Small World by Donnchadh

“What is it ?” asked Commander Russell.

“I don’t know ” said the doctor scratching his head.

“Is it an alien” ?

“No, I think I remember seeing a picture of something like it before”.

” Get some intel on this Doctor Higgins right now!” said the Commander in a gruff voice.

“Hmmm, ok, let’s research it. It says here that it is called a Bumble Bee. Humans wiped out all the bee population many years ago using harmful sprays”.

“This must be the supreme queen and she is back to avenge them all”! shouted the Commander.

“I will raise my population again!” said the Queen.

100 w/c by Rose

‘My head hurt’ I thought, as I was regaining my thoughts. All I remember was my ‘mentor,’ that was responsible for my well-being, pushing me off of my training pod and falling down the sky. I felt a rough object poke my side, then a bright light looming over my head. I was a bit overwhelmed, so I buzzed to make them back off. But then I got hauled into their seemingly vacant van and got taken away by dwarf-like people. ‘Oh no! is this kidnapping?!’ I was uncertain if they were a dangerous species, but I still kept my guard up. I had many questions, why I’m here. Looks like they’re gonna wait.

100 w/c by Ashton

In a kingdom in a different universe everyone was tiny. The houses, the planes and cars. The secret researcher was going through the land. He had a friend named Bob and they were going through their land with their weird suits. Suddently a big yellow thing came at them. They attacked it and they finally killed it and looked into it.

‘What is this?’

‘I don’t know!’

‘Want to tell the boss?’


‘The boss, when he knows what it is, he will tell everyone.’

‘Ok let’s call it a bee.’

‘Ok don’t tell anyone ,put it in the testing room.’

‘OK! Got it!’

100 w/c by Matthew

Once upon a time me and my mam were in a big scary, forest in the middle of nowhere. It was a mild spring day. My mam and I saw a monstrosity of a bee, so we decided to put on our detective suits and we took pictures of the extremely large bee. It look like he got hit by something or lost energy. Suddenly we thought to look for water and sugar to give him energy, my mam some how had the ingredients so we gave the bee the water and sugar and unexpectedly the bee was on his feet, he lived happily ever after.

The Very Mysterious Bee by Ben

Pat and Robert had seen the most remarkable moment. A monstrosity of a bee had collapsed down from the sky and on a pink, spotty, bench. “WE HAVE TO RESCUE IT QUICK!” Shouted Pat in an emotional way. Robert had brought safety suits, a very big bag full of journals, medical bag, juice, water and sugar, they had also brought an extremely long and very bright light. “I’m going to get something from the van over there do you want to come with me?” Asked Pat “OKAY!” Said Robert. Soon after, they both had their overwhelming meals, suddenly the bee had vanished. It had buzzed away into the distance.

The Extravagant Bee by Kyle

Mr Krukel and Mr Zamba worked for a secret organisation that did experiments on different animals to find out more about them. One windy, bitter Saturday morning Mr Krukel and Mr Zamba were trotting very slowly up the lane towards Mr Zamba’s vacant warehouse. Mr Krukel had a ginormous blue box on his back. They got to the warehouse and opened the bag. Inside was an extravagant bee. Bees, as you probably know, are endangered and they started doing some complex tests on the bee. After about three hours of hard work they got ready to go home. It had been a remarkable days work.

The Planet by Luke

The astronauts have been training for weeks to go to the planet.

“I am delighted we are going now,” said the captain when they were getting on to the ship.

“So am I,” said the medical officer.

“We are here,” said the pilot.

Yay!” said everyone. They saw huge bees, they hastily ran past them into the station. When they got in it was pitch black.

“I think I should go and turn back on the lights,” said the engineer. The lights were on. There were people knocked out! The astronauts realised that the bees did it so they woke them up and escaped hastily.

Big Bee by Daniel

It was a normal day in the city for some people, but for some, the scientists it was hard work time. Lots of scientists ran past and the police had blocked the area off for the scientists. Suddenly a big red van drove in. Slowly the scientists went up to the monster but it got up and attacked them. One scientist took a chance and stuck the needle in. “I got the DNA!” Suddenly the monster got up and grabbed the red van and threw it and then flew away. Now with the DNA they can use it to stop the virus from going world wide.

100 w/c by Callum

Donald and I were finishing up in the lab at 5 o’clock on the last day of 2020. Everyone were celebrating that the disastrous year was over. Donald and I were going out with a few of the lads from work. We were going to the front door when we heard a frightening sound coming from the lab. We were trained and ready for anything that happened. We went to the dressing room and got our suits on. Donald interrupted me and saying “where was it?” I said, “in the lab, now hurry up!” We quickly ran to the lab, we knew there was one last scare for 2020…

100 w/c by Aaron

It is the 16th of June 1903, in Bee City. King Bee and Queen Bee are resting and if you interrupt them there will be severe consequences. I am a part of the bee police. My name is Rob and I am with my fellow officer sergeant Will. We are strolling along the path, when we turned the corner… a dead bee was found. OMG SOMEONE BUZZ 911!! I screamed for help until doctor bee had arrived. He was checked out to see how he could’ve possibly died. Eventually he found a wasp’s stinger. The wasps have killed one of our fellow bees. Its time for payback.

