100 w/c by Tadhg

Every Day Mr. Violin walked to work. On the border of the city and the desert. On this day there were road works on the main street so he had to make a diversion. Which meant he had to walk through the desert where there were loads of prickly cacti. By the time he got there some men were stealing his green apples. Then he called the police. He started to rage when they bruised his apples. When the police came he told them that they had no permission to take his apples. They were then later found guilty of robbery and kidnapping.

Lost by Rose

Today was a Saturday afternoon and Rose, Sarah, Violin, Bhumika, Seleta and Tom went to a nearby green, lush, forest, they made a shortcut and called it The Creek. They walked and talked for a bit until it started to rain, everyone took out their umbrellas. ”Sarah come under the umbrella…” Rose trailed off, she flinched. ”Where is Sarah!!!!” Bhumika heard this, she looked for her sister, Violin. ”Violin is missing too!!!!!” The two girls were so worried tears were gonna fall. Soon, it began to storm, so they group took cover in a nearby bruised, prickled cave. ”Don’t worry, we’ll find them” Tom reassured

”I hope so…” Rose said, as the storm raged.

Crazy Apple by Rorí

Ouch! there’s a spike in my apple. It turned purple and started to fly and talking in a deep voice. Join us or we will destroy you. I was scared I even think I went green in the face. I felt a prickly pinch behind me I flinched as I turned there’s dozens of them I fell on the road and got a big bruise on my leg I heard a violin it means I’m close to a church they can’t get In I was nervous I heard buzzing here I got the priest to pray and get them away.

100 w/c

I was on my way to Mrs Violin’s house but a bully from school pushed me into a big green prickly thorn bush. The bush threw me back out onto the bully’s face and my weight made him collapse. I could see a bruise on their face. I turned around to say thank you but it ran at me, I gasped. ‘You’re welcome,’ said the bush. I started to walk back to Mrs violin‘s house but the bush stopped me and said, ‘ you must say sorry’.


‘Ok you can go to Mrs Violin’s house!’

Ghost by Mya

One day I was going on a walk in the Violin Forest. I started walking in the dark scary forest. I got bruised from falling over a green prickly branch. I got up but I heard a weird noise a loud noise. I just ignored it. I walked on. I thought it was a ghost or an animal. It jumped out at me. I flinched I thought it was a ghost. I ran back to my friends at home. They thought I was joking but I was raging. I said to them that it was real but they just laughed.

Supa Sonic by Luke

Sonic was darting through Green Hills. “I will catch you, you prickly menace” yelled Eggman “No you won’t egg head” said Sonic before he ran home ” Tails I am back ” said Sonic Beep beep beep the house was eerie. ” Tails come out you’re annoying me” said Sonic ran around the house ” ow! ” said Sonic he had a bruised leg. Tails’s invisible violin tv was in front of him “That is what was doing the beeping” said sonic bshhhip it turned on ” Sonic please come and help Eggman kidnapped me ” said the tv. Boom Sonic ran into Eggman’s base and grabbed tails and left. Sonic had walked for a week.

Conker by Kyle

I was out with my friends one sunny Saturday morning. I thought we should go around the corner so we walked around. While we were walking, I tripped over something and fell on something prickly. The thing I tripped over was a green violin! The next morning my finger was so sore and bruised I had to go to hospital. Then I had to have surgery. During the surgery something weird happened. All my bones had turned into conkers because the prickly thing I fell on was an infected conker! I would have to spend the rest of my life like that…

Stuck by Kayleigh

I was walking through the desert. There was green prickly cactus everywhere and I was trying not to stand on them or bump into them. As I was walking I met Ms.violen. We walked through the desert together. She stood on a cactus. She finally found a new home. I stayed for 3 nights then left. I continued through the desert and I stood on a cactus. Ms.violen ran to me and helped me up. She put a bandage on my foot to stop it hurting. She brought me back to the house and we talked for a while.

The Crazy School by Katie

It was a normal day in school. All the class were so excited for music class. Mr Green was the best teacher so all the class went. They were in the classroom and Mr Green said they were going to play the violin. So the class started playing it suddenly a light shined at the door. All the class flinched after a while they were wondering what to do. Mr Green thought to go in just to see they went in. It was a whole different world it was so big. There were some cactus they were very prickly. They walked home they found some bruised apples.

100 w/c by Jasmin

It was my birthday 21st of July,

Mam said she didn’t know what to get me, so I said “ Maybe a plant or something like that” she replied with “THATS A GREAT IDEA” she seemed awfully excited I didn’t know why…

She came home with a big HUGE prickly green cactus! I named him violin Because it reminded me of violet.

A week later…… I went out to check on him and he was bruised!!!!! My heart dropped. WHO HURT MR.VIOLIN I yelled. I am going to investigate who has hurt my beautiful cactus! Come back again to help me find out who it was!

