The Election by Zach

Today an election took place in the U.S.A. It was about who was going to be the president of America. The election stands opened at 8am this morning. The selected candidates were some orange person and Steavy Luasin. The orange one spoke first every one hated him no one knows how he was selected. Steavy Luasin claimed that by 2025 everyone in America would have a job and a home. The two candidates went into two separate voting boots. They both came out one minute after they went in. No one would know who won… until now.

The Breakthrough by Olivia

Scientists at Oxford made scientific breakthroughs after performing surgery on giraffes to give them vocal chords so they could speak. They also painted each one a different colour as its pride month. We sent Cady (our reporter) down to interview the giraffes.

Cady- So its a real plesure and honor meeting you all . Now I’ll ask you some questions and try to answer them as best as you can. So what do think of global warming, the orange one spoke first and said, ”I dunno”. The green one spoke next, “Ya me niether”, it said. But after all giraffes are giraffes and they don’t understand human things so all of that was very pointless.

Basketball by Oliver

Robert and his friends went to a basketball court.

It turned 12 o’clock and for a second the orange one spoke first and said please do not bounce me.

Robert was confused so he asked who said it and it was the basketball.

They did not know and played with the basketball.

The basketball did not say anything else.

The next day it turned 12 o’clock again and they heard STOP!

They still played on.

They played and played until they got bored.

The next day younger kids came and played basketball.

The Dream by Niamh

On Monday night I got ready for bed at 8:30pm. I fell asleep quickly. I had a dream that I was carving three pumpkins. They were 3 different types the 1st one was orange, 2nd green and 3rd green and cream. I thought I heard something. I didn’t know what it was so I stood and watched them, the orange one spoke first. I did not know what it was saying. When the pumpkins saw me looking, they stopped. I finished the last pumpkin and when they were altogether they looked really cool. Then I woke up and it was 9:00am.

The Crayon Kids by Mia

Alfie woke up in a strange room. He got out of bed and went downstairs to investigate. He was in a room of strange Object-People. There was a lid, a bottle and a box of crayons. The orange one spoke first. “Whatever are you then?” he asked. “I’m Alfie”, replied Alfie. “Well we are crayon kids, that’s Kid-Lid and that’s Bottle-friend” said the Crayons in unison. Alfie and his new friends were having breakfast together: a vast plate of bacon. When Alfie heard a strange noise. That was when he woke up. It was all a dream.

The Park Incident by Leon

Yesterday in the park the strangiest thing happened.  I was walking with my friend to the park and all of a sudden we found ourselves in the worst place possible, SCHOOL!!!! I started to panic because it was the middle of the summer holidays! Then from the desk all my friends in different colours came out. The orange one spoke first ‘Leon why haven’t you been online for 14 hours’ I started screaming. ‘Help I don’t want to be here.’ My teacher said ‘Leon no shouting in the class room.’ I thought to myself, What the hell is happening?!! Then I woke up in my bed.

Talking Skittles by Jessica M

Have you ever heard of talking skittles! Well here’s your chance, win a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the talking skittles. Here is a little bit about what it is like, as you walk in to the factory there are giant skittles to greet you at the door in all colours. The orange one speaks first and the rest join in as they give you a tour of the factory. As you walk further in, you will see a lot more giant skittles working at their machines. All the giant skittles are the workers and they all speak in their own language to each other. To win the lifetime opportunity call 098,765,4321.

Skittle Fame by Jessica H

Last Tuesday we figured out that skittles can actually talk.

A girl called Amy discovered this remarkable finding.

She had just bought a normal bag of skittles.

When she got out of the shop she had opened the bag and they all popped up.

They were having a little conversation between them selves when the orange one spoke first to Amy.

She said she got the biggest fright of her life and was terrified.

But then they got loose and spilled out of the packet. Be aware and careful they’re probably walking around the town.

Strange Colourful Creatures by Holly

It was a Saturday evening. A man went on an adventure to an island. As he was walking on the island, he came across strange colourful people. He stood frozen in the middle of the island. The orange one spoke first. This strange orange creature didn’t actually speak English. He spoke gibberish. This strange creature had an angry expression on his face. Suddenly so did the rest of the creatures. After a while the creatures stormed after the man and chased him back to his house. The man hated the trip but, he said he was glad he never has to see the creatures ever again.

The Football Boots by Emmanuel

It was Patrick’s birthday and he had been doing very well in school so for his birthday present he was going to be getting a new pair of football boots. Patrick knew he was going to have a hard choice because one of his favourite players had nice blue boots while the other had nice orange ones. Patrick got to the Nike shop, and there they were right in front of him. Patrick picked up the blue ones just as he started walking towards the counter to pay the orange one spoke first, please pick me, Patrick thought for a minute but still decided to buy the blue ones, and never scored a goal again!

