The Vault by Darragh

One day a man named Nick was walking to work. When he was half an hour away from work, he saw a tree. He went to inspect it but when he got to the tree, he realised that the tree was made out of steel. Suddenly he found a lever so he pulled it. A door opened so he stepped in side. When he got inside, he saw a giant vault door. He saw a big red button so he pushed it. At all of a sudden the ground started to shake the the door opened. He stepped inside and saw a…

The Call of Quarantine by Abby

Today my friends and I went on a FaceTime call for the whole day. While we were on call we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner together and Niamh and I had the same dinner called lasagne. Jessica and Ashley had pasta, we thought it was super funny to have the same dinner at the same time. Then it started getting late, my mam ask me if I wanted to take a walk down the beach and watch the moon rise. When we got there I was able to show the girls the view from my phone. It was amazing.

The Magical Sunset by Jessica M

One day Ava and her friend Mia got up early in the morning and walked to the beach to see the sunset. They were so excited but when they got there it was a little different from what they had expected, the sun was already up in the sky. They took some pictures and when they looked at them there was one werewolf in the picture. They looked up at the sunset and there was no werewolf to be seen. Ava was getting scared and wanted to go home but Mia thought it was cool and wanted to investigate more.

The Haunted Grave Yard by Zach

One day there was a kid named Alex he and his friends were going to sneak into a grave yard where they left all of there sweets under the roots of a dead old tree on a small muck pile. So they met up outside Alex’s house it took 10 minutes to get there. They saw the tree just as the sun was going down one of the boys Tod put is hand in a gap where he left them Tod screamed and pulled his arm out well what was left of it and started running away…

The Full Moon by Jessica H

It was a lovely Saturday night when I decided to go to my hangout spot by a tree. As I was leaving my house I noticed there was a full moon, so I ran back inside and got my camera to take some nice pictures. I reached the spot and I sat down and just admired the sky and how peaceful it was. I set up my camera and I got a good few shots but I noticed something in the background of one of them. I looked a bit closer and it looked like some sort of a dog.

The Graveyard by Cian

There is a myth about a graveyard that I live close to. They say when you walk near a grave something or someone pulls you right down into the ground. I’ve never gone into it so my friend Jack and I decided to see if the myth was real. So we were walking into the graveyard and I heard this unearthly sound it was like a screeching by a human. Although it frightened us we kept walking. Suddenly I turned to talk to Jack but he was gone. I heard the sound again and something was pulling me down.

The Magical Sword by Charlie

One day King Max ordered the Kingdom into battle against the neighbouring Kingdom whose ruler would keep all the food and water for himself. King Max’s head knight had a magical sword so whenever the night was about to kill someone they would turn into a tree. The head knight was fighting in the longrass out of nowhere a blade flew past his head and nearly killed him. He sliced back and hit his opponent who started falling backwards and then transformed into a tree. The tree still stands in the same spot to this day.