The Emergency by Darragh

Boom! Mike woke up, he got out of bed. He opened his door, suddenly an alarm went off. He didn’t know what was happening. He ran to the nearest escape pod but all of them were gone. He found an escape pod but it just wouldn’t take off. He panicked, he didn’t know what to do. He jumped out of the escape pod. He ran to the air lock. Boom! The air lock blew up, he quickly grabbed a space suit. He hid in a closet. After a while he grabbed a withered flashlight and got out of the pod. He looked around for a while. Suddenly he heard a noise, he looked behind him and…

100 w/c by Zach

One day in America at N.A.S.A. they were planing a mission to Venus. Two people already volunteered for the mission. The rocket would take off in two weeks time. The engineers called it the ‘Vindcator’. The volunteer’s names were Tom and Sara, they had been training for two months.

It was the day of the launch. Tom said to Sara “Are you nervous?” Sarah said “of course I am!”. The count down started “10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1”, but then it just wold not take off. The rocket mission was futile. All of a sudden the cockpit blew up with a big “BANG!”

Engineer by Oliver

‘Welcome engineer class, build something to impress me and you have two weeks to do it’, said the teacher.

One week later, Tom started the project.

Tom bought a red and black shiny bike.

Half a week later, he is relaxing.

The last day, and he is still relaxing.

‘So, what have you made Tom?’ said teacher.

‘I made a bike,’ said Tom.

‘Wow! you have one week to upgraded or else you are expelled’, said teacher.

He added an engine and rocket but then it just wouldn’t take off.

He tried and tried and nothing happened, so he got an F.

The Court Date – by Mia

One day Mr. Ezra was going to go to work. He was wearing a smart suit. He tried and tried to start the car, but it was a futile quest. When it just wouldn’t start, he looked around. A small crowd had gathered. However, Mrs. Petunia was standing in the shadows, holding a pliers. She had cut the wires in the engine.

One week later, the court was on. ‘Why did you do it?’ asked the judge.

‘I did it because I felt like it’, replied Mrs. Petunia. The judge reiterated that she owed Mr. Ezra $10,0000. Mr. Ezra felt vindicated. He had forgiven her though, because he was in the minority of people who were indoctrinated.

100 w/c by Emmanuel

It was finally summer and the Browne family was about to go on holidays. They were planning to go Spain for the very first time. Harry the son of the Browne’s was an only child who had hard shinny brown hair and blue ocean-like eyes. Harry had never been on a plane so he was very eager to go to Spain. They arrived at the Airport and got onto the plane. Everyone was very excited for the plane to take off. The pilot regretted take off because the plane went up and all of a sudden came back down. The pilot tried again, that was when it just wouldn’t take off. Everyone had to go to to the exit that was in their vicinity.

100 w/c by Leon

So there I was running from the cops with €100,000,000 in the sack on my back. I got into my car and pressed the pedal, but it didn’t move at all. I tried and I tried but when it just wouldn’t take off it started to move. Before long I was already going 100 km/h when all of a sudden a weird school bus appeared in front of me. It had a giant rocket-booster on the sides and a laser-blaster on the roof. I tried pressing the brakes but it was too late, I crashed in to it. I heard a man saying something like, “Skeletor wrong place” and they disappeared. I was arrested and served 30 years in jail, all because of a bus.

100 w/c by Ben

Last Halloween my friend and I went to a party. On the way there we had to go through a dark alley. Then we turned the corner and BOOM!!! Fireworks everywhere it was the best thing I have ever seen. Suddenly we saw a big group of people set off black cats so I tried one out. After a while when it just wouldn’t take off, I kicked it and BOOM!!! I was in the hospital for four months. After I got out I couldn’t even walk because it was so numb and I never went near a black cat again.

The Baby Seagull by Ashley

I was in school on yard one day, when I saw a scruffy, fat baby seagull limping around. I noticed that one of its wings was bent down in a weird way.

I could tell that the seagull was frightened of all the people around it, but I still told the teacher about it. The teacher went over to the seagull and beckoned it over to her by showing it bread. The seagull went over to the teacher cautiously and as soon as it went over to teacher, the teacher grabbed the seagull (Gently but quickly) and checked over the seagull and tried to make it fly, when it just wouldn’t take off!!!

The teacher said that she was going to bring the seagull to the vets after work. So that was that!

100 w/c by Oliwia

It was an ordinary work day for Mike, like every other, you see Mike’s a pilot. At first glance it might sound interesting but if you’ve been flying people back and forth for 15 years it’s gonna get boring. Until 10 pm that night, he was flying to Italy from England, nothing new for him but right as the plane was about to set off flying into the night sky it just stopped. Mike tried to steer it or do something when it just wouldn’t take off at first neither he nor his partner knew what to do. They later found out that the engine had failed and the flight got delayed.

The Crash by Abby

One afternoon Kacey was walking down the town to meet her friends in the town centre. There was a crash in the middle of the road, she didn’t know what to do and all the roads were blocked off. She looked around to see if she could find a taxi ahead, she asked “can I have a ride” it was the only way Kacey could get to the town centre. She recognised something, “this is the same car in the crash” she mentioned quietly to herself, when it just wouldn’t take off. She eventually got there and told her friends, her friends vindicated her.

100 w/c by Aaron

One day me and my family were going on holidays. After a while, we made it to the airport. My sister and I were very excited. Finally, after hours of waiting we were boarding the plane. We saw a plane when it wouldn’t take off, they said,” the plane would not take off”. A few hours later we made it to Spain we were happy to get proper sleep. It was dinner time we were all very excited to eat. I got spaghetti bolognese my sister got pizza, my mam got a burger, and my dad got lasagna. It was delicious after that we went to the beach to relax.

