Ruthless War by Rose

I ran to the top of the watchtower and was preparing for war with the rival clan, The Asylum. ‘How could they think we stole the one thing that kept us at peace?’ Nevaeh, the leader of the Afodo Clan thought to herself. The Necklace Of Kaida was a dragon necklace that kept the two clans from a ruthless war. She gathered her crew and told them to ready the weapons and prepare an escape boat with a med-kit and a monthly supply of food. She set the cannon and looked through her telescope, she saw the leader of The Asylum looking right back at her with a smug grin.

100 w/c Tadhg

It was back in 1600 France were fighting the great Captain Hook and his Egyptian Pirates. This all took place when France tried to take Saidi Arabia. But one of the French went to far and shot Captain Hook’s grandfather. This caused chaos between the two of the countries. There were cannons and bombs and loads of other nasty weapons. The French had 3 ships with weapons on it and Egypt had three large castles. In the end the French had to go back and fight against the British. The war of three months was won by the Egyptians.

The Battle for Spare Ships by Rorí

I watched them load the cannons as they shot the monstrosity of a building. “Another ship,” said one of the pirates. The Purples are here and it looks like they got new cannons and the new recruits do not look nice. One lad is about 12ft tall. “Oh no,” said the one who is always nervous, he was nervous when they were getting a new door handle. But we have John. John didn’t do his Leaving Cert for a reason. He wanted to be a pirate. Four hours later the ship has been destroyed but not John. John turned around and Bam! Bam! Bam! OUCH!!!!

100 w/c Nathan

It is 1656 and king Jimmy the 3rd has started war with Jack, the boy the who has conquered all of Europe. All of Jimmy’s army are protecting him, they can see Jack’s army over the hill ready for war. Jimmy shot a canon ball at Jack’s army missing them.

They ran at Jimmy’s castle with no fear, killing all of Jimmy’s army. In fear Jimmy ran away trying not to get killed. Jack and his won the war… what can Jack not do?

100 w/c Mya

One day I was going on a walk with my friend. We saw a castle or a tower. We got to it. Then we saw some stairs up to it. It was a monstrosity. We went up the stairs and peeped trough the window. I saw two people in there and a canon. It looked like they were going to set it off. BOOM! They set it off, they started a fire. After a while they saw us. They chased us into the fire. But we luckily got out. But we got badly hurt. They ran away and they never came back……

100 w/c by Matthew

One morning, Jerry woke up and got his breakfast. Suddenly, he heard a big bomb and he remembered that it was World War one. He ran up the stairs and put on his army gear and grabbed his car keys. He zoomed down the stairs and out the front door, he jumped in his car drove straight to his army base, it was five minutes away. He went into the base straight away, he went up the stairs and the guys were waiting for him, the cannon was lined up to their opponents. There were six bombs being fired at once. The enemy’s base was destroyed.

The Cannon Men by Luke

They were aiming the cannon at the monstrosity of a viking longboat, it was like it was from the future, because it was. They shot cannon ball after cannon ball but it did nothing. Then there was a pop in the room “You’re coming to the year 6060 with me” said sentinel 1259. Then there was another pop “No they’re not sentinel” said a person from where the pop was. “Oh no Lucas laser-lion” said the sentinel. “Yeah I am” replied Lucas then he shot the sentinel. “OK now shoot this E.M.B out of your cannon at the ship,” said Lucas. The ship blew-up.

The Memorial by Kyle

There are enemies about to attack! We need to get cover in the tower! The soldiers ran up to the seventh floor which had a cannon as a weapon in it. They were just setting the cannon up as quickly as possible when it started to get really hot. The enemies had snuck in and lit the tower on fire!

50 years later and they decide to build a memorial for the poor soldiers that were killed in the fire. It was an absolutely obscene way to get killed. The bad thing was that the memorial turned out to be a monstrosity.

Sailing by Kayleigh

One night we were on a ship in the most dangerous sea EVER. It had sharks, octopus, whales and worst of all sea urchins. Loads of boats were passing some of them looked fancy. The boat driver spotted a very familiar ship. It was huge. Way bigger than ours. I spotted a little black thing coming out of the side of it. The ship turned quickly. I fell. “It’s a cannon” my mum said. “I’m scared” I said back. What will we do our ship is barren. The boat driver said ‘gosh not these miscreant people again’. They shot our boat and it broke.

The Lost Ring by Emma

Today I went to a museum for my school project. First I went and I saw the Egyptians section an hour later I went to the Castle section when I walked in I saw thrones and lots of gold and crows and lots of other old stuff. Then I went and I saw a big canon then I went out of the museum but then I looked at my finger. OMG my ring it’s gone. I went in to the museum and looked everywhere except the Cannon room. Just before I went in someone on the microphone said ‘any one lost a ring?’ I got it and went home.