100 w/c Tadhg

It was Paddy’s Day 2019. Dan and Red drooped Jen off at the dance studio. She was going to be in the parade. ‘It’s like a concrete jungle.’ It was a cold enough but sunny day in Dublin. Dan and Red were waiting at the Bridge. They watched as the parade went by. There was a big fluffy dog cart it was quite funny, the dog danced into the dancers. There was a bit of trouble in the city. A teenager on a electric scooter came flying into Jen’s dance crew and hit Jen. It was a disaster! Jen and the teenager were brought to hospital in a red ambulance.

Deep Blue Lake by Rose

”W-what is this place” I asked myself after a deep sleep. I found myself in a thick green grass field in front of a huge cherry blossom tree with beautiful reds, pinks and peaches. I slowly got up, still feeling tired and noticed my clothes changed into an ice silk soft blue nightdress, I slowly stood up and saw a mist dancing in front of a deep blue lake, it felt like it the aura around it was comforting and enchanting, with vines curling around it’s concrete walls. the plants around had a fluffy texture. On the side of the lake was a scooter kayak, I got on it mindless and sailed into the deep blue lake.

Fluffy Puppy by Rorí

The builders laid the red concrete as I walked my Fluffy. ‘Stay.’ I said. I took my eyes off him for two seconds and he took off like a scooter into the concrete. One off the men chased me up the hill! I ran so fast I basically danced up the hill. We went to my house my mam asked me if I was alright. I said I was and she made me a hot chocolate. I told her I just got chased by a 6ft man up a very steep hill. My dog had puppies and they’re so cute.

Run by Nathan

I was spray painting concrete with my friends when someone called the cops. I could hear and see the cops. I ran away trying to dance out of the grasp of them. I jumped over the red, long scooter. When I fell over luckily my friend saw me out of the side of his eye and launched me back up on my feet. The cops were consistently saying ‘come here now and you will not be hurt.’ I did not believe them so I kept running home in until I lost all of the cops it took a while but I kept on running and lost them.

Dog 100 w/c by Mya

I was going to my dance class on my scooter. While I was scooting I fell on the concrete ground. Suddenly a red fluffy dog came up to me,I fell in love with it. I got up and went to my dance class and went in. When I was finished the dog was waiting for me. I lifted up the fluffy dog slowly and brought it home. I showed my mam and she shouted at me. She grabbed him out of my hands and put it outside. I pushed my mam out of the way and ran out the front door after the dog……..

100 w/c by Matthew

Once upon a time, me and my sister were going on a walk, I asked ”could I bring my scooter?’

‘Yes you can bring it only if you wear your fluffy coat.’

‘Okay fine, lets just go.

Suddenly I saw a big ramp so I got a lot of speed and I went up it. ‘That was the best I have ever done.’

Finally my sister caught up to me and she had her red jacket on. Suddenly the concrete was shaking and my sister said ‘come here’, and I went to her then we saw this rock that danced across the road.

Scooter Chaos by Luke

Today is the day I can finally go to Fluffy Park to the hover scooter contests. I met my friends at the entrance. When I went in my friend Red said there is concrete spikes coming up from the ground. Then I got in and there were no other competitors!! Me and my friends danced because I won by default. Now I am going home with my trophy, then bang! My class bully is here to take my trophy in his robot suit! I pushed a button on my scooter to transform into a mech and told him to go home, so he did.

Man and Flamingo by Kyle

I was on my scooter going down the long road. This road was called the Street of Weirdness and by the end of the story you will know why. After a while, a red man came out onto the road and danced an extremely silly dance. This was very weird. As I turned a corner, a red flamingo walked out in front of me and screeched. Suddenly, the concrete turned fluffy! Bamboozled, I went back home. This was the weirdest day of my life! When I got home, a pig, a chicken and a cow were in my house. Was this the weirdest day in history?

Poor Dog by Kayleigh

Yesterday when I was skipping to my friends house there was concrete that was not dry yet but I ignored it. When I got to my friend’s house I told her about the concrete. She laughed and told me that they put that there half an hour ago. We had a cup of tea and she gave me a gift. It was something I’ve always wanted. It was a fluffy pillow. When I left I found a red scooter so I picked it up and rode it home. I saw a dog and he was walking towards the concrete. I called pet patrol. They got him out in no time. I brought him home.

The Mystery Animal by Katie

It was a nice sunny day in the world of Lolo. There was all different animals in the world Lolo. All the animals were playing their favourite game, Hit Back, it is played with a ball.

There was a very special animal called Laila she was red and fluffy. She loves to go on the concrete. One night there was a ball Laila loved to dance so she signed up and she got ready to go. After a while she went on her scooter it was pink. She finally got there she went on the stage. Then she danced around and she won the medal.

