The Incident by Zach

There was an inventor, his name was Mike, who invented a yellow bike that could go anywhere. It could go up walls, down mountains and up lampposts. Mike was a very cunning inventor the bike took two years to make. There was an incident as he was cycling up an electric pole. He got to the top, he fell right back down faster than sound. The bike stopped when the back wheel hit the bottom of the pavement. Mike never made it. The bike is still there when anyone tried to cut it off the tool they used was destroyed.

Broken Bike by Rhys

There once was a guy on a yellow bike. He was cycling down the road. Suddenly he crashed into a tree, when he fell of the bike he got up and he had cuts all over his face. His poor bike was mangled and stuck in the tree. He was very upset as he had no bike and he had to go to the hospital because he had a sore arm and cuts. When he got out of hospital he was very happy and his mam got him a new bike, it was yellow just like his other one.

The Bike by Oliwia

While Tim was coming home from school he noticed a peculiar yellow bike near his house. Tim being poor decided to take the bike home. Immediately after coming home he showed the bike to his parents. When his parents got a closer look at the bike they realised it was made of gold. Shortly after their remarkable discovery the doorbell rang. Tim peaked out of the window and saw a creepy man dressed in all black standing directly in front of the door. He told his parents and they figured it had something to do with the bike so they waited for the man to walk off and got in their car drove off to a remote place and strapped the bike to a pole.

Random Person by Oliver

Bart and I were in the skate park cycling around.

We were having so much fun when suddenly we saw a yellow bike that was cable-tied to a pole on the side of the walking path.

We went over to investigate, when out of nowhere a person said ‘don’t cut it because aliens put it there.’

We were so confused and asked the man was he high and he said ‘no why?’.

‘Because you said aliens put it there’, I answered.  He said, ‘ I meant to say I put it there when I was young.’

‘Oh ok, bye!’ I said.

School Tour – by Niamh

We were going on our school tour to the Art Museum. The bus was picking us up in the school at 9:15am but the bus was delayed. It took us an hour to get to the Art Museum. My teacher said “If you are good you will get no homework for the next week.” There was joyin all the kids hearts. We walked to the Art Museum and when we went in, there was a long corridor. The person in charge of us came in and said “Come along, lets get started.” We walked into the first room and there was a picture with a bright yellow bike hanging from the tree.

Bikes Being STOLEN by Mia

On Tuesday the 12th a bike was found up a tree . It is unknown who or what put it there. All that is known is that all over the country, bikes are being stolen and tied to trees. This is believed to be some sort of nasty joke or cunning prank.

Leaving bikes unattended is not recommended as this could lead to a multitude of problems.

‘ Young Jim was distraught when his new yellow bike was stolen,’ Mrs. Thompson says.

If you see this heinous act happening please do not hesitate to report it. Thank you.

Bright Yellow Bike by Jessica M

One horrible and rainy day Rebecca was out cycling her bike around the town. After she finished cycling she came home and her mam told her to bring her bike in from the rain. Last week she left her bike out and the front wheel got tied to a tree around the corner from their house. The people who had put it there had painted it in a bright yellow colour. Rebecca was very upset and is now scared to leave her bike outside. Her mam always reminds her just in case she forgets and it happens all over again.

The Stormy Day by Jessica H

One day as I was walking home, it got really cloudy. It started pouring rain. I was soaked from head to toe. I Just kept walking, then there was a big bang which I’m pretty sure was thunder then there was a huge stroke of lightning. I opened my eyes and saw it wasn’t raining anymore. I also saw a yellow bicycle attached to a tree. I walked over to get a closer look at it. I got to the bicycle and I realised that it was my bike so I took it from the tree and rode it home.

The Yellow Bike by Holly

It was Christmas morning. I woke up with excitement. My sister and I woke up our Mam. Then we opened our presents. My family was getting ready to visit my aunt’s house. We love visiting our auntie. My family and I made our way out the door. Suddenly I noticed a yellow bike in the distance. The bike was up against a tree. I was very confused. There was something about that bike I loved. Maybe it was the colour or the way it was up against the tree. I made my way towards the bike. I touched it and fell to the ground. Everyone around me couldn’t see or hear me. Nobody even knew I existed.

The Young Bike Man by Emmanuel

It was a very hot summer’s morning, so a young man decided that he would go on his very old yellow bike for a ride. The bike that the man owned was very old and had been rusting and collecting spider webs in his shed. The man never knew how to ride a bike as he was never taught how to . He decided to give a try, he started of well and before he knew it he was cycling all around the town. He was going so fast that he crashed into an electricity pole and was never to be seen again. Except for his bike, which stayed there.

The Bike Accident by Emily

It was a scorching hot summer’s day. I ask my mam could I ride my bike. She said yes. I got my yellow bike out of the shed. It was very over the hill. I started to ride my bike. To make my bike ride more exhilarating I read the signs as I went by. Suddenly a cunning squirrel leaped out of the tree. It scared me so I flew out of my bike and landed straight on my elbow. The bike landed in a weird way. It was leaned against a pole facing up. My elbow was extremely hurt. It was the worst day of my life.