The Night of Halloween by Emily

The night of Halloween my friends and I got ready at my friend’s house. We painted our faces. There was a zip going down our faces. We waited until it got dark because it’s more scary to go trick or tricking in the dark. We went to a variety of houses. We were amazed how well they were decorated. We were in the vicinity of the park. Our bags were completely full. We came to the last house. There were lots of different coloured pumpkins around the garden. As we walked up the orange one spoke first. Then they all started speaking. The women came out and said ”they are only mechanical.”

Bank Robbery by Darragh

It was 1985. A man named Jack walked into a bank. He asked where was the vault the man said out the back. Jack went out the back. When he got there, he heard a noise. He went closer to the vault then he opened the door and he saw two robbers they were wearing blue and orange. The orange one said ”get out of here or we will shoot you!” Jack didn’t know what to say he was terrified. He tried to run away but the robber put the gun to his head anyway. Jack quickly pulled the gun away from his head and kicked the robber’s shin and ran away.

Diplodocus by Craig

I was watching this tv show and this happened, the TV show was about a Diplodocus that was Orange and the adventure of Captain Willis. Captain Willis was wanted to find the diplodocus that’s Orange. So he went to Diplodocus land and he found all types of different diplodocus go with the beautiful grass , waterfall and flowers. Captain Willis went deep in the caves and then suddenly he found an orange diplodocus the orange one spoke first “go away right now or will spank you”, captain Willis took a picture and ran. He showed the world his discovery.

Champions League Final by Cillian

Yesterday was the Champions League Final. The match was between Real Madrid and Rainbow fc. There was a peculiar thing about Rainbow fc, all their players were different colours! Madrid were the favourites because they had won 3 years in a row. Surprisingly Rainbow fc were 2-0 up at half-time. Real Madrid dominated in the second half and they had made a brilliant comeback. The second half ended 2-2 but instead of going into extra-time they went straight into penalties. Unfortunately Rainbow fc lost. After the match the orange and red player got interviewed. The orange one spoke and said ”I’m a humble player but I think we deserved to win”. In the end it was said to be one of the greatest finals in history.

The Eighties Diary by Cian

I went to the local arcade with my friends to try to beat my high score in Pac man. Once we reached the arcade, I went straight to Pac man. My high score was 914 and that was the target. That was the hardest I’ve ever concentrated on anything and I succeeded. I bet my high score by one. I was so proud of what I had accomplished I told all my friends. After I went to sleep I must have woken up because I went downstairs to get a drink when suddenly I saw the Pac man ghosts and they were talking. The orange one spoke first and then blue one and I was terrified.

Dublin Gets Invaded by Aliens by Charlie

Last night Aliens landed in Dublin City Centre and started taking hostages. Their ship is a round grey sphere with what seems to be some sort of glass on the top. We now have some eye witness reports from the scene; “They came out of nowhere and started grabbing people” “It happened so fast they landed and started snatching people, I got out of there as fast as I could” “They were all orange or green the orange one spoke first and said”we do not come in peace” then the green one said “grab them!”. And that’s all the information for now.

Horrific School Day by Ben

My class and I went to the art gallery on Thursday.

While we were at the gallery, we snuck into a private room and it had a bunch of paintings and I stole a few to try to sell them.

After that our teacher caught us and we got sent to the principal’s office to discuss what we did. Nobody was talking at first but the orange one spoke first and snitched on me.

In the end I got sent home with ten pages of writing and was so tired that I decided to go to bed without anyone knowing.

The Speaking Pumpkins by Ashley

There is a rumor going around saying that three pumpkins started speaking to kids!

Apparently the kids were trick or treating, when three different coloured pumpkins started moving! Eyewitnesses said that the kids shouted with fright, ‘Move out of our way pumpkins!’, when all of a sudden the orange one spoke first, saying, ‘Hey kids, we might be small and in your way, but we have feelings and you could just step over us!’. The blue and grey pumpkins agreed, ‘Yeah!’.

Could it be true or just fake news? Investigators are trying to find out, so we’ll be back for more.

M&M News by Abby

”Hello everyone,” said the Mayor, ”I bet you haven’t heard about the M&M News…. There was a packet of M&Ms in Monster World, the M&Ms didn’t even know they were there. A little monster girl was about to pick them up and SUDDENLY the orange one spoke first, then the rest of them spoke. The little monster jumped, threw the packet of M&Ms on the ground and they all fell out of the packet. Suddenly they grew into huge monsters, much bigger than the monster girl and a lot scarier. They chased the little monster everywhere she went.”

Halloween Night by Aaron

One spooky Halloween night my friends and I went trick or treating. And on our like 10,000 house we had an idea and we went into my house but when we got there, there was like 100 pumpkins but there was only one orange one. I said why are you here the orange one spoke first he said we came here for a sleepover. I was like well me and my friends are having one so you can join us too. So we went to the sitting room and watched a movie with popcorn and drinks after we fell asleep half way through and then we woke up in the morning for breakfast.