100 w/c by Jasmin

On a cold Wednesday morning, I was on my way to school just like a regular morning. I got into class to see that nobody was there………. I checked the time to see if I was early or late, but I wasn’t either I was right on time. A little while later I heard music and SUDDENLY my teacher came in riding a red shiny scooter and the class followed behind dancing and throwing a fluffy unicorn that looked as if it was as heavy as concrete! I pinched myself to see if it was real…..


The Market by Emma

Today I went to a market on Saturday it was so whacky and weird.

First I saw a weird stand with red fluffy scooters and other weird stuff like porcelin dolls, useless sckulls and old books. I looked on the floor there was dacorated concrete they were so colorful and all types. I saw a which’s hat for Halloween and a brand new mask. Then we were dancing around in weird costumes and dresses! Come on lets dance! Then we danced all night. Then we went home

The Scooter Ride by Eden

When I woke up, I dressed and ate in a hurry because I was allowed to go to the park with my fluffy dog, Daisy all on my own. ‘Mike, take this money and buy you and your sister a Halloween costume’, said my mum while she was painting her red vase blue. I took the money and I took off on my scooter. I zoomed down the steep hill almost going into wet concrete, but luckily I missed it. I felt dizzy when I got there so I lay down on the grass and Daisy happily danced around me.

100 w/c by Donnchadh

I went to Wild Ireland to see the bears. There was a big hill, it looked nice to go down on a scooter. When I got over to the bear exhibit the ground was nicely laid out of concrete. The exhibit was very beautiful, the bears were fluffy. It was lunch time for the bears and they ate the red apples. When lunch time was over they all went over to the pool and had a dance in the pool. After that they all fell asleep. I went over to the wolves, they are cute and they play a lot.

100 w/c by Daniels

I got a new red scooter for my birthday. I couldn’t really ride with my new scooter because there was lots of concrete on the ground because a new house was going to be built across my street. Later I went out with my friends and my friends and I saw a man on the dry grass as he danced with a fluffy dog.

When I went home my mom said that there was going to be snow tomorrow morning. I got excited when I was told what was going to happen. I heard my mom saying it was in  another country and then I went to bed.

The Mental Scooter by Daniel

I was playing with my friends when I found a red tennis racket. My friends and I messed around with it for a bit. My friend had a fluffy tennis ball and we hit it around. Later we were walking home and I saw a red scooter. I hopped on it and zoomed around. Suddenly I turned a corner and there was a concrete wall and I was going so fast I couldn’t stop. I screamed and jumped of the scooter. I got up and danced cause I didn’t hit the wall. My friends and I walked home and laughed.

100 w/c by Callum

Jack and I were knocking for Fredo. Jack asked me “Do you hear that?” I didn’t hear anything. Jack wanted to go in and so did I. We went in and heard the noise coming from the garden. We saw Fredo dancing with his family. They were wearing fluffy clothes and bottoms. They asked if we wanted to join them Jack said yes, I said no, but Jack persuaded me to do it. We were walking to the garden before I tripped on Fredo’s old red scooter. I fell onto the concrete in their back garden and thankfully I was ok we happily danced.

Ms Fluffy’s Crazy Day

Ms.Fluffy was on her electric, shiny, brand new scooter from the little, but expensive shop, on a beautiful Sunday morning. Ms.Fluffy was going insanely fast down Red Road with a not so happy face on, she was very late for her extremely important meeting at 2:30. Suddenly she stopped because she needed a small break, so she stepped her foot on the rock solid concrete and in the distance she saw, a mysterious man who danced around the street trying to make people laugh but never succeeded. After a while, Ms.Fluffy had fallen asleep and the meeting had finished and she had been fired.

The Meteor by Ashton

Not already! This planet is going to explode. The concrete is shaking ! Ahhh!!!!!!!!!

I know, I can get my old red rusty scooter and go to the space center. I know they’re busy, but if they launch a rocket into it, it goes somewhere else.

I need to get there fast. I don’t want my big fluffy dog to go to a different planet.

I got there at last.

Please launch a rocket in the meteor.


I saw spacemen do it before to save a different place….. Ahh! it was a dream. I got up and danced with my dog.

100 w/c by Amy

Scooting along on my red scooter I fell of it and on to the hard concrete.

”Ow that hurt!” I said.

I got up and went scooting again. Then I saw a poor little dog stuck in a box.

“I’ll take care of you,” I said.

I carefully lifted up the fluffy puppy and brought him home. I gave him a shower and got him some food. The little puppy was so happy he started to dance around me. I went to the shop and got him some treats, toys and a bed.

“Here you go, I hope you like it!” I’ve never seen a dog so happy before.

