100 w/c by Zach

‘Today on RTE we will be talking about a statue that has appeared outside of a local primary school in Dublin.’

‘Teachers from this primary school saw this statue at eight o’clock in the morning. The statue is 25 metres tall with its head looking up. We have Tom at the statue, Tom over to you.”

‘Thank you Ciara, today the students at this primary school are intrigued by this statue. The misfortune of this statue is that it is made out of limestone and is not able to be taken down as there are too many cracks. The identity of the possible artists are limitless.’

How to Become a Statue by Oliwa

How to become a statue.

Continue reading if you want to find out how to turn into a statue.

You will need: Yourself, a sunny day and a place to stand.

1.Make sure it’s sunny outside

2.Find a place to stand, (preferably somewhere remote).

3.Make a forty degree angle with your right arm.

4.Stare directly at the sun, (if your eyes start to burn you’re doing it correctly).

5.Keep this position for ninety six hours straight.

6.Enjoy being a statue.

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How To Be Tall by Oliver


You will need:


*Space and Chin up bar or park with gym equipment


1. Firstly go outside or to your space without your shoes.

2. Secondly go to the chin up bar at home or at the gym equipment.

3. Thirdly put hands on bar stretch or swing for 1 and a half hours altogether.

4. Next go to a space with a protractor and stick your hand out 35 degrees and tilt your head back 90 degrees.

5. Take time to relax and the next day do it again but try more times on the bar.

Competition by Niamh

There was an art competition and I decided to enter it. It was a sculpting competition. I decided to make a giant. I got my idea from the BFG it was my favourite Roald Dahl book. It took me a week to sculpt and another week for it to dry. I didn’t paint it, so it was grey. I handed my sculpture to the people who are in charge of the competition. I had to wait two weeks to find out who won! The day came and I opened the envelope….. It said “well done, you won 1st place!” I was delighted.

100 w/c by Mia

Dear, Topaz National Park.

I am writing to say, that I do not appreciate that you made a statue of me. I get that the statue may intrigue people, but I don’t like people mocking my misfortune.

Maybe it is an irrational fear, but I do not like being tall and always feel like I am limitlessly being mocked. So I really would appreciate if you got rid of the giant, silver statue of me. If you do not get rid of it , I will get my lawyer involved.

Many thanks, Mr. Gabriel-Jones.

How to Become a Fossil by Leon

This is a step by step obout How To Become a Fossil.

You will need:

1. Yourself

2. The sea

3. 4 friends

4. A piece of paper

5. A pen

Step 1: Write a letter to the future and tell them that there is a fossil in the sea close to the shore.

Step 2: Get 4 friends to come with you to the sea and tell them to trow you into the sea.

Step 3: Drown.

Step 4: Wait 66,000,000 years for someone to collect you from the sea.

They will fish you out and make you a statue.

100 w/c by Jessica M

How to make a toy robot.

You will need:

Two pieces of cardboard,

One glue pot,

One pair of scissors,

Grey paint,

All different colour sharpies or markers,

Adult supervision,


Make five small squares and then make sixteen more small rectangles and four large rectangles that all measure the same size.

Glue all the small squares together to form a head, then glue all the large rectangles together to form a body for the robot, then glue four of the small rectangles together and repeat three more times.

Paint everything in grey paint.

Assemble all the pieces together using the glue pot.

Draw on all of the buttons and eyes using your sharpies.

Your robot is now ready to play with.

The Tall Man by Jessica H

I was watching the tv in my sitting room when all of a sudden a news flash came on. It had said, “News Flash giant man in Asia spotted…… everyone take cover.” I thought I wouldn’t need to because I’m in Ireland not Asia. Out of the blue it said where he was heading next and it said Australia. I was happy it was not coming my way. I fell asleep that night and then…. Bang! The whole sitting room got destroyed. I woke up in a panic and then I realised everything was fine, maybe the whole thing was just a dream.

The Shiny Silver Creature by Holly

YES!! Today is the day my family and I get to go to the carnival. Excitedly, I put on my favorite pink shoes and rushed out the door. My sister wanted to get some candy floss, I went with her. All of a sudden there were screams, horrible screams. I was petrified. From the corner of my eye, I saw a shiny, silver figure come towards my sister. I grabbed her as quickly as I could and then tried to find my family. BANG!! A gunshot came from the hot dog stand. A strange man shot the silver creature…

100 w/c by Emmanuel

It all started back in 2016 in Rio. Everyone was very excited for the competition to begin. Rhys Arnold was going to be taking part in the track events. Rhys was a very tall and skinny man. He was about 20ft tall and weight 12 kg. He also had a very weird and unique running technique. Firstly he’s hands would be tucked in as if he was a chicken, secondly his head was bent so far back he would think it was about to fall of. The race was about to begin. “On your marks get set go!”. Rhys was so fast that if you blinked you would have missed him.

The Tallest Man and Woman by Emily

In 2009, Sutan Kösen became the first man over eight foot to be measured by the Guinness book of records for more than twenty years. He was from Turkey. Two years later, the twenty six old man was measured again by which time he had grown to a staggering eight foot two point eight inches.