The Forest by Darragh

Mike woke up. He looked around to see his surroundings there seemed to be trees everywhere. He seemed to be in a forest. He called for help but nobody heard him. He saw a bike on a tree. He tried to grab it but it was locked up. He sat down for a while but then he got back up. He tried climbing up a tree but he didn’t have a good grip. Suddenly he saw a shadow but it was bright green. It started moving at a cunning pace. Mike ran as fast as he could but the shadow caught up with him and ate him.

Mr. Wobble by Craig

Mr. Wobble could go any where in any time. He could move up, down, sideways, forward and backwards. He was walking down the street and came along a child who had no hope in anything, did not believe in anything except for believing that nothing’s real. Mr. Wobble pulled a bike out of no where and asked the kid did he want a lift to school.  He then said ‘sure’ and hopped on the back of the bike. Mr. Wobble rode into a pole, suddenly the bike got stuck there. Mr. Wobble said, ”Now will you believe,” as he flew away.

The Day Out by Cillian

Yesterday Lily and Jack decided to go to the woods for a picnic. It was a nice, sunny day so they figured it would be good to cycle there on their new bikes. Lily’s bike was red with a touch of pink and Jack’s was a bright yellow. On their way there got some ice-cream since it was so warm and a bottle of lemonade for the picnic. When they had reached the last road which lead to their destination Lily heard Jack scream. She immediately turned around and saw Jack’s bike crashed in to a tree and a peculiar and hostile looking figure carrying him away. Lily tried to run after them but was grabbed by something. She turned around and…

The Vanished Boy by Cian

The vanished boy was as ordinary as anyone but a terrible disaster happened. The boy was just cycling in the woods on his small yellow bike. When in front of him was, a giant brown bear with enormous sharp claws and slavering jaws. He turned his bike around and cycled as fast as he could but unfortunately the brown bear was too quick for him. He started screaming “Help!” “Help!”. The bear gave him a long grueling death and his small yellow bike was put up against a tree. The bike still lies there but no one dares to go near it. For no one wants to be the next vanished boy.

The Creature by Charlie

There was once a boy his name was Jack. Jack had a secret that nobody knew. There was a creature that only he could see chasing him all the time. But it only had thermal vision. Jack was going to call for his friend to play cops and robbers when he saw it. He peddled as fast he humanly could. He was cycling closer to the exit of his town, he was forced to go on the motorway. He cycled to the edge and used the ziptie that he was going to use for cops and robbers to tie his bike to a tree. Then he ran and dived into mud to disguise his heat signature…

100 w/c by Brian

One sunny morning I decided to get up and knock for my friends. I got my bike out of my shed and went to knock for Aaron. He said he’d be ready in two minutes. When he was ready we left and got everyone else. We were cycling on the road, and Aaron fell off his bike and it fell into a ditch. He had to go into the ditch and get it. After that we all just went home and relaxed for a while. When it was 4 o’clock I called Aaron and asked him did he want to go for a cycle but his bike was broke.

Stranger Things by Ben

Once I was watching Stranger Things and two kids called Dustin and Will were coming home from their friend’s house. On the way back home they decided to have race and the winner would get a comic. Suddenly Will took a left and a peculiar monster called the Demogorgan ate him. His bike was found tied up on a tree. The Demogorgan was known for being cunning. Dustin didn’t go to school for two weeks after the bad news. Dustin and his girlfriend set up a phone to ring each other if they found anything. In the end they couldn’t find anyone or anything and they reluctantly gave up.

Dad’s 12th Birthday by Bartosz

It’s my 12th birthday in a week me and my dad had a conversation about when he was younger. Back in his day you didn’t get much presents. I asked him what was the favourite present he got. ‘A yellow bike with wheels that could stick’, he said.  I was so confused, ‘sticky wheels?’ I said. He got it for his 12th birthday he had a big party he got about four presents he said. After a while he got a bike as his final present. As soon as he got it, heand his cousin rode it but he hit a rock and flipped the bike and it landed in a weird position. It broke, he was so sad.

The Mysterious Bike Ride by Ashley

I was on a walk one day, when I saw a dainty yellow bicycle in the distance, it was stuck in tree! I went over to it and a multitude of questions came into my head…..

How did it get there?

Was there an incident?

Who owns it?

Suddenly I could visualise what happened. There was a girl who was cycling to school but she had to turn suddenly because a car was heading straight towards her she fell off, but her bike just rolled up a tree!!

I couldn’t wait to see what happened next but then everything stopped and I was left standing in front of the yellow bicycle.

The Bike Ride by Abby

One sunny day myself and my class were going bike riding, I picked a yellow magical bike. We went through the forest and up the mountain. We stayed up there for while and ate melted marsh mellows and chocolate biscuits. We had great fun but it was time to go. On my way down the mountain I crashed into a tree, but I didn’t really crash, I flew up the tree. Everyone started crashing into the tree because they wanted to copy me. Everyone in my class except my best friend got injured. We were the only people that didn’t get hurt.

The Worst Prank Ever – by Aaron

One day my friends and I went on a cycle around Balbriggan. We were going to get a drink at a shop and I locked my bike beside a tree and when we came out my bike was sideways on the tree and it was spray painted yellow. Finally we got my bike off the tree. Later we finally made it to the Garda station and we said my bike got vandalised while we were in the shop.They said it was a prank by them cause they wanted to see how people would react. We all laughed on the way home.