The Invention by Tadhg

It was a cold Autumn morning, the day the mad scientist was to test his new invention. The Giganta Ray. It made everything it zapped grow. He went to an old tree trunk and found what looked like a rotten bee hive. It actually had the oldest bee in the world still living there. He zapped it but made the bee bigger instead. The bee broke the bee hive! The poor old bee was found dead. Two men came to see what happened and to inspect the bee’s body. The mad scientist was then arrested for killing the bee and making him much larger.

100 w/c by Alfie

David and Steve were called for a meeting. They walked as quickly as they could to the meeting room. They slowly opened the big wooden door and peeped around the door and saw thir boss at the top of the huge wooden table and people on the sides.

‘Great you’re here, we’re going to shrink you!’


‘We need to try out our new invention.’

They put on white suits. Swiftly a ray came out of the whiteboard and zapped them. Everything got bigger. Beside them was a big dead bee.

‘Can you please make us bigger now?’

‘We can’t.’

My Dream by Kayleigh

I just remembered about my dream where I went back in time. I saw a bee that looked injured. I looked closer to see if I could see its injury. I saw two little men and they had suits on. Doctor suits. THEY WERE BEE DOCTORS!! They spotted me so I asked them what they were doing. They told me they were helping the bee. The bee was very ill and could not move. The bee was very elderly and he might die they said to me. I picked up the bee and stroked it. I woke up feeling very upset.

100 w/c by Nathan

It was the day that everyone had hoped for. They had cracked the code, now Dr. Klopp and Dr. Flanen can make someone or something thing very, very big.


You red hatted man get up here… Now all you have to do is press this big shiny red button …



What did you do you clown?

There was a flying nose in the back grownd.

AAA!!! a big black and orange bee flew quickly, it almost hit them, but it just missed them!

”Wow quick take a picture.”

The Weird Bee by Katie

It is a nice summer day in 22 street. On the news there was a big bee going around that made people small. He was going around 22 street the most. So when you got stung by him you would go small. He went into a house with two people and then he stung them. They were in the kitchen making food. They went small on the table they had bags on it so they went small as well. He did nearly everyone, so 22 street were all small. Then they caught the bee. He NEVER GOT BACK OUT AGAIN.

100 w/c Jasmin

It was a regular sunny day on Mars.

Just to give a backstory there’s this giant bee named Mr Big Bee, he’s  Mars’ biggest bee! Anyway….

Mum was watching the news, while on her phone and I was doing my BORING homework.

The news reporter said that Mr Big bee was found on the concrete outside the library and they suspect he’s dead.

Mum hopped out of her chair faster than a rocket ship!

They said soon after, that they were going to go and investigate the scene to see if he was actually dead..

Mum offered to help investigate,

A while later they announced on the news that….

He was just sleeping.

The Remarkable Bee by Eden

Mike was hastily going to bring his dog, Daisy on a run. When he got there he ran around and played with Daisy.

Shortly after that he spotted a bee but it wasn’t a ordinary bee. Remarkably it was huge, taller than himself although it looked quite injured.

He went into the bakery and asked him if he could borrow a phone. He called for people to help. In a flash some people came and they helped the bee by getting a helicopter and lowering a harness from it. Mike felt quite tired after all of it so he went home.

Two Tiny Men and The Giant Bee by Amy

It was a regular day and then all of a sudden a giant bee fell from the sky and then to tiny men came out to investigate it. And one said

‘Wait here i’ll get some honey and sugar for it.’

‘Okay’ said the other one.

So then he tiny man came back with stick and a bucket full of honey and sugar. And they put honey and sugar on the stick and put it in the bees mouth.

100 w/c by Mya

One Monday morning a chap named Mr Youngster woke up. He suddenly felt very tiny. Mr Youngster leaped out of bed although the bed felt like a cliff. He was tiny like an ant. He still had to go to work at the vet’s. He had to heal a bee. He thought it was going to be terrible. Although it was very easy. He hoped he was going to be tiny for ever. This was my story I really hoped all of you liked it. “Well done Hannah that was a amazing story”

The Big Bee Vs. Two Tiny Men by Rorí

‘If we don’t get this done, Mr. Boss will be very mad.’

‘I know, so let’s get the lemon juice and the tranquilizer.’

‘There he is, the bee is right there.’

‘We have to kill it, so that we can sell it for millions!’

‘Mr. Boss will be thrilled.’

‘So let’s do it, forthwith!’

Aiming at the big bee, the chaps fired the massive lemon juice tranquilizer at the monstrous bee. Abruptly the bee fell to ground, apparently dead.

Unexpectedly, he woke up, circled the two gentlemen and stung them tremendously on their scorching red eyes and their puffy lips.

The Alien Bee by Daniels

One day a big bee fell from the sky. People thought that it was an alien bee. Two men went where the bee landed, Tim said, ‘I will try to wake the bee up.’

As soon as Tim spoke the bee the bee got up and flew to the city. Eden said, ‘no! what will happen?’

Tim and Eden ran to the city. The bee had been nowhere near the city. ‘That is weird’, said Tim.

‘Yes,’ saidd Eden. ‘Were do you think the alien bee went to?’

‘Space!,’ said Tim.

‘Yes,’ said Eden, w’e sshould have put a security camera on it, now it is forever lost.’