100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a cold Halloween afternoon. An old man was walking down the long footpath with his big black dog. When an old red tractor pulled out of the small farm. Suddenly he dropped a huge hay bale on the road. The cyclist put his shopping on his bike and did not see the hay bale. Now he was racing down the road and he hit into the hay on the road and got stuck. To add to that his pumpkins in his shopping bag hit the dog in the head! Luckily the farmer was not to far away and helped get him out and the dog was fine in the end.

Tom’s Fall by Rose

Tom was just pulled out of his bed by his sister Gina at 5 am in the morning. ”Ginaaaaa” Tom whined. ”Come on sleepy pants, Dad wants you to pick and wash the diverse vegetables from the farm and deliver to the store.” So Tom got ready and did his task while Gina and and their mom, Lisa washed up. Gina was always jealous of Tom so she came up with a prank. When Tom packed up the vegetables and got his bike ready, he was riding when Gina came up and blindfolded Tom, leaving him gasping, shocked as he crashed into a hay stack.

Haybale by Nathan

It was a normal day for Jack on his bike at 12pm. Nice and quiet and BAM! He fell face first into a big round hay bale. All he could think of what if a Farmer picked him up and kidnapped him. Jack gasped, what if his new bike got stolen. Jack heard some kids creeping towards him, they whispered a scared hello so Jack shouted ‘help me!’. The kids jumped back and ran dropping their box of pumpkins and watermelons. Two hours later the gardaaí found him and helped him out! Finally he was free from the hay bale trap.

New Friend by Mya

One day I was going out to go on a cycle. While I was cycling I felt very dizzy. My legs were wobbling. I saw a blurry hay bale. BOOM. I fell into a hay bale. I didn’t know what to do. I called for help but nobody heard me. I heard two people talking. I screamed as loud as I could. I think they saw me because I felt someone pulling. They eventually pulled me out. They were very nice and I am still really good friends with them. Actually they’re coming over today. I can’t wait to see them today.

100 w/c by Matthew

Once upon a time me and mam were cycling at the country side and we seen four farms and we’ve only been out for two minutes. It was a nice sunny day it was 26 degrees. The time was 3 o clock we were at my nanny’s house when we got home my cousins came over since it was nice and sunny we played hurling for an hour and a half. All of a sudden it was dinner me and my mam went on a walk again and we see a man stuck in a hay bail we took him out and it was my uncle.

Horrorish Bale by Luke

o Bob left the house to deliver the food he grew. On his way to the last house he got distracted by a giant hay bale then he crashed into it! Now he was stuck head first in a hay bale trying to call for help but not heard so he tried to jump up and down. Then the hay bale started to roll. It rolled all the way to the house he bopped into the house and then the owner opened the door and gasped. “Bob are you ok ?” she asked he didn’t answer because he suffocated to death.

In a Haybale by Kyle

Farmer Joe was on his bike cycling down a skinny, winding lane. It was a lovely, sunny, bright day. He was going to deliver some fruit to his friend Farmer Bob. Suddenly something hit the back of his bike and he fell into something soft. It was a hay bale! He let out a gasp and started to scream for help because he was stuck. Poor Joe! He was there for about an hour when somebody pulled him out. Joe was very surprised. It was his wife Angelina! Joe was very grateful. ‘Thanks so much’, said Joe. ‘No problem’, said Angelina.

The Girl by Katie

It was cold and windy evening. There was a girl called Bella she was visiting her nanny down the country she was saying over. After a while she went on her big bike she loves going on her bike. So then she went cycling she was going a long road. It was Autumn the leaves were blowing everywhere. Suddenly she fell into a hale bale .It was kind of strange but there was only a pumpkin patch but. Then she got out of it and there’s pumpkins. Ok but I have to go nanny’s probably waiting. So I went back and she was waiting.

The Shop Trip by Kayleigh

It was Friday it was almost Halloween I was excited. My dad was going to get the pumpkins and apples so we could make candy apples. Mum and I stayed home and decorated the house. When dad was on his way home our horse frightened him and he fell off his bike and SMASH he landed in the hay bale all the apples and pumpkins were on the floor. Mum and I ran out and pulled him out POP he was out in no time we picked up the apples and pumpkins and we went inside and carved our pumpkins and made candy apples. We watched a spooky movie to finish off the day.

The Hay Bale by Jasmin

One day a local farmer was just doing his job feeding the animals and mowing the grass etc…..

He saw a haybayle and he heard a very strange noise…

So he went to check what the noise was……..

You will never guess what was in the haybale!


The farmer took the dog and washed him fed him and took are of him for weeks until….

The farmer gave him a happier family and everything was happy!

The Scary House by Emma

It was a Halloween Night Ava and Kate were Playing truth or dare with their friends Amy, Ben and Sarah. Sarah said, ‘Kate I dare you to go in an abandoned house with Ave. Kate said, ‘No way Sarah.’