Art Camp by Emma

Today was my first day of art camp, my mom dropped me there. I walked in, first I got greeted by a man he said,’oh hi,are you Ava?’

‘Yeah I am.’

‘Oh I’m Mr. Green.’

‘Ok,’ I said.

‘Well come on in then.’

They split us into groups. Some boy approached me, ‘0h hey I’m Ben.’

‘I’m Ava let’s be friends.’

The first activity was to resin our violins. Mine had a black stripe on it . The next thing we did was laps but I had bruised my leg. I met someone else ,but she was a bit prickly and she hated me. But Ben and I had so fun much.

The Prickly Menace by Eden

It was a cold, dark September afternoon. Mr Green was a violin teacher and he was in a lesson. His lessons went on for just over an hour. When he went home he lay down on his couch but when he did he flinched and felt like he would collapse. He was sitting on his prickly cactus. His back was very bruised so he walked down to the doctors. He inspected his back and told him what cream to get in the pharmacy. He also said to get rid of the prickly menace and that was exactly what he did.

100 w/c by Daniels

One day Eden walked to the park when he saw a kid who was green. Eden thought that the kid was just sick . He walked through some prickly leavess and a minute later he saw a man who was playing a violin. Then he saw a big Bruise and he ran into the forest. Eden hid behind a big tree as the Bruise was looking for Eden. He ran as fast as he could to the nearest shop and told them that there was a big Bruise in the forest. The man left and told Eden go away.  Eden went away.

Monster by Daniel

We were walking in the woods. The grass was green but the trees were dead. We walked for a bit suddenly a black monster with red eyes jumped out. He hit of a tree and his arm was bruised. The trees were prickly so the tree cut him. We ran to our house and he chased us. We climbed up a tree and the monster climbed up too. We jumped from tree to tree and the monster fell off. He got back up and sliced the tree. I landed in my room so I hit the monster with my violin!!

100 w/c by Callum

One day me and my family went to Saint Anne’s Park on a nice and sunny day in Summer. We went at 12.00 I brought my hurl and sliotar. On the way we picked up my cousin from violin practice. When we got there we were lucky to get parking, we walked around for a while and then we found a conker tree we were there for ages trying to get a conker from the tree we finally got a big green prickly one and it fell on my brothers head and bruised him. We had to walk back to the car. What a day.

John’s Incredible Adventure, by Ben

John Violin had walked straight into a spooky, vacant mansion. He trembled because the doors slammed like thunder behind him. “Please just come out,” said John, scared for his life. Then out of nowhere, a massive green spider with large, prickly legs came out from a shadow. “BITE!” The spider had bitten John on his left leg, and there was a massive purple bruise “OUUUUUU” screamed John with a signal for help. John then had enough, he took out his flute from out of his pocket and played a song. The spider had fallen asleep in seconds. John ran to a hospital, he is fine now like nothing happened.

100 w/c Ashton

I am here again in my lonely bed room. The grass is green but the apples are bruised.

So boring I just have my violin to play, I wish I was in a desert trying to survive. That would be cool. But,  I would not be able to run with the lack of food and drink, I would have to walk. I walked out of my room feeling sad.

‘Mam life is so boring in lock down.

My mam said prickly, ‘deal with it!’

‘Aargh!’ I said, ‘I hate this, why can’t it end? I am just going to sleep.’

I want to collapse.

100 w/c by Amy

One day I was on the green with my friends when we heard a noise coming from the green prickly bush. We went to check what that noise was. we found an injured puppy, brought him home, gave him a shower, gave him food and took him to the vet. We had to leave him there for the night because the vet said “this puppy is bruised so leave him here come back in the morning”. We went home where I practiced my violin as I was bored and after we had dinner we went to sleep. All of a sudden at 8am the vet called me to pick up the puppy “you can come pick him up now he’s all healthy again!” We picked him up and the puppy was all happy and healthy again.

Desert by Alfie

Adam, Niamh and Liam were in a flying van with the aliens that kidnapped them . Then heard a violin it was the one aliens why are you playing the violin shut up you little menace said the alien the children could see the rage building up in the alien. Liam saw a way out they opened the doors and then jumped into a big sandy desert they were bruised and beaten. Niamh saw something green and prickly they walked up to it to see if it was a trap but it wasn’t a trap. First they drank up and had to travel home.

Desert Island by Aaron

I am bruised and bleeding after crashing into the pacific ocean. My name is James Byrne and I have invented a lot of instruments like the violin and the cello. I have walked for about 2 hours, I am tired and thirsty and need food. I stopped and slept for a good while and started walking again.’ OMG I can see the rescue helicopter I have reached the other side of Desert Island’. The last thing I had to walk through was green prickly cacti then I would safely leave the island. That is an adventure I will never forget.