The Nightmare by Oliwia

I let out a blood-curdling scream as I arose from my bed. I remembered the petrifying nightmare I had just woken up from. My mom rushed in and asked me what had happened. I told her everything. Firstly I was in a class room but everyone there was reptile person I let out a gasp and everyone’s head turned in an unnatural way to stare at me then they all let out a high pitched scream and started charging at me. So I jumped out the window and hopped into someone’s car but it was SO slow I decided it would be faster if I ran but the reptile people were running at a supersonic speed so it wasn’t long before they caught up to me, but I woke up right before they did.

School by Oliver

I woke up this morning in my lovely room.

I got out of my bed and went for breakfast, I had White Coco Pops.

When my mom told me I had to go to school I asked could I go on my bike.

We had said that we would meet in the yard before lights out so I got ready.

My mom said to take the bus. I said,“but it is so slow”.

‘No buts,’ she said and I was so furious.  Then I remedered that my uncle could take me to get ice cream instead of going.

On The Way to Wexford by Niamh

I was going to Wexford for a few days. We were on the M1 and the traffic was very slow. My family and I played eye spy. We had so much fun playing but then Eva didn’t want to play anymore. We stopped playing and I was very bored. I asked my mam “How long until we are there?” My mam said “About 30 minutes,” so then I said “Ok but it is SO slow I just want to get there.” My mam said “We will, it will just take a few minutes.” I fell asleep and when I woke up we were in Wexford.

WiFi Be Like By Mia

In my Nan’s today I pulled my phone out of my pocket, the reflection smiling back at me. I pressed the ‘on’ button and after what seemed like an eternity the 3 logo flashed on and then I realised. I had no data left. So I logged on the the WiFi but it was SO slow I swear you’d be able to make a roast dinner by the time it loaded one page. I went to investigate and found that the plug was hanging out of the wall. I plugged it all the way – in problem solved, like HONESTLY my Nan is such a boomer.

A Train Ride by Jessica M

“Hurry up Layla you’re going to be late for the train, it’s leaving in ten minutes”. “Okay mam”. Layla rushed down the stairs and into the kitchen to grab her lunch. She ran towards the door and looked at the time before she left, she only had two minutes that was not enough time to run down, it takes at least five minutes. She asked her mam for a lift but she couldn’t because she had to leave for work too. “Take your electric scooter,” suggested mam, “but it is SO slow I will not make it on time, remember it’s broken it’s a lot slower now”.

The Journey by Jessica H

My family and I decided to go on a fun car trip. It was me, my mam my dad my sister Katie and my brother Adam. We all packed our stuff and got into the car. I was in the middle seat which I hated because I was stuck in the middle of my siblings. My dad finally started to drive the car. It was an hour and a half in the car but it was so slow I thought I was going to be in there forever. At last we finally made it to the hotel where we were staying the night .

The Flute Man by Holly

It was a dark, calming night. Everyone was asleep and all you could hear was the soft rain hitting gently off the ground. I was in my bed trying to fall asleep. Unexpectedly there was someone playing the flute outside my window. I looked outside to see who it was. A tall thin man, wearing all black was sitting on a tree near my window. I tried to turn away as quickly as I could, but I was so slow that he caught me. My life has changed since that moment. He now plays the flute at the end of my bed torturing me.

The Ferris Wheel by Emmanuel

There was a new family that just moved into the town and wanted to try all the new and improved circus rides. There were three children, Harry, Isabel and Ryan. Finally they had reached the top of the queue and eagerly pushed and shoved their way through to get onto the Ferris Wheel. The ride had started ‘but it is SO slow I want to get off,’ screamed Isabel. ‘Me two!’ said Harry. ‘Me three!’ said Ryan, joining in on the protest. The wheel finally stopped and the children were complaining all the way unitl they got back home.

The Broken Clock by Darragh

Dave got up. He checked what time it was but his clock was broken. He decided to go to the shop to get a new one. He went outside and got into his car. He started driving but it was SO slow. He got out of the car and started walking. He was walking for about an hour when a man came beside him. The man started following Dave. Dave said go away but he wouldn’t listen. Dave turned into an alley but the man still followed him. Suddenly the man pulled out a sword. Dave panicked, he saw some pipes and tried to muster a weapon, but the man cut Dave’s head clean off.

New Book by Craig

There was a really famous author who had made a new book called Muster, and he was coming into town in Swords to sign people’s books. I went to get my book signed, until I realised that the queue was massive, so I left it. I met my friend called John he asked me did I get the book signed with the queue the was massive. I said but it was so slow I left it and I would be waiting all day if I wanted it signed. While I was walking around I saw an unsightly shop, it was so gross.

Plane Crash by Cillian

“Wake up!”, shouted my mam. “We’re late for the flight!”. I woke up immediately and got ready. Thankfully I got ready just in time and we went to the airport. When we got there we were shocked because there was so many people. We eventually boarded the plane and my mam said to me “These are going to be the best holidays ever!”. After a while we were up in the air. The plane was flying normally but then all of a sudden it slowed down. I started getting worried so my mam told me there might be a bit of turbulence. “But it is so slow I”, and in the blink of an eye the plane went down like a dart…

TV by Charlie

There once was a boy named Daniel. One day Daniel was watching a football match with his friend. When his television rapidly turned off. They waited but it would not turn on then his friend said “it should come back in a bit.” Daniel replied, “but it is SO slow”. Then out of nowhere there was an intermission, it was Aliens! They demanded that he walk outside his house or they would blow Ireland up. Daniel and his friend walked outside, then at the speed of light, a beam came down and picked Daniel up. He woke up with three Aliens looking at him…

The Zoo by Ben

Last week my family and I were going to the zoo for the second time this month. I loved the zoo but our car broke down so we had to take the bus, but it is SO slow I feel like walking. It is a two hour drive on the bus. After the bus before the zoo we went to Nando’s to have lunch. I got chicken wings and chips. in the zoo we saw a gorilla trying to break out of his cage. I felt scared in case he broke out. In the end I had a great day .

The New Car by Ashley

“Finally! Dad is going to drive his new car around the corner any second now!” I said to my mam excitedly.

Suddenly I heard a car coming, “He’s here!” I shouted. But then my heart dropped……The car was so slow and it was old and rusty.

“Well?!?” My dad said happily, “What do you think?”

“It’s horrible!” I cried, “Seriously dad, I thought you said you were going to search meticulously for a red Audi.”

“Well!” My dad said trying to sound strong, “I thought you were going to be happy!!!”

“Yeah, but it is SO slow I thought you were getting an Audi!”

But then my dad walked off and I was left with my shocked mam.

The Never Ending Play by Abby


The theatre curtains opened, everyone focused on the play. It was a very slow moving play. They were half way through the play even though it had gone on for three whole hours already. Many people got mad that it went on for so long and began to leave. My mam and I were enjoying the play “but it is so slow” I said. My mam agreed but we couldn’t leave. Without delay everyone was gone and we were the only two left. The presenter came over to us after the play and said “Since you were the only people left you get a reward, YOU GET A HOLIDAY!

My 18th Birthday by Aaron

One day it was my 18th birthday and I wanted a car for my birthday. When my mam came home she said I have a suprise for you she walked me out side and said happy birthday. I said can I test drive it. She said yes so we got in and I said it’s SO slow I wanted someting that can go faster then 5 km an hour. She said its still a car I said fair enough but it goes so slow I would be better off walking. So we brought the car back and went for food.