‘Then you’re chicken!’ Everyone started laughing.

‘Fine,’Kate said.

They got to the house it looked a bit over grown and very dusty and old. They went up stairs and there was a note saying, ‘Sorry mom don’t look in the back’.

Ava said ‘let’s go look in the garden.’ Ava screamed and Kate ran out side to see and there was a dead body in a hay bale and a lot of pumpkins. Kate and Ava ran out of the house.

100 w/c by Eden

Boom!!! Went the explosion in the lab. Professor Samson was lead scientist in the lab. ” Another fail”, he said after the explosion. ” I’m going outside for some fresh air”, he said. When he went outside he saw a person with his waist up in a hay bale with a bike and a lots of fruit.” Are you okay?” asked the professor once he had helped him out.” Yes I’m fine. I heard a huge boom and I lost control of my bike”, he replied as he was picking up his fruit. ” Oops”, muttered the professor and then ran back to the lab.

The Farmer by Daniels

Once a upon a time farmer Joe was bringing some fruit to the shop. A minute later farmer Joe’s saw a dog and looked away for a second. Suddenly he drove into an hay bale and farmer Joe got stuck! He stayed there for ten minutes and then a boy came and asked ‘how did you get in that hay bale?’ Farmer Joe explained to the kid and then farmer Joe asked, ‘what’s your name?’

‘My name is Eden.’

‘Ok Eden can you get me out of this hay bale?’

It took a long time to get farmer Joe out of the hay bale.

The Stuck Farmer by Daniel

One sunny day me and my dad went to farmer Johns farm and we helped out. He told me to get the goat out of the field so I went to the field. I opened the gate and the goat ran at me. I ran around the farm and couldn’t find my dad so I kepton running. I jumped the gate to the sheep area. The sheep ran when they saw the goat. I ran on the grass. Then farmer John nearly hit me with his bike. The goat hit him and he fell down the hill and is stuck in a hay bale.

100 w/c by Callum

It was a cold night in Toonsville, 101 Hillart Street. I was walking on a creepey old road. I kneeded a new clock so I went to a shop that only opened on midnight, as I got closer it started getting more scarey because the lights started turning off, There was no cars on the road. I started getting tired so I got a nice warm coffee. I finally got to the shop …gradually, things started to move… the clocks started racing and then the very old owner came and said are you here for a clock. You are my first customer.

Be Careful Outside by Ben

My friend Rob and I were playing outside in my enormous garden on a creepy and very dark Friday night. Rob and I were playing football because we were bored. Soon after, we decided that we would go to Rob’s house for dinner .

“Let’s go to Tesco then we will go for dinner” said Rob with a grin on his face like he was up to something.

“OK” I said.

We got our bags and we went on our bikes to Tesco. “This one” I said pointing to the apple seeds. “Sure why not” Rob had a farm so we needed seeds. It was getting pitch black outside so we were going really fast. Suddenly ‘BOOM’ we cycled straight into a hay stack.

The Lonely Farmer by Ashton

Ones upon a time. There was a farmer. There was an old road. He was walking down it. Just one lonely farmer, he didn’t like it. One day he was going to the shop to get some fruit. He was on his bike. When he got there he saw a fire oh no he gasped in shock. He got out of their fast. When he got out he rang the fire department. After he called he went to a different shop on his bike he got fruit and left. When he was coming home he looked if he got the right fruit but he crashed in a hay bale.

100 w/c by Amy

It was a bright sunny clear sky morning it was half past ten on march 27th, on a Saturday. I woke up as I heard the tv on and I could hear the news. I went downstairs and my mammy was watching tv. She looked worried so I asked what happened and she said there’s a virus going around and its able to kill people .I got sad and worried…gradually things started to move…a few weeks later my mammy said the virus got worse and we were going into lockdown. I got sad because I knew that meant I would have to stay at home from now on and I wouldn’t be able to see my friends. We stayed in lockdown for about 5 months and now we are getting back into school, the shops are now opening again and we are seeing our friends again.

Hay Bale by Alfie

One day farmer Jeff woke up and looked at his watch I am late for work. He jumped out of bed and quickly got dressed and got on his bike and rushed out the door. He got to work his boss farmer grump he was famous for being really mean. JEFF! your late shouted grump I want theses pumpkins delivered NOW! said grump. Now Jeff was on a quiet road. BAM! he flew into a hay bale what if someone crept up and kidnap him or if a farmer thought he was a hay bale and take him away to a farm.

100 w/c by Aaron

I was collecting pumpkins for the famous farming event. I had ridden my bike to the pumpkin patch and was about to leave until I saw something… it was my dog… I gasped. I was cycling home while handing out flyers to encourage people to enter the competition. I also saw a man kidnapping two little kids. ‘What a weird day it’s been’. Before I thought it could get any weirder… splat… I flipped over my bike into a hay bale. All the pumpkins had fallen over and I was stuck and could barely breathe.