend and I went to play football with Thor, Shark man, Scarecrow dude and Superman. It was lots of fun.

The Homeless Man by Kyle

Hello. I am Lesley Porter and I am homeless. I live in the city centre of Dublin. I get some money from people roaming the streets sometimes. It’s nice of them and it also is enough for me to get essentials. One night, about 11 PM, I noticed a ginormous man walking towards me. He looked very fierce. Then, when he got to me, he punched, hit and kicked me with extreme force. It was dastardly of him. I got up and legged it to a friend’s house. I found the spare key in the garden but it didn’t fit. If only it was a bit smaller…

Help by Kayleigh

It was the night before school started back. But me and my best friend were stuck on an island. The island was huge and our boat had sunk so we had no way out. We tried to call our mams but we had no signal and at this point we were shouting for help. We went searching for stuff to make a boat around the island…but if only it was a little bit smaller…there were yucky bugs everywhere. We gave up, but then we realised if we stayed there we would not have to go to school tomorrow!

The Abondoned House by Katie

There was this house in town that was an abandoned house. But no one could go in it because you would get “ IN BIG TROUBLE!” Even if any animals came in. But one day an animal did get in, it was a dog missing from the street. His name was Lucky, he tried to get in through a hole. He was a big dog and he could not fit in. If only it was a bit smaller then the family that owned him found their dog. They walked home. The police checked on the house for a while so no one could go back in.

If Only It Was a Bit Samller by Jasmin

I was working my regular shift at Mc Donalds on a bright and sunny Wednesday afternoon….

I was working at the drive-through, it seemed pretty normal nothing out of the usual…. Until a very strange neon pink car pulled up. They said they wanted the most mini-burger that we had. I said “oh umm ok I’ll go check!” We didn’t have any “mini” burgers, so I told them that we don’t have any and I gave them a regular burger, they said…. if only it was a bit smaller…. The strangest day I’ve ever had….. like really strange

A Very Bad Holiday by Emma

Today I’m going on holidays to America. So I got on the plane, it was a regular plane ride until the plan started.

Going down there was a lot of screaming and loud shouting and then every thing went dark  and I woke up on an island, I wished it would be a bit smaller. My mom was scared and I was too.

The island was humongous. We first looked for somewhere to stay for the night. We saw a big cave. I went fishing and we caught a big fish and cooked it and went to bed. The next morning people came to rescue us and we went home.

The Gloomy Factory by Eden

As quietly as possible I crept along the long corridor. I finally found a door so I went through it. The room was huge, it was the biggest room I had ever seen. I heard grunting noises echoing around the huge room so I hid behind some containers piled on top of each other. I heard more grunts, each one louder then the last. I figured that whatever it was, was coming closer. I tried to climb the container but if only it was a bit smaller then I would have been able. So what I did was I dashed out of the gloomy factory.

The Lost Gem by Donnchadh

Long ago there were two adventurers called Max and Zac. They were paid to go to one of the deepest, darkest caves known to man. They had to find a rare crystal. This crystal had strange powers. It would be able to protect their village as it was always getting invaded by raiders.

They found it after days searching and they raced home. When they got to the village they gave it to the elder. He placed it in the ancient boulder but the crystal was too big!

“Oh no!,’ said the elder, if only it was a bit smaller.”

Tim’s Teddy by Daniels

Once Tim got a big teddy for Christmas, it was so big that it nearly didn’t fit inside the house. Tim said,’ if only it was a bit smaller!’

‘It is super big,’ said dad, ‘are you sure you want it in your small bedroom?’

‘Yes,’ said Tim.

‘Ok, let’s bring it to your bedroom.

That night Tim was sleeping, suddenly the big teddy started to move around the room. Tim woke up, he saw the big teddy moving. Tim freaked out, he ran downstairs and his mom said, ‘go to bed.’

‘Ok,’ said Tim, ‘just put the big teddy downstairs!’

Grandad Shrunk by Daniel

It was a normal weekend for Tom and Grandad, but today will be different. While Tom and Grandad were watching TV someone kicked the door down. “IF ANYONE’S IN HERE GIVE US YOUR MONEY!” one of them yelled. Tom told Grandad to call the cops but then Grandad shrunk. He ran off to stop the robbers. Another robber walked in but he was skinnier then the other one. Suddenly Grandad pushed the door in front of him and ran off. “If only it was a bit smaller” the other one said but Grandad knocked him over. The robbers ran off and Grandad turned back.

100 w/c by Callum

Donald and I already had a rough day after that monstrosity of a bee. We called the other scientists and FBI to help us of what happened. We built a huge sustainable carrier to bring the bee to the head quarters of the FBI. We had to do a DNA test and we found out that the oxygen made him have a radioactive reaction and made him huge and hairy. “If only it was a bit smaller,” said Donald we could have fitted it in the lab instead of this headquarters. We were on the way back to the lab in a squad car and we had a nice sleep.

The Unusual Burbling Bird by Ben

Bluey was attempting to get through the neighbor’s house but couldn’t succeed. “Yes I finally got in,” tweeted Bluey. He flew rapidly around the terrifying looking house. Bluey was having way too much fun that he had knocked over the ginormous door that made a screeching noise across the zigzag floor. Bluey was starting to get insanely bored, if only it was a bit smaller. The door was too big for poor old Bluey so he couldn’t get out. Suddenly Bluey found a cat flap and blasted out like lightning. Bluey now went back to the worried family nest. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!” everyone shouted, “just having fun!” Bluey said delightedly.

Get in the Room in 30 Minutes by Amy

There was a room and in the room was something very special and I need to unlock the door 30 mins. I had to find the key that unlocks the door. It was either in a cupboard or under a cupboard or hiding somewhere really good. I looked inside one of the cupboards and there was a key. I tried it but it did not fit. It was a yellow key and the door lock was red so I’m guessing I need a red key. And finally I found a red key but then I tried it but it would not fit. The key was to big to fit …if only it was a bit smaller… And then finally I found the right key just in time there was 1 minute left.

The Chest by Aaron

Jordan and I are going to follow the map we found along side a key. The old, raggy map lead to the abandoned underground military hideout, that the Americans used during world war two. Firstly we had to break the metal door that was three inches thick. Eventually we broke it, we used sledgehammers and drills.” There it is” yelled Jordan.” OMG” I screamed. I got the key out of my pocket and tried to put it in the keyhole. The key was too big… if only it was a bit smaller… ” NOOOO” I was very angry. When I went home my mam told me that there was a severe consequence for going over the curfew.