THe Portal by Alfie

I was in my house it was a stormy day and I saw a little door it was blue so I opened it. I danced in but then I fell from the sky. I landed on a tree but the tree was yellow and very fluffy. I was in a different dimension then I fell out of the tree and landed on a patch of red grass. I barely could get up and when I got up I saw a a blue concrete path. I rode my scooter along the path and at the end I saw a castle I was so tired.

My Scooter Ride by Aaron

I am riding on my brand new red,shiny scooter. I am going quite fast down the big, green hill at the end of my estate. I got to the bottom of the hill, I was so tired. I sat down and stared at the big, fluffy clouds, they looked like cotton candy. I started riding around the street when I saw my dad who was dancing with his dog, because he was practicing for the circus. I went up to him and asked if I could dance with him. He said ‘sure no problem.’ So I danced with him until we both fell onto the concrete because we were both so tired.

100 w/c by Tadhg

Me, John and Michael were on a tour of Áras an Uachtaráin. We were brought by all the important rooms in the building. There was a room that looked vacant but had a sign that read ‘Forbidden Entry’. I could not see through the small glass window but I had to see what was inside. When I touched the door handle an alarm went off and the army ran down the hall to stop it. It was a bit overwhelming. Then the Gardaí arrived to see what was going on. They took us for questioning, but the car wouldn’t work so the mechanic came to repair it.

Don’t Worry by Rose

‘Get it together Lexi!’ Hana, Alexis’s bestie said to her as she prepared the supply of food and water, while Alexis was running around with a medical kit in her hand looking insane. She was a fighter in the army group and Hana helped the wounded soldiers. Alexis was told to check if the food and water supply, and Hana came. ”Sorry, I just feel like somethings wrong!!” Alexis said as she sat down, Hana followed, and said reassured her nothings wrong and left to her boss. Alexis looked around and saw a sign reading


Alexis was intrigued by this,

she shouldn’t…

But she had to see what was inside…

Don’t Look Inside by Rorí

But I had to see what is inside…. Don’t even dare said mam. Ok I wasn’t going to anyway once she left. I made a tiny hole and had a look. I heard footsteps so I repaired it really quick and ran. She caught me at the door and said she was disappointed in me and for a punishment I had to find an endangered animal. I said ok no problem. I went outside and found a koala it was so cute. Mam said I have to keep it as pet, I said I can easily keep this as a pet.

100 w/c Nathan

It was a month since dad crashed the car and to save money he tried to repair it. He said the basement door is locked. I got the gist he did not want me there, but I had to see what was inside. I snuck upstairs and saw the door key. I snuck down stairs DAMN IT! It was jammed. I wiggled it open. Yes! it opened. As the door crept open I saw a big square ugly… No it was a box. I saw a note. It said ‘look out.’ I ran out and AAArgh! it was dad scaring me, again.

Birthday by Mya

One day I was sleeping and I got woken up by a noise in my box. I turned on my light and looked inside it. It was a phone for my birthday, but then my mam came in. I was holding the phone and I threw it up in the air. I tried to repair it but it didn’t work. I said to my mam ‘but I had to see what was inside.’ I could tell she was disappointed. She thought I was careless. I felt endangered because she was mad. But I got the gist, I’m not to open stuff I’m not meant to.

100 w/c by Matthew

Once upon a time it was a nice sunny day, it was the 13th of September 2013. The day of our road trip. I woke up and I got dressed, went out the front door. I ran to my friend’s house and I knocked on the door and they came out and we started our road trip. They live right beside the woods so we went in there. We saw a really shiny box and we went over to it. My friends said ‘don’t go,’  but I went to the box “but I had to see what was inside”.

Dinosaur Crazy by Luke

“Welcome to dinosaur island. Here you will see dinosaurs. If they escape Dino Hunter Liam will catch them, have fun and you are the first people here,” said the intercom.

“Hello I am Ryan,” said the park employee. ‘Nnnnnnnnnn’ went the sirens. ”The dinosaurs have escaped, I repeat the dinosaurs escaped, this is not a drill!” said the intercom.

I ran for my life. The employee said, ‘I can’t go into the dinosaur cage.’ But I had to see what was inside plus there were no dinosaurs in it. ‘Roar’, there was an invisible velociraptor pack and I was locked in with them…

The Attic by Kyle

I can hear noises from the attic all the time. I want to see what’s in there so badly but I’m not allowed to even look inside. One night before bed my Mam says, ‘Kyle, remember do NOT go into the attic.’ ‘Fine’, I said. ‘I won’t’. ‘Good boy’ said my Mam. But I had to see what was inside… When everyone was asleep I crept out of my room and up the stairs to the attic. I was being a bit of a miscreant but I didn’t mind. I opened the door slowly and what I saw inside made me scream…