But the tallest man ever is Robert Pershing Wadlow. He was from America. When last measured, first of June 1940 he was found to be eight feet eleven inches in height.

The tallest women is Sandra Elaine. She was seven foot. She was from america. The tallest race is the Dutch.

The Giant by Darragh

James woke up. He got out of his bed and headed outside. He got outside but there seemed to be people everywhere. He tried to ask someone what was going on but everybody started running. It was only then he realised that there was a ten foot man running after him. He was frozen with fear, he didn’t know what to do. He started running as fast as he could. Suddenly he got caught by the man he picked him up and in a deep voice he said “who are you?”James didn’t know what to say he was terrified the he heard a lighter voice…

The First Flight by Cillian

In 1922 The Wright Brothers invented the first plane in the world. They were born in 1891 and were from Washington but they moved to New York when they were young. They loved building and creating things from their imagination since the age of 12 and their mother said they would be great inventors in the future. They went to Columbia University when they were both 18 and shortly after they came up with the idea of making a plane. They were so fast at planning and making it that it only took them 2 months! When everyone heard about it they put it to the test but only one of them could go on it. To honour them they built a statue in Washington.

100 w/c by Cian

There was once a boy whose name was Joe. He loved looking at stars. One day he saw a comet through his telescope, he was so excited until he realised it was no comet but a meteor the size of a school bus and heading straight for the White House! He ran in and told his Dad who works for N.A.S.A. His Dad was a head engineer on a secret project. A laser attached to a satellite. The laser was capable of destroying the moon. His Dad drove to work and shot the meteor out of the sky. Donald Trump awarded Joe with a statue in his honour.

The Meteorite by Charlie

There was once a boy whose name was Joe. He loved looking at stars. One day he saw a comet through his telescope, he was so excited until he realised it was no comet but a meteor the size of a school bus and heading straight for the White House! He ran in and told his Dad who works for N.A.S.A. His Dad was a head engineer on a secret project, a laser attached to a satellite. The laser was capable of destroying the moon. His Dad drove to work and shot the meteor out of the sky. Donald Trump awarded Joe with a statue in his honour.

100 w/c by Brian

One sunny afternoon, my friends and I were going to the museum. We were all excited. My friends were Emmanuel, Bartosz, Ben, Cillian and Aaron. I left my house at 12 o’clock, and knocked for Aaron. He was ready to go. He grabbed his scooter, and we went to get everyone else. When we all met up it was 12:20, so we had loads of time. We went to the park, but we heard a deafening noise so we left. When we got to the museum we saw this giant statue of a man but I was still concerned about that noise…

100 w/c by Ben

Once upon a time there was this giant called Graham, and he was the biggest bully in the world. One time I was in school and out of nowhere BOOM!!! The roof came of and he grabbed my friend and brought him to a lake and he threw him so high that it took twenty four years for him to come back down and then the giant turned into stone. Last year about two hundred people visited and tried to paint him gold and try sell him for seventy thousand dollars. Surprisingly someone bid sixty thousand for it and spent his whole day beside it.

100 w/c by Bartosz

Once upon a time there was a rich Chinese man, he had limitless amount of money, he had anything you can imagine mansions, sports cars and private jets that would deafen you with their speed. But he didn’t have one thing that he desired, a statue.  He had a plan, his brother was a sculptor so he told his brother he can have anything in the world if he made an accurate statue. It took him 7 months to make it, it was made from strong silver. His brother was over the moon with him. His brother decided he wanted hug.

The Daily Mail Newspaper by Ashley


People have been saying that there was some sort of silver giant in a school in the U.S.A earlier today. The giant of some sort, was said to be over 8 feet tall.

“It was like something out of a horror or action film, ” says a student from the school. “Everyone was screaming and running around like mad.”

The teachers in the school called the emergency services and within 5 minutes they were at the scene. They were armed with heavy guns and weapons and cornered the giant. Helicopters were hovering over the giant with big nets at the ready.

The giant was trying to break free violently but the nets were too heavy and it fell with a crash to the ground. The emergency services said they would bring it to a lab for tests.

That’s all we have for now, but we will be back for more…..

100 w/c by Abby

One awesome day at the science lab and this is what happened…..

“Hi George” “hello Pàdraic” the boys were working on the tall man as their projects,
“This is what we need to make the tall man”,
1. 500 cups of water
2. 40 newspapers
3 .5 sticks
4 .50 cups of metal juice,
“Wait George, what is metal juice”. “It’s a juice that you pour over your project when you’re done to make it solid”.

They got on with the project and once they were finished they took it outside. Both George and Padraic poured the metal juice on and when it set they were very proud of themselves.

100 w/c by Aaron

One afternoon I was going to check out the new roundabout and when I got there, there was people making a statue. They said, ‘can you look over there for 120kg of stone.’ I said, ‘ok’ and he said ‘can you also get 6 ladders and tell my colleagues to get the crane’. I said, ‘ok’, so off I went to get them. 1 hour later all the stuff was there. He said, ‘thank you,’ and he gave me 50 euro for helping. So I went to buy a game and went home and played it with my friends.