Airplane Trouble by Craig

In the airport Ethan and his family. They were waiting for the machine to say that you can board the plane. It was due in five minutes, the power went off. Ten minutes later the assitant said’ they would have sent some one over so that we can go on the plane’.The crew kept saying ‘what took you so long’, when they boarded the plane. Ethan knew that something wasn’t right. The assitant put them through the saftey programe. The pilot told them that the plane was taking off now. It just would not take off.

A Windy Day by Emily

It was a windy day. My dad, my sister and I wanted to fly a kite.While my dad was getting the stuff ready we brought our dog on a walk. Later we were back home and my dad got the stuff. We built the small blue kite. We had our kite out with us. When it wouldn’t take off we tried to figure it out. It irritated us. My dad said ”I figured it out,” he shouted. It was because it was wasn’t built right. So we built it again. My sister and I were elated. We were amazed how high it was.

The Tragic Nazi Plane by Cillian

In 1942 the Nazis had planned to make the biggest bomb plane in the world which would be capable of wiping out half of America’s population. The Nazis called it The Death Bomb. It would take at least 1 year to make the plane and the bomb but they were keen on doing it. When they finished making the plane they were all stunned to see how big it was, but then they saw the bomb and were in awe. It was about twice the size of a blue whale. They were going to target Russia but when it wouldn’t take off they had to give up their evil plan.

The Briefcase by Charlie

There once was a boy whose name was Joe, he was living on the streets with his two friends Sam and Bernard. One day they were walking around trying to find where to sleep, they walked down an alley and saw a briefcase. Joe walked over and looked around nobody was there except him Sam and Bernard. Joe said, “should I open it.” Sam and Bernard said almost in sync “yes”. Joe tried to open the black and grey briefcase but it would not open. It reminded him of when he was on holidays and the car his Dad rented just would not take off. He then tried one more time and it opened. They then saw the green light of 10,000,000 dollars…

100 w/c by Holly

It was a Saturday morning, all was calm. From a distance I could hear an irritating screeching sound. I slowly made my way towards the noise. AHH!! A spaceship was in the centre of a bright green field. A woman approached me. She was wearing clothes from centuries ago. “Save my family from those creatures called aliens”, she said in a scared voice. I was terrified. I hopped into the empty spaceship with a worried look on my face. Everything became silent when it just wouldn’t take off. My face turned tomato red. I couldn’t make the stupid spaceship move…

The Hover Bike by Cian

I have finally finished my new invention, the hover-bike. It’s taken me almost five years to build it and I’m extremely excited to try it. I just hope it works otherwise that would have been five years wasted. I just need to plug stuff in and flip some switches and then it will be ready. “Test number one a fail,” “test number two a fail,” “test number three another fail.” I’m getting worried and I don’t know what to do. I need to check if I’m missing anything, at least that’s what my teacher says. The day went by and I’M SO ANGRY! I was so disappointed when it just wouldn’t take off.

The Airport by Niamh

I was so excited because I was going to Paris for a week. My flight was at 7:00am. I got a taxi to the airport at 4am. I went to The Garden Terrace for breakfast, I got poached eggs with toast, it was so tasty! After my breakfast I went to get some sweets for the plane. When I was getting them we got called for our flight. I sat in my seat and I was excited to go. But when we went to take off I got a fright when it just wouldn’t take off I started to panic.

100 w/c Jessica M

I started to panic when it just wouldn’t take off. I know that it didn’t stop for this long the last time I was on the rollercoaster. Suddenly I heard an announcement and they said to stay seated as there is a slight problem. Next of all I felt a bang, all of the carriages were banging into me. As they were banging in to me, I was getting closer and closer to the edge. There was a waterfall right in front of me and I was about to fall over the edge as the rollercoaster started working again.

100 w/c by Brian

One exciting day I was going to Dublin Airport, with my friends. We were going to Liverpool to see Liverpool vs Manchester City. Our flight was at 1 o’clock so we had a bit of time. We went and got lunch. When we were finished, we realised it was 2 o’clock. We just sat down and played on our phones until it was 4 o’clock. 4 o’clock came by pretty quickly. We were getting on the plane and it looked amazing. We were about to start moving when it just wouldn’t take off… Part two coming soon.

The Science Fair by Jessica H

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day. Tomorrow is the school science fair. I built a rocket that can actually fly. I could barely sleep last night I was just so excited, today has finally come the school science fair ! I soon as I got to school I set up my project and the judges came around and I was so nervous. They ask me all about my project so I told them what I did, they ask me to show them. I set it off and when it just wouldn’t take off I ran off crying. This was probably the worst day ever.

100 w/c by Rhys

One day I was at NASAto do the space trial we’re on the space ship but it just wouldn’t take off so then we were stuck in the rocket ship we were stuck in there for two years. Two years later the doors opened and then my life span was prolonged by two years to my luck the rocket was in the vicinity but the chances were futile the guards were insinuated in a way there was plants growing and flourishing. The guards are a bit of a nuisance and there was one erratic guard one guard has a imaginary friend

100 w/c by Bartosz

Ding! Ding! Ding! Rang the iPhone alarm, it was half six and we had a flight at quarter to ten, we were going to Spain. ‘ Mam’ I screamed ‘ have you seen my bag with my laptop’ ‘yeah downstairs on the couch’ answered Mam. Beep! Beep! The taxi was outside everyone rushed out I was the last one in the car. We arrived 1 hour early so we got some food and gifts from the airport. We checked in on time when I got in I started listening to music I got suspicious when it just wouldn’t take off .It was a half until we actually took off ,we got the safely late